Are there really lesbian escorts in London?

Well, sure there are! There are escorts of all type, races, genders, shapes and sizes! The world is a rich and diverse place to live, and it would be very unfulfilling if it were made up of only a few “types,” to so speak.

However, lesbian London escorts aren’t very common to tell the truth. At least not at agencies such as ours. We’re betting that you could probably find a specialist place that represents only escorts booked by women, but we do not specialise in those type of girls.

We do have bisexual escorts

We do have plenty of genuinely bisexual London escorts however. And when we tell you that these girls are bisexual, we really mean it. We are far from one of those agencies that simply says we represent them in order to get bookings. So if you like the look of a girl on our website, and you are looking for a lesbian escort, a bisexual one is probably as good as you are going to get. But she will be the real deal!

Hazan and Alexia

They may not be lesbians, but these two are certainly bisexual. We can’t go into what they like to get up to of course, not here on this blog! However, suffice it to say that we hear these things from the girls themselves, so it’s not likely that we’re going to invent just how into each other these two girls really are. The thing is, they’re both really into guys too! Check out their individual profiles and then if you like them both, book them both. There are loads more genuine bisexual London escorts on the website. You just need to look at the profiles. Let’s face it, it’s no hardship having to sift through a handful of pretty girl profiles is it now?

Woman looking for a lesbian escort?

So, if you’re a woman looking for a female escort (as you clearly must be if you’re reading this!), you really could well have come to the right place. Our bright young things will be happy to meet with you and enjoy a pleasant evening. Or perhaps just a secret afternoon of flirtatious fun in a nearby hotel? Whatever you desire, we’re pretty sure that Butterfly Touch can help you find what you are looking for!

Call for the closes thing you’re going to get to lesbian escorts in London

17 November 2016

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London escort Nataly has been a very busy bee!

Nataly has been very busy indeed. Mainly mastering her tantric massage skills. This means that she has even more to offer her clients. In this article we're going to tell you a little more about this up and coming escort and just what she has in store for you…

genuine bisexual duo London escort for couple Nataly pic

Nataly has been with us for a while now, offering a very good list of London escort services. You can see all of these services by visiting her profile now if you like. However, even though she's always had a passion for massage, she wasn't all that familiar with the practice of tantric massage. We have managed to rectify this, and by working with Nataly on something that she is very eager to learn, we have managed to get her trained up to be very good indeed. Of course the beauty of this is that she's only likely to get better and better. When did you ever hear of a London escort who got worse at giving massages?

Naturally bisexual London escort

Nataly is naturally bisexual, so she's been practicing her art on both sexes, and having a lot of fun whilst doing it! Not only does she offer tantric massage services to both sexes, she also extends all her London escort skills to women too. So basically, it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, Nataly is quite happy (eager in fact) to offer you any of the services on her lists.

Because she's quite willing to spend time with both men and women, this also makes her the perfect choice for any of you out there who are looking to book an escort for a couple. Couples escorts aren't that common to be perfectly honest; well, at least not genuine ones.

tantric massage service escort JOY pic

Duo London escort experience

Some of you will be very pleased to hear that Nataly spends an awful lot of time with our new girl Joy. Now, can you really imagine what it would be like to have two of the bustiest girls at Butterfly Touch all to yourself, for even an hour? We're sure you actually can't imagine it. What you need to do is book the two of them together and find out for real what it's like. They both like each other a lot, so you're likely to get a truly genuine bisexual duo London escort experience. How about duo escorts for a couple even? We're just putting ideas out there now!

Remember that with Butterfly Touch, the only limits are your imagination!

31 march 2016

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