Don't ever think London escorts have no emotional connection!

It would be an enormous mistake for you to believe that all London escorts don't feel anything at all when they spend time with their clients. On the contrary, they really do! It would take someone incredibly numb to feel nothing when they're spending intimate moments with another human being, no matter what the circumstances…

What you have to realise here is that in order to be a successful London escort, you simply have to have an emotional connection to your work; and indeed to your clients. Perhaps some of you have already spent an unsatisfying time with a London escort who showed no feelings at all, and was merely "mechanical", so to speak? We've heard these stories before, and none of them are pleasant ones. Well, you deserve better, and you deserve to have the company of a woman who wants to be with you. Gone are the days where young women just jumped into escorting to make a few quid and didn't really take it seriously. Although there are some of these girls left in the city, today's London escorts are career minded, strong and intelligent creatures who know exactly what they're doing.

The Butterfly Touch London escorts

Referring to our own girls for a moment (for that is where we have the experience of course!) we can honestly say that they all experience sincere emotions when it comes to their escorting career. Granted, it's sometimes a complicated mixture of emotions, but they're certainly there. All the London escorts we represent have real emotions and they love what they do. Most of them have favourite clients, and some even have a soft spot or two for a few here and there. We won't divulge any of that however, it's not for us to tell, and it's not for you to find out!

Suffice to say that just because girls spend time with men for money, it doesn't mean they don't enjoy every minute of it, and indeed savour every emotion that connects them to their chosen career. London escorts are just women after all, and they're women that experience the same emotions as you. Sometimes they get lonely and they crave the company of a man. They are lucky enough to have chosen a profession where they can satiate their longings and desires easily however. Now they don't ever have to be alone

Don't get confused with love!

It's not love gentlemen, it's infatuation and the satiating of a human need 99% of the time. Now some of you could argue that infatuation was indeed love, but that's not how we classify it. Both parties may well get an enormous thrill out of their meetings and interactions, but that's really as far as the emotional connection can go in the majority of cases. There have been cases of London escorts falling in love with dashing, powerful men and flying off into the sunset, but these are very few and far between. Here at escorts Agency Butterfly Touch, we operate a much more pragmatic approach to escorting. If it happens it happens, but we certainly don't encourage it. After all, all we do is introduce two people; we just happen to know the girls a lot better than you do!

Now, why not go and take a look at the London escorts we have on offer today…

10 February 2016

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Early Christmas present with London escorts you can rely on

It's not long until the big day gentlemen. You've probably been out shopping already for those special people in your life, or you've at least thought about it right? Well what about that other important person in your life? You! London escorts are here for the taking gents… So take them!

You can bet your life that the London escorts we represent are really looking forward to Christmas. But you know, they're going to want that extra spending money too! Are you going to help them out? There's no reason why you shouldn't; well at least no good reason!

Learn to love yourself with London escorts!

Chrismas with Butterfly Touch London escorts

It's true! You've read it all over social networks in those silly pictures with writing on etc. but it's really true; you should take heed at least a little. We're all about self-help here at Butterfly Touch (well, our girls will do a little work too of course!) You should hear the feedback we get from satisfied clients, and all the compliments the girls get. These things are a sure indicator that booking London escorts is good for you. And at this time of year, you really do deserve something that's good for you. Hell… you need it to get you through to the New Year!

You must know how stressful Christmas can be

We don't want to put too much of a damper on things, considering we're approaching the festive season, but it really can be a stressful time right? You can alleviate it by doing your shopping online and all that sort of thing, but don't you just know that they'll send you the wrong things! Anyway, the point we're getting at here is that if you book yourself a good time with a beautiful young London escort, you're not likely to worry about any of it are you?

For goodness sake don't waste your time and energy trying to alleviate your Christmas time stress in the pub! It's going to cost you more than London escorts in the long run, and your liver won't thank you for it over the course of the next few weeks! But we're sure you already know that. Nothing like a relaxing drink or two with a talented, high class escort to make you feel totally prepared for whatever they throw at you… Trust us!

So go on… Take a look at some of the babes we have. They're waiting to keep you company!

3 December 2015

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The modern man: Embracing who you are

It's not easy being a man we know. Many women would argue the point until their blue in the face too, we know this. With our experience as one of the leading agencies for London escorts, we believe you guys should catch a break…

A man is never allowed that moment of weakness really is he? He's expected to be strong all the time, prepared for anything and always in the pursuit to better himself and those around him. Not too much of a tall order then? It's a lot of weight to carry when you're a man. The whole "man thing" perpetuates itself until you have other men expecting you to conform in ways that they themselves actually don't want.

That's the reason so many things get considered as "right" and "wrong". Booking London escorts is considered wrong, whereas meeting a girl in a bar, buying her drinks all night and then having countless subsequent dates, is considered "right". This is something we really know something about! Don't you want to break convention?

London female escorts

Embracing the real you

We're not just talking about booking London escorts, calling at that strip joint in Shoreditch, or even treating yourself to that occasional tantric massage after work. It goes without saying that we support these actions. No, we're talking about following your instinctual urges in all aspects of your life. Obviously not at the far end of the scale. We don't expect you to punch the delivery driver because they didn't wait long enough for you answer the door, or anything like that.

It's about being happy with yourself. You know, if you want to go out for a few beers with your mates when you like, do it. If you want to spend the entire weekend sitting on your backside playing Call of Duty, do that too. It's the small things that count, and the small things that make you more comfortable with the person you really are. Starting like this is the pathway to happiness, we're telling you. As long as you're not neglecting or upsetting anyone important, and you're continuing to function in society, there's absolutely no reason why you can't dedicate some time to your own existence.


Isn't it about time? They had their “Girl Power” in the 90s! It's time to stop being told that those male traits are something that you should purge from your very being. You are allowed to have down time, you are allowed to submit once in a while, and yes, you are allowed to book your female company by the hour! It's understood that your female counterpart may not decide to book her male company, but then that's because she's female isn't it? A woman doesn't have the same psychology as a man, it's as simple as that. You wouldn't ask a horse to hunt mice would you? No, they're two different species!

So to hell with it all – Book London escorts!

27 November 2015

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Take a break from life with a London escort

Everyone seems to be banging on about elections at the moment. People are overly concerned with the trivialities of life and never seem to take a break for themselves…

Well, we say to hell with these weekend spa breaks and having dinner with a friend in order to complain about your woes. What's needed is some pure indulgence and the only way you're going to get this is with a London escort who can cater to your every need, communicate effectively and actually help you unwind.

However, there are certain "spa treatments" that we wouldn't turn our noses up at and we're sure you would agree. Massage is a gift send from the gods in order to enable us to realise how important it actually is to take a break from the rat race and regroup. London escorts are well versed in the problems of modern day business and culture and they know the cure.

London escort

Massage escorts in London

This is the reason so many young companions in the escort industry have taken the time to learn the various crafts associated with intimate massage. This is the difference between a high class London escort and the lesser quality companions available. A massage escort is your best friend, simply because they have this unique skill set that will provide you with the relaxation you really need at the end of the day.

Imagine if you will, one of the stunning young women you see on our website, turning up to your hotel room. Can you imagine that same girl sitting you down on a chair and taking her time and attention to relieve the stress from your shoulders before perhaps indulging in a more intimate body to body massage? Some of the moves and oils our elite companions have will take you to heights of pleasure and relaxation that you've never dreamed of.

Life is too alone sometimes

You know, at the end of the day guys, life can be very lonely, even if you're at work all the time. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to do something different, something out of the box, something that's missing from every modern man's life, then you're in the right place. Get the companionship you want from a relationship, without all the hassle that goes with it and call one of our London escorts.

You will never regret a moment of the time spent with one of our girls…

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