Becoming a London escort: How to find the best agency to work with (and make the most money!)

Some people would have you believe that you need to be listed with hundreds of agencies in order to succeed as a London escort these days. And believe us when we tell you that there are indeed hundreds of agencies out there. This doesn’t mean they’re all good of course. Some of them are so hard to find online that you may as well place a sign with your details on, in the coldest, most remote part of Antarctica! It’s much more important however to register your details with a good agency. But how do you know which agency is good?

Find the right agency

You do need to do a little research. There isn’t a whole lot of effort involved, but you do need to spend a little time. It’s not about the flashiest website, it’s not about how many girls are already there, and it’s not about where they appear in the search engine results, surprisingly enough. It’s about the bookings! Plain and simple!

Why you shouldn’t

We wouldn’t be very objective if we only looked at one side of the story would we? We are renowned here at Butterfly Touch for being on the side of non-monogamous relationships. This isn’t just for the obvious reason that we run a London escort agency. We strongly believe that men and women shouldn’t have to stick with just one partner forever; we don’t think it’s natural. However, we do know that it works for some people, so here’s our list of why you shouldn’t have an affair etc. And we’re doing the best we can to be objective!

Let’s face it, when you list with a London escort agency, you have no idea where they are listing you. So it has to be results based doesn’t it? Well, yes it does. You have to list with an agency that gets you bookings, however most London escorts don’t have the time or the energy to test them all out. They also don’t have the time to list with them all. If you took a glance at the list of agencies on a website like London UK Escorts, you would see that to submit an application to all of these agencies would take forever. This is why most new girls to the industry, who choose a resource like this to find agencies, usually pick the first off the list. However, the first agencies on the list are not necessarily the best!

High performance agencies

One of the best ways to find a great agency is to read independent review websites like Punternet. This isn’t for the reviews of the girls, or even agency reviews (although some of these can be useful). It’s more about how often an agency appears. If clients are reviewing girls they have booked through an agency it shows that the agency is getting bookings, and this is what you want. The agency may not be appearing on page one of Google, but these adverts they’re placing goodness knows where, or whatever other marketing strategies they’re using, are clearly working very well for them. As we briefly mentioned, you’ll never really know for sure all the places they market you, but if they’re getting reviews, whatever they’re doing is clearly working well for them; so it will work for you too!

If you’d like to be represented by Butterfly Touch, fill out our online application or give us a call!

15 February 2018

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Is it always worth “playing away” from home?

As men you get a pretty hard time we know. Most of the time when a relationship breaks down, it’s the guy that gets a hard time about it.

Well, in all truth, if you’ve cheated on your partner, you probably deserve it. However, what people don’t tend to think about is why the person cheated in the first place (whether it’s a woman or a man!) It’s always the person who played away from home that gets the blame, right? Now, we’ve learned a lot by running a London escort agency. A lot about men, and a lot about women too. We also hear a lot of stories. There are actually very valid reasons to cheat on a partner, so let’s have a look at some of them.

Reasons to play away

We’re sure you could think of plenty of reasons to play away from home, but we thought we’d give you the better ones among them. You know, help you stay a little more focused!

  • Loveless relationship. This is easier if you’re not married of course and there are no children involved. If there is simply no love for the other person there, for no matter what reason, we don’t think it’s so bad to be playing away to find an alternative.
  • Sexless relationship. Same as above, but you might want to try and address the problem with your partner. But if you are young and there’s plenty of time left for you, why hang around trying to fix things anyway?
  • She’s been playing away. Nothing like getting even gents! If you know for sure she’s been doing it, before you confront her, do a little playing away yourself. Nothing like going into battle fully armed!
  • Why you shouldn’t

    We wouldn’t be very objective if we only looked at one side of the story would we? We are renowned here at Butterfly Touch for being on the side of non-monogamous relationships. This isn’t just for the obvious reason that we run a London escort agency. We strongly believe that men and women shouldn’t have to stick with just one partner forever; we don’t think it’s natural. However, we do know that it works for some people, so here’s our list of why you shouldn’t have an affair etc. And we’re doing the best we can to be objective!

    • There’s something very special between the two of you. This is a very good reason. And although we can’t possibly give you a list of what we mean by special, because it’s different to everyone, you will simply know. If there’s something about your partner that you’ve never had with anyone else, you might want to think about it, even if lately that special thing has been vacant from your relationship.
    • If you have children. Children can survive very well in broken relationships, this is true. They are resilient. However, they do very much thrive when their parents are together. So, even if things seem very tough and hard to fix, it may be worth the extra effort. If it’s a destructive relationship, getting out of it and pursuing elsewhere, may well be the answer. But if children are involved, it may be best to simply leave first, without involving another woman just yet.
    • You can always book a London escort

      When it all goes to hell, you can always book a London escort. That’s what these girls are here for. Men don’t like to be alone for long, and they don’t have to be when there are girls like this ready and available to keep them company. When you have the company of a beautiful woman, and you’ve had that part of your life alleviated for a while, you’re in a much better position to think about what you really want. Even if this is considering whether or not you want to leave your partner and/or pursue an affair with someone. Get your mind clear first gentlemen! And remember what we said earlier, it’s not always worth it!

      4 February 2018

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      Dealing with your girlfriend’s parents

      If you have a woman in your life that you really like, you’re probably going to have to win over her parents. Well, you can thank your friendly neighbourhood London escort agency for the advice you’re about to read…

      Countless comedy movies have been made on the back of this problem. Look at “Meet the Parents” for prime example. Although we sincerely hope you don’t get a father in law like Robert de Niro’s character! But we digress, let’s get to the point.

      Making them like you

      Well, it kind of goes without saying that you should never mention that you book London escorts, or if you haven’t, don’t even tell them that you read this article on this website. Best to stay clear of that subject!

      • Dress up, but don’t overdo it! You don’t want to overshadow her father, so be careful.
      • Flirt with her mother, but be tasteful. Making her mother feel good will only go in your favour. She’ll be able to win over the father in the end, so build allies!
      • Stay for a while, but don’t overstay your welcome. On the other end of the scale, don’t be in and out just to show your face. They need to get a handle on you and find out what type of man you are.
      • Don’t lie. This is important, because you’ll get found out. On the other hand, don’t be so honest that you tell them stuff that they’ll disapprove of.
      • Her dad is better than you. This is the story you need to tell yourself. Give way to him in discussions and accede with pretty much everything he says.
      • Don’t drink anything other than the wine at dinner!
      • And if you’re the father?

        This is a different matter entirely of course, especially if you’ve just read all this and had a little chuckle to yourself. You’re now thinking, some asshole is going to be doing all this to show off to me!” Yes, he is, but consider that you were amused by what you read. If you are the father of a beautiful young woman, she is sure to get male interest. This is inevitable. So allow us to impart a little advice. If you want to keep a good relationship with your daughter, let him get away with it. Let him overdo it when he visits, and don’t give him a hard time. Your daughter will thank you for it, and what’s even more important is that she’ll come back to you when he fucks up! Remember that you’re older and wiser and you can handle it.

        If it all gets too much for you, book a London escort and be done with it!

        26 January 2017

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        Some truths about cheating

        You may think you know about cheating and why it happens etc. but you may be surprised. We’ve written this little article to give you a little insight into just how and why people cheat.

        You’ve all heard of “the seven year itch,” right? Well, if you haven’t, it’s not just a movie title! It’s widely believed that people get “the itch” (meaning they want to cheat) after seven years of a relationship. Actually, studies have recently discovered that it’s more likely to be between 6-10 years for a woman and over 11 years for a man.

        Why we stay together

        Women are less likely to cheat than men also, but then this was probably not hard to guess. Other things that keep us together are: children, not being in the relationship long, religious and moral beliefs, and most of all the fear of being alone. We’re sure many people can relate to that. And actually, the fear of being alone is a primary reason why people book escorts in the first place, and arguably why you’re here now reading this article.

        Why we cheat

        Most of the time for women, it’s because they’re not feeling emotionally supported or understood, and it has very little to do with anything physical. With men, it’s practically the opposite of this. If a woman isn’t providing sexual satisfaction to a man, or she has less interest in sex and perhaps doesn’t make much of an effort in her appearance, he is far more likely to cheat. There are of course many exceptions to these, but generally this is the case.

        Is seeing a London escort cheating?

        Well, yes of course it is, if you want an honest answer. There’s one thing we won’t be held responsible for, and that’s encouraging you to cheat by lying to you. We’re basing this on the fact that virtually everyone in a relationship would consider booking London escorts as cheating. So we have to go with the majority on this one gentlemen. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it of course. Our views on morality and fidelity are very different to those of your wife, as you’re probably already aware!

        14 December 2017

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        How to get over your girlfriend

        No, we’re not instantly going to tell you to book a London escort, we’re not that brazen. There is a “grieving process” that has to be dealt with first in our opinion. This is what today’s article is all about. The things you can do to help.

        We’re talking about damage control here gentlemen, not more carnage, so it’s really best to stay away from all girls to begin with. This includes London escorts. You’d think we’d be telling you something different, right? Well, as we said, we’re not that bad!

        Get rid of her stuff

        If you lived together, or even if she just spent a significant amount of time at your place, you’re bound to have things laying around that will always remind you of her. Her clothes, her ornaments, anything. If you feel you should return it, make sure you pack it respectfully (you’re better than that!) and deliver it to a friend of hers. Don’t announce that you’re coming either, it will allow your ex to prepare something that may affect you. Remember, this is about getting over your girlfriend.

        Don’t go to the same places

        You may like that bar after work, the one you went to together sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. Ditch it and find somewhere else. If you have friends that mean anything to you, they’ll come with you or help you in some way or another. Take a different route home from work too, or a different walk anywhere for that matter. Do not go the same way as you did with her. Join a different gym if you have to!

        Never… NEVER… contact her!

        We are working on the presumption that you actually want to get over your girlfriend, so this is the reason we’re telling you to sever contact. You will feel the urge during the early days, but it’s like fighting nicotine addiction, it will pass. Have faith in yourself and remain strong.

        Find a hobby – Not London escorts!

        You can book escorts at a later date, but now is not the time. Find yourself something that interests you outside of work and home life. Take a class in something that interests you, even if you don’t need it. You will be in different surroundings and you’ll even get a chance to meet new people.

        Make new male friends

        We say make male friends, simply because you won’t be tempted to try and sleep with them. It’s important to have new people in your life when you’ve had a breakup, but it’s not a good idea to get into something that may find you flirting.

        When will you be over her?

        You’ll be over her when you’re over her. There is no time span here, but a good indicator is when you feel like you can live your life on your own, you are comfortable with your own company and you’re not seeking the company of any other woman. Then, and only then is it a good idea to seek female companionship!

        Trust us, we know what we’re talking about!

        06 November 2017

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        Do you have anxiety problems? Would you even know if you had?

        We recently read an interesting article on anxiety and what you could be doing, whilst not realising, if you’re a sufferer. Not everyone realises that they suffer with anxiety, or indeed any form of mental health problem, so in the wake of Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought we’d share what we have learned.

        We realise that we are merely a London escort agency, but we are very aware of these issues, since there are a number of people who book with us that do suffer with this problem. This is primarily why they book with us!

        See the signs

        Here are a few of the top signifiers when it comes to anxiety, but we’ve chosen them because they’re not always easy for the sufferer to spot themselves. Others however will spot them, and they may well tell you.

        • You’re obsessing. This is one of the most common, and it’s not always easy to spot yourself. You may obsess over things that others may not even notice. You may obsess over a conversation you’ve had with someone, going over and over what was said etc.

        • You worry about things that haven’t happened. An anxiety sufferer will constantly see too many moves ahead and always worry about the “worst case scenario,” however unlikely it may be.

        • Avoid things. You may avoid things that you might usually find enjoyable. For example, you may get invited out by your friends, but end up making an excuse not to go. You honestly may not even know you’re doing it, and your excuses may even seem logical to you, but you could well be suffering anxiety. As a London escort agency, we have had first-hand experience with this behaviour, when people have cancelled etc. and it’s not really for a good reason we know.

        • Can’t rest. Going to bed really late and then waking in the morning without the need of an alarm or anything, is yet another sign. You may not necessarily struggle with sleeping when you get to bed, but you’re certainly not getting enough rest if you go late and rise too early.

        • Take steps to alleviate your symptoms

          It’s not an easy ride we know, living with anxiety, but you can make small adjustments. Make a concerted effort to do at least one thing with a friend, at least once a week. Do this even if you feel like you don’t want to or are genuinely too busy. See them and complain to them about how busy you are if you like, but at least you’ll be interacting. And when you have done this, give yourself an enormous pat on the back and congratulate yourself. It’s a hell of an achievement.

          Booking a London escort is always easily done

          Booking a companion from us is very easy to do. You simply call the number and tell us who you want to see. You will then get a confirmation text message, telling you where to go and confirming the time of your booking. The girls are all located in very discreet locations, yet very accessible too. They will make you feel comfortable straight away, they’re used to seeing clients of all types. And don’t worry about a thing, it’s not as though you’re going to see her again! Or maybe you are?

          So remember to look out for the signs we discussed, but more importantly, don’t forget to get a little respite from your condition as often as possible.

          20 August 2017

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          Get represented by a good London escort agency

          It’s not enough to just list your profile everywhere these days we know. If you’re an escort, the trick is to list your profile with the best London escort agencies. There are so many agencies in London that it becomes a mammoth task. But we’re here to tell you that there’s more to the best agency than simply being number one in Google searches!

          That’s right, it goes much further than you might think. A London escort agency may invest thousands in their website in order to get onto page one of Google, but some of the agencies that don’t rank so well, still get lots of business. Why is this?

          Smart London escort advertising

          You can of course list with these agencies that appear on page one when you type in “London escorts,” but these agencies get an awful lot of visitors who may not make a booking. The best agencies to list with are those that have a diverse marketing strategy. In other words, there are other places to get you bookings than through Google searches!

          Good escort agencies advertise your profile elsewhere too. They really put in the extra work to get you the bookings you deserve. They will advertise your profile on forums and directories where people go who are actually looking for your services. They categorise you and place your advert carefully, making sure to highlight all your best features. They post your adverts at the optimum times too. These agencies really know when clients are looking for London escorts; after all, they’re the ones who answer the phone, so they know the busy times!


          If you list with one of these agencies and you get a review on an independent site, your agency will find it and they will amplify it so that clients can hear about the review and read it for themselves. Your agency does this through social networks as well as forums. You would be surprised at just how effective a good review can be, so you would be well advised to offer your best service at all times.

          List your services with Butterfly Touch

          Yes, so here’s the thing, we are one of those agencies that goes the extra mile to get you the quality bookings. If you list with us you will be represented all over the internet, in places where the clients you want will be looking. Those girls who are already listed with us have always had regular bookings and never felt the need to complain. We do our very best for our girls.

          Sign up with Butterfly Touch now and start to earn the money you know you’re worth!

          10 August 2017

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          New London escorts at Butterfly Touch for the Summer!

          Well, we’re hoping that they’ll stay longer than just the summer of course. We’re just happy to have new faces at this time of year, it makes us feel great! And we’re certain that you’re going to feel the same should you be lucky enough to meet with one of them. On top of all that of course is their desire to meet you too! We’re talking about some truly professional and excitable young women here!

          London masseuse Evelyn


          Evelyn is a tall, beautiful young Russian escort in town for fun and frolics primarily, but we’re sure that if you want to take her out to dinner, she’d be up for that too. You have to understand that these young Russians require a certain amount of excitement though, and Evelyn is no exception to that rule! Check out her profile and call us!


          This is a rare luxury for us at Butterfly Touch! We have a beautiful young Thai London escort for you. Holly isn’t without experience however, she’s been escorting in London for some time, so you can expect a really good time. She has just noticed that our agency is getting a lot of attention and she has tired of not getting the bookings she wants. A professional young escort such as this is very aware that when you switch agency, you often switch clients too. So, we could also argue that she’s looking for a better class of client! Do you fit the bill?

          Thai escort Holly
          Turkish busty escort


          Fancy a change from Eastern European escorts? Well, here we have a lovely Turkish girl for you! She’s a delightful companion and she’s always very pleased to get new clients. Which incidentally is the reason she joined Butterfly Touch in the first place; she wasn’t getting enough attention! We are certain that you can remedy this. Jamilia is brilliant in her own right, but it’s worth noting here that she also does duo escort experiences with the gorgeous Thai escort Holly who we just mentioned! Can you imagine a date with those two?


          From Turkey to Spain! We certainly represent girls from across the globe, don’t we? We’re in Western Europe for this gorgeous creature. Camila is only 20 years old, but you wouldn’t know it when you meet her. Physically she is of course! She has a beautiful tight body, all firm and toned where it needs to be, but it’s her mind that’s far more experienced. She knows men better than they know themselves and the only way to fully appreciate it is to book her. We have already had great feedback for Camila. Don’t forget to review her if you book her!

          London escort

          Have fun with our London escorts!

          So, there you have it, four brand new escorts represented by Butterfly Touch! We are getting bigger and better than ever, and all because the girls keep joining one of the fasted growing agencies in London at the moment. We have dedicated receptionists to take your calls well into the small hours and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us!

          Want to become a London escort with Butterfly Touch?

          We are fast becoming a tremendously popular agency to be registered with. Our website is getting more and more traffic every day, and our client list is getting longer and longer. What’s more is that our clients are always very satisfied with the level of service they get from us

          21 July 2017

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          Don't cry into your Lasagne for one! Book London escorts from Butterfly Touch!

          We're kidding of course! And we don't mean any offence if you actually do cry into your ready meals at the end of each day. But whether you do or not, that can all stop, because we have one of the most exciting and affordable London escort agencies in the city, and it's just a phone call away!

          Let's begin by saying that there's nothing wrong with being single, as long as you can get company when you reach those moments when you really crave company. Single is liberating, it's fun and it's important to be single these days. We're all too busy to live our lives for someone else to be perfectly honest. Don't get us wrong however. Yes, we run a London escorts agency, but we're not totally without feeling and faith in love etc. If you find that one person that really does it for you, then that is a truly remarkable experience. We're just realistic in the belief that this doesn't happen often. And, let's face it, there's really no need to hang around being lonely and sad until you do find the one, right?

          Female escorts London agency

          Live your life with London escorts

          The best thing about booking London escorts will always be their availability and the fact that there are never any strings. All you need is some cash and some free time, and most of you who read this blog have those things. If you don't, might we suggest that you get your female company through the screen of your computer monitor and browse PornHub or something! If you believe that you're worth a little more than simply Googling porn when you're lonely, read on!

          Affordable female company from Butterfly Touch

          It's mostly about being affordable these days in the escort industry, we're not stupid. This is the reason we do better than some of those silly agencies that attempt to charge you in access of £500-600 per hour for an escort in London! WOW! That's a lot of money to pay for the company of a woman, especially when you can get escorts at less than half of this price.

          We offer our London escorts from only £150! And for that money you get something a little better than what you'll get from any other agency in the city. This includes those "high class" ones that claim they're the best in London. We can tell you this much for free. They do not… Repeat, do not offer London massage escorts. Meaning that Butterfly Touch are one of the few agencies in the city that actually specialise in tantric massage practices; along with everything else of course!

          Browse the girls now…

          4 March 2016

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