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The perks of being a new London Escort

It’s that time again ladies. It’s 2018 and we’re putting out the call for new London escorts. If you think you’d like to be part of a winning agency with a good reputation, there are some great rewards waiting for you…

Butterfly Touch have been in the business for a long time now, and we have the respect of many London escorts, as well as many clients. We’re not an overly huge agency, and we tend to keep things quite small when it comes to our database of companions, but we always have space for a few more exceptional girls.

There’s a very good reason for keeping things cosy at the agency. We find that when you overdo the amount of girls on offer, those girls don’t get as much work as they’d like. If you are successful in your application to the agency, you will never be hidden by the other London escorts at Butterfly Touch. We want you to get the bookings you want, and this is what attracts so many applications. This is also what keeps the girls we already have!

Strict criteria

We do however have some pretty strict criteria. We won’t just go for beauty alone. We only ever represent girls who have something special. We want girls who have a good level of English, can communicate comfortably with their clients, and have a good sense of humour. We need our companions to be confident enough to do incalls and outcalls, and be well presented at all times. If you can do all this, we would be very keen to meet you and discuss just how you would fit with the agency.

What we offer

We offer a friendly, almost family like agency, where we put your needs very high on our list of priorities. After all, if you don’t get what you want, we don’t get what we want. It’s our business to promote you and claim a percentage of your fee each time you get a booking. So it goes without saying that we need to get you as many bookings as you can handle. And you can believe us when we tell you that we do this very successfully! All the girls we have at the agency already are very happy with the service we provide.

We don’t just put you on our website and leave you there. We are constantly working to promote you in places where we know your potential clients will be looking. Escort directories and forums, social networks and more are all on our list. We are a dedicated agency and we do as much as we can to keep our girls and our clients happy.

Call us on the phone if you want an informal chat about working with us, or alternatively you can fill out the recruitment form. Either way, get in touch!

26 January 2018

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Top agency, top pay, top clients

That’s what we like to say about Butterfly Touch. As far back as when we only offered sensual massage services, right up until now with full London escort experiences, we have always delivered a great service to our clients and also our escorts.

If you are a London escort looking for top representation, you could do a hell of a lot worse than listing yourself on Butterfly Touch. We have been in the business for many years and have a long and dedicated list of clients, that choose to use us because they can always rely on the fact that we will deal with their booking quickly and efficiently.

We like to know our escorts personally so that we can better inform our clients, and this is something we expect all those who list with us to understand. We will not recommend an escort if she doesn’t have a good attitude to her career and/or already has an excellent reputation with other agencies or as an independent.

What a new escort can expect from Butterfly Touch

A new escort can expect to have:

  • Good quality bookings from well-respected clients in the industry (some we have had for years.

  • As much work as she can handle. A new escort can pick and choose when she is available, although it is wise to be available as often as possible to secure bookings throughout the day and night.

  • Excellent marketing team. Bookings do not just come from Google searches at Butterfly Touch. We also market the girls we represent on very specific forums and directories online that (unlike search engines) are dedicated to the escort industry.

  • Great earning potential. Whilst we have recommended rates to charge clients, we leave that pretty much up to you. We do not take huge percentages of your booking fee like some agencies. We consider ourselves to be very fair considering the amount of work that we put into finding our escorts their jobs.

We still have a massive massage clientele

It’s worth saying here that we still have a large list of massage clients. So, if you are, or have been, known for your massage abilities, you are likely to find a very special place here at Butterfly Touch. Those clients who have always enjoyed our sensual masseuses, can still do so you see. Many of the girls have simply added to their list of services.

Contact us or apply to the agency now

19 September 2017

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Meet Ada and Bonnie: Two brand new London escorts at Butterfly Touch

As one goes, another two arrive! Such is the fate of our London escort agency. So, even though we're sad to see our lovely Emma leave us to spread her wings back home, we're very excited to introduce you to two more, very fresh young faces. Who knows, maybe they'll be as successful as our Emma was…

To begin with, if you are a young woman looking for representation in the escort industry, we would like to welcome you to apply to Butterfly Touch. We are always looking for new talent, and you really can count on our team to make you feel very welcome and give you all the support you need. We have many regular, really quite lovely clients, who would be very pleased to meet you. In fact, the reputation of our clients for treating our girls with such respect, and in such a luxurious manner, is one of the main reasons we get so many new escorts joining us. Simply go to the application page and follow the instructions there.

blonde London escort BONNIE pic


And oh my she really is a bonnie young creature isn't she? Bonnie is the newest addition to the team, and we've been working closely with her to ensure that she's well and truly ready to offer the services that she wants to offer.

Bonnie is offering incall services in Earls Court and Kensington and she's open to outcalls throughout London within reason. Give us a call for her availability, but do keep in mind that she's new and she's going to very popular with our clients. You might have to book in advance! One thing that stands out above her obvious good looks is her list of services. For a London escort of this age, her services are very extensive indeed, and she has quite a lot of skill when it comes to some of them. Be sure to commend her if you see her; we're positive she'll be good!

Always keeping you updated

We will of course always keep you updated about new and exciting London escorts as and when they join the team. We get a number of applications, but you can count on us only every presenting you with the best of the best. Have a lovely date, whoever you book. Call us at your convenience!

10 March 2016

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It's 2016! Do something meaningful this year!

And no, before you immediately accuse us of telling you to book London escorts, we're not going to! If you're on our London escort agency website, then you're probably considering that already! We're going to inspire you instead…

Do not, under any circumstances, begin the year with a bottle of beer and Netflix! There, we said it. This is not a sure way of embarking on your New Year to do something meaningful. You may well have had an email from Netflix telling you that your favourite show has added another season, but resist we tell you! Resist! You know what will happen. You'll waste the whole of January and February, and before you know it you'll be approaching the spring with a massive gut and a bad back! You'll be sufficiently entertained however, which is always nice of course!

London escorts going to gym

Get some exercise like our London escorts

Alright, we'll make this achievable. Not at all like our London escorts then! The girls we represent are at the gym all the time, toning this and firming that. Hell, half of them don't even need to go to the gym to stay in shape, they're so young that they're naturally toned! Doesn't it make you sick?!
No, in all seriousness, it's never too late to take some more exercise. And we want you alive as long as possible so you can book our sexy London escorts of course! There's our true motive, we hear you shout! You can keep yourself reasonably fit by simply skipping that cab journey, not bothering with the tube, or walking to the station in the morning instead of taking the car. Yes, you'll have to get up a little earlier, but it's hardly going to the gym is it? You'd be amazed at how much fitter you'll be, and you might save a few quid too.

Pick up a book

Yes, a book. There are some of you out there who haven't touched a book since they were in secondary school we know, but believe it or not, they still sell them. In fact, you don't even have to buy one. You can get a good book by going to the library. These are wonderful places that you may or may not be aware of. They have lots and lots of books, and you can take any book you want home with you for free! You do have to bring it back though, that's the only downside.

Before you start with your tech argument, as we've already had with some of our more tech savvy London escorts, a book is simply better than your damn Kindle! The act of going to seek out a book, choosing the book, and then sitting down to hold it and turn the pages, beats the hell out of any virtual version in our mind. Not only that, if you decide to read something now and again, other than London escort blogs and emails from your boss wondering why you haven't finished your work, you will improve the quality and capacity of your brain. Now that's an encouraging thought too right?

Make us a promise

So there you go. Two things we'd like you to promise to do for us. It's not a lot to ask is it? To get a little more exercise and to read a book. Simple! If you manage to accomplish this small task in the coming weeks, do mention that you have to one of our Agency London escorts when you book them, and ask them to let us know. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

Hope you enjoyed our fun article. Now, go and look at sexy girls!

16 January 2016

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Becoming a London escort

There's a lot to be said for becoming a London escort. However, we're not going to go into the benefits of this career, you've more than likely decided that already. We are going to tell you just what will be expected from you…

Firstly, having mentioned the word "career" it's important that you take this career seriously because that's precisely what it is. If you do indeed want to become an elite London escort you need to focus on your career with a lot of effort; if you don't you will end up at a lower class and perhaps not represented by the right escorts agency for you.

London escorts attributes

We decided to make the following criteria really quite strict, simply because at our agency in particular we insist on the best of the best and we grow tired of entertaining applications from those who simply do not meet even the minimum requirements for becoming a London escorts. Please check through the list and if you still think you have what it takes we are sure any escorts agency in London would be glad to have you:

    • Flawless and natural beauty

    • Fit, trim and well-proportioned figure

    • Have a good general level of intelligence

    • Have fluent English language skills

    • Be able to converse on a number of levels

    • Be attentive to your client

    • Be prepared to travel

    • Be able to handle any social or business event

    • Be always perfectly dressed and groomed

Specialist London escort skills

When it comes to escorting in London however, even the criteria you've read above may not always be enough to help you succeed where others have failed. This is why, we among many other agencies, like to represent escorts with special skills. The perfect example for us obviously is that the beautiful young women we list all have excellent massage skills and thoroughly enjoy doing it your job. Have a think about any special abilities or skills you have before you apply to any agency; it might just get you registered with one of the best agencies in the city!

Getting the right agency for representation

As we mentioned earlier, it's incredibly important to get the right agency. This needs to be done by applying to the high class escorts websites out there first. If you firmly believe that you have what it takes from the list of qualities above, you will need to aim high in the beginning. The best escort agencies in London will only ever represent the best escorts; this is how it should be and how it always will be.

If you like the idea of becoming a companion on our website then go to our employment page and sign up…

28 July 2016

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