Best escorts for massage in London massage escort girls.

Don’t neglect your massage from a London escort

We’re here to petition you gentlemen to never neglect the opportunity for a massage. We’re massage escorts after all and we actually specialise in this!

We know what it’s like though. You’re having a lot of fun with your chosen escort and you simply want to do so much, yet you are constantly thinking that you might not have the time. You don’t need to worry though. And although it’s hard to put other thoughts out of your mind, if you submit to the skills of your London massage escort, you will never regret it. We would heartily recommend a massage about half way through your booking. It really breaks up your experience and allows you to relax before rediscovering just what else your lovely companion has in store for you.

Awesome London massage skills

You see, there’s a whole host of things that a London escort can do for you. They’re all very different of course and they all have their own unique specialisms. However, they do all share one skill: they love to massage and they’re very good at it. This is the reason we represent them at Butterfly Touch. It wouldn’t be very useful to have a massage escort agency if we didn’t have girls who knew how to massage now would it?

Body to body

Opt for a body to body massage experience if you can. You really can’t beat it and it’s a highly intimate and pleasurable experience that will keep you on the edge of pleasure for as long as you can stand. Our massage escorts offer a variety of different massage oils – both scented and unscented – and the very slippery Nuru gel if you want to get things really sliding along nicely!

We’ll get you all cleaned up, don’t worry!

Remember that whatever type of massage you go for, or whatever other services may be on the menu from your individual London escort, there are always showers available. All the incall locations have excellent facilities and we’re guessing that if you’re in a hotel, you have a shower that works right? So there you go, get as messy as you like, it all washes off!

If they offer you a massage, for goodness sake take it!

14 January 2017

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Becoming a better man with London massage escorts

London escorts have a very bad rap you know. And those who book London escorts are often looked down upon for some reason. Obviously we’re in the business and we’re sympathetic to both escorts and clients, but there is a little more to it than that…

We are massive advocates for the escort industry and we know very well just how much of a fantastic community this is to be a part of. We know many girls who work with us, and have worked with us in the past. We also know many clients who have been entertained successfully over the years and we take regular bookings from guys who have used us for years. All these people are very kind and thoughtful individuals who really do appreciate each other and this makes us happy. So it’s regretful that so many others tend to condemn those involved with the industry.

Booking a London massage escort will make you a better man

We suppose it’s like opening your mind, if you’ve never booked an escort before. It’s certainly something that you’ll repeat as often as you can. This is obviously because you’re enjoying yourself, but it’s also a lot to do with satiating a desire that allows you to concentrate on other areas of your life.

You have to admit that most men spend the majority of their time thinking about women and how to best get involved with them. It’s a primal urge that needs keeping in check however, simply because it will bias your judgement and prevent you thinking about things you need to concentrate on. This is one of the main reasons many professional men in the city book London escorts. They have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish, they do not need their mind occupied with pretty young women.

Take care of business

What they need is to get that bit taken care of. Lunchtime bookings are very popular with our agency. Perhaps the man in questions has spent the morning surrounded by pretty young women in the office and it’s affecting his concentration? Those intelligent gentlemen out there know that nothing good will come of messing around with office girls, so he’ll book an appointment with a professional London escort; thus allowing him to concentrate at work. Everyone is happy!

Get things done and be a better man with London escorts

14 January 2017

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The perfect girl for every occasion

Some agencies don’t bother to get to know the escorts they represent. We’re not like them at all. We have specialist massage escorts in London, so it’s our job to make sure they know what they’re doing! It’s for this reason we’re able to suggest the perfect companion for the perfect occasion.

It really wouldn’t do for us not to know about each of the girls when we’re advertising very specific skill sets would it? If we say a girl can give a professional tantric massage, we really mean they can. We are likely to have heard it from those who have actually experienced time with that girl, or at the very least we will have read reviews from other sites and agencies where the girl in question has worked in the past.

Which London escorts are perfect for dinner?

It’s worth saying to begin with that when we recommend a girl for a dinner date, we’re not saying the others aren’t a good choice! We wouldn’t represent any girl who wasn’t a “good all-rounder,” so to speak. That said, we would heartily recommend our exclusive London escort beauty, Christy for a dinner date. She’s one of those women who love to dine out and she has a great passion for conversation. Not only that, she always dresses to impress and she’s happy to take requests in this department too; considering where you’re taking her.

Which London escorts are perfect for incalls?

When it comes to incalls, they’re all good of course. They all have nice apartments and they all make you feel very welcome. However, Anna is one of the top girls on our list when it comes to incall bookings. She makes every effort and more to make sure you feel like you’re actually going home to a wonderful girlfriend who has missed you all day! You will never regret booking this London escort!

Which London escorts are perfect for massage?

Obviously we’re a sensual massage escort specialist agency, so you’re not going to get a bad massage! Having said that, Christy is really at the top of her game when it comes to her tantric massage technique. This is the main reason she is booked by her regulars. This beautiful, masseuse has been practicing her art for many years and really knows how to excite you and relax you at the same time!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our recommendations, and we hope you’ll book from Butterfly Touch the next time you need some truly professional and talented companionship

14 January 2017

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London escorts massage pretty good, but what else is cool in the world

We know it doesn't matter what type of man you are. You could be in charge of a huge corporation, a successful banker, or someone who empties the bins, you've all got two things in common. You all love women and you all love cool stuff!

Yes, you see. We know that you're all little boys at heart! Getting an escorts massage is pretty easy these days, you can simply Google it, pick someone and enjoy yourself. Finding the coolest gadgets and other stuff is a little harder however. Everyone wants to tell you what's cool, but never fear, Butterfly Touch are here to help you. We like to go Googling from time to time in order to find stuff we know you'll be interested in, and we came up with the following. Our list is inspired by GQ magazine. These are the guys to listen to when it comes to what's hot and what's not; but we're sure you knew this!

London hotel visiting escorts

Icon E-Flyer II Electric Bike

It might not be the type of thing you'd ride around London on the way to work, and you certainly can't fold it up and carry it to the office, but if you're the type of cool cat that likes a spot of cycling at the weekend, you're going to love the Icon. You've seen The Great Escape right? Well if you have you'll be pleased to hear that this electric bike has been modelled on those old World War II motorcycles. If you saw one of these flying past, you would certainly have to do a double take to discover that it's not actually a motorcycle! We particularly like the way the lookalike engine is actually a hold to put your packed lunch!

London hotel visiting escorts

Telluride Bamboo Watch

Doesn't sound like a practical material to make a watch out of does it? Well, it's not the most common thing to get an escorts massage really, but they're awesome of course. Most men would go to a massage parlour or something like that, but you gents know that getting one from an elite London escort. Well, the bamboo watch by Telluride gets away with it because it's so damn exclusive we suppose. Meaning of course that there have only been a certain amount produced.

London hotel visiting escorts

Urban Warrior Collection from Lat56

You know of course that they've reduced the size of hand luggage you can take on the plane now? We know, it's a pain, you're right. But, this little beauty is that it's the perfect size, yet you can get what you need in it. Apparently it has a "suit packing system" that will prevent your suit getting creased! That's got to be useful right? Want to look good for your escorts massage don't you?

Well, those are just three of the very latest trends at the moment for the modern gentleman. If you like to make a little effort on yourself like this, then you're sure to appreciate London escorts massage services. Basically the best VIP companions in the city of London, who actually know how to give you a professional massage!

19 October 2015

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Romance isn't dead with London massage escorts

Oh no, it certainly isn't, and if there's anything these London massage escorts love, it's a little bit of romance. It might not come naturally to you, but do you know what? That's the best type of romance you can get… The real deal…

You don't have to be in love with someone to be romantic however. There, we thought we'd put that statement out there straight away to avoid any confusion. Romance is about "romancing" of course, the feeling we get when we would do anything for another person in order to make them happy; even if that means making a fool of ourselves! Now why on earth should you have to be in a relationship with that person to do this? There's no need at all. The London massage escorts you see at Butterfly Touch can all be wooed like conventional women, they're just more receptive to it that's all. And you wouldn't have it any other way would you!?

London hotel visiting escorts

It's not unheard of for a client to take one of our gorgeous young companions out to dinner you know? But where exactly would you want to take her for a romantic dinner, you may well ask? We listed a couple of the best romantic restaurants in London. Now, whether you decide to take your wife/girlfriend, or one of the London massage escorts you see listed on our pages, that's up to you. You'll get no judgements from us of course! What we can tell you is that whoever you take, you'll have a good time we're sure.

     • Bob Ricard – Upper James Street. Now, to begin with, if you're looking for a reasonably priced restaurant, this isn't it. Bob Ricard will cost you a pretty penny, but you won't fail to impress whoever you're with. It's not just the exclusivity of the place that will impress your date, it's the service and most of all the cuisine. We would like to recommend the crêpes Suzette when you're choosing your dessert!

     • Clos Maggiore – King Street. This place should have a subheading that reads "The Epitome of Romance!" It's everything the movies tell you about romantic dinners and then some more on the top. Long white table cloths on small, intimate tables, minimally adorned to enable your own atmosphere creation; this is all added to by the wonderfully accurate lighting; not too bright, not too dark – perfect!

These girls love it!

They really do! No matter how bright and intelligent all the girls are that we represent, they still have an enormous capacity for the sloppy stuff. They're romance junkies to put it another way. They are always looking forward to the next opportunity to be whisked off their feet by a powerful, well dressed gentleman who knows how to treat a woman; and they also agree wholeheartedly with what we told you about being able to have a brief romantic evening with anyone.. Lavish gestures of affection are very much encouraged!

Get a little romance in your life…

20 August 2015

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Your own massage therapist escort in your hotel suite?

Many of our clients stay in some of the best hotels in London and it's not unusual for any of our London massage escorts to visit a hotel suite for long bookings and even overnights.

Our popularity has risen rapidly now that our original massage escorts girls have decided to offer full escort services. It was bound to happen of course, considering that our girls simply love to hang out with you guys as often as they can! However, if you really want to impress them (and let's face it, they deserve it!) you might want to book one of the best hotel suites in London.

    The Oliver Messel Suite at The Dorchester. The Dorchester is clearly one of the most expensive and exclusive hotels in the world, so you would expect the best suite to cost a pretty penny or two. This one will set you back around £3,000 per night!

    The London Suite at The Intercontinental. Another fine luxury hotel, except the Intercontinental has a much more contemporary design with all the extras you'd get at any other high class hotel suite in the city. Our London escorts would simply love to visit you here! This gorgeous suite will set you back £3,500 per night!

London hotel visiting massage escorts

    The Pavilion Conservatory Suite at The Berkeley. On top of everything the others have, The Pavilion suite offers you a marvellous private conservatory terrace with wonderful views of the city. You'd expect this and a whole lot more of course at £4,000 a night!

The suites we've listed above may be expensive, but when most of them come with so much space, luxury and even your own butler, you should be able to understand where that extra money goes!

Your own therapist?

So some of these places might actually come with complimentary massage treatments etc. but wouldn't it be a whole lot more fun to be able to choose what your masseuse looks like and also to know that she might be a little naughtier than the average massage expert? Of course it would, and that's why we have a gallery of London massage escorts that will make you salivate with desire. Imagine the anticipation you'll feel whilst you're waiting for them in your suite sipping champagne…

25 February 2015

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Why do escorts like to massage?

Unlike many other escort agencies we actually try to communicate with the girls we represent and we have a very good idea about why they do what they do. Over the next few weeks we will let you into a few facts (and occasionally confessions) about the girls and what they do…

Some would say they like to massage because they don't have to spend so much time doing anything else. This of course might be true for some girls, but not for the girls we represent. All the companions listed on our website are under no illusions as to what is expected from a London escort and they are all physically and mentally capable and prepared to ensure you have the time of your life. They really do love what they do.

London massage escorts service agency

Which brings us neatly onto answer the question in the title. The primary reason escorts like to massage is because they love doing it. Many of the girls we have at the agency have trained for a number of months in order to fully master the art of sensual massage; particularly some of the more technical massages we offer. You can find a full list of massage services here.

It's all about getting to know you

It goes a little further than simply enjoying it of course. Massaging their clients gives the girls the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. In much the same way as taking a London escort to dinner before a more intimate encounter later on, allows an escort to relax and understand the needs of her client more, a massage works in a similar way. There is a strange magnetism and attraction that occurs when the masseuse you choose lays her hands on you for the first time; it's not totally dissimilar to a kind of healing process in many respects! Once the girl of your choice has her hands on you, she begins to trust you and you begin to trust her. If you can totally relax whilst she runs her hands over your body, you will automatically make her relax too. Do these girls need to be relaxed? Well of course they do. The more relaxed a girl is in your presence the more she is likely to enjoy herself… And we all know what that mean right?

So come on! Let's get to know these girls a little better…

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