Why risk Ashley Madison when you can book elite London escorts?

You all know about Ashley Madison we presume? To those who don't, it's a type of dating site that enables people to have an affair, and indeed encourages it. However, it was hacked and personal details were seen…

If you're not panicking and running around in circles right now, worrying about your dating profile and who might see it, read on. Adult dating is a pretty common thing these days, whether you're married or not. But we would also argue that booking elite London escorts is much more common too, just less socially acceptable.

Adult dating is ok but escorting isn't?

Yeah, we know. There are still some people out there who take the moral high ground when it comes to elite London escorts sadly. These escorts are simply providing guaranteed companionship to those guys who would ordinarily be spending a fortune each month on Ashley Madison and probably still getting nowhere! If a massive company like that can be deemed as acceptable in putting people together, why on earth are individual escorts and agencies discriminated against? We're not making a fraction of the cash Ashley Madison is!

Elite London escorts will provide the best companionship

elite London escorts

It's true. And the main reason it's true is because you won't have to spend ages getting to know them via online messages, or a series of expensive and unsatisfying dates. You can cram all that getting to know you stuff in over dinner with elite London escorts. One of the main reasons the best gents in the city use us is because we have those girls that can help you capture that first date with a beautiful woman feeling; the feeling you get when you know she's into you too!

Is monogamy a thing of the past?

We think that it's much less common, however people are still drawn to each other. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the most obvious is children. There are actually places in the world where monogamy isn't the be all and end of all of life. In a recent GQ article on the subject of monogamy, Florence Walker mentions a tribe of people who have no idea about the biological connection between father and child, thus they have no compulsion to stay with any partner in this area. They actually believe that babies do appear out of nowhere inside women. In this mini society "monogamous relationships last for about a year before either partner can decide they've had enough." The whole process of monogamy was basically routed in the evolution of a woman needing a man to protect and provide for her and her children. It's very different now of course, although women are still the most likely to be seeking a monogamous relationship.

So if monogamy isn't your thing, try and visit some elite London escorts when you get the opportunity, or meet them for dinner somewhere nice. You really can get the feeling, without the dating sites and all that malarkey. Another thing about booking an escort is of course, when you use a good agency, you can count on the profile pictures being recent!

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25 August 2015

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