Eating alone in London – Our top choices

We’re not always able to get a date right? This is arguably the reason why you’re here reading this post on a London escort website of course. So we thought we’d be especially kind and tell you about some of the hottest spots to eat when you’re alone.

We’re not always about telling you to book company. We are well aware that eating alone, or doing anything alone, can be highly beneficial. You can think about certain things more clearly, you can get more work done, you can be overall more focused. So it’s with this in mind that we’re suggesting the following restaurants. And just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds!

  • Bocca di Lupo – 12 Archer Street. This place is quite expensive, so it’s probably a good thing you’re not planning on booking a London escort to dine with! It’s great food in a great atmosphere, but what makes this place suit the solo diner is that it’s at the counter seating. When you’re sitting at a counter you never feel too alone right? You can also sit and watch the chefs and perhaps strike up a conversation if you wish.
  • 40 Maltby Street – It’s basically a wine bar, but the good is pretty good and very reasonably priced. We’ve been told about this by one or two of our massage escorts. If they like going there, it’s got to be good. These escorts do know a little about dining out!
  • The Palomar – 34 Rupert Street. This place is actually the perfect social choice for the solo diner, as well as being a really cool place to take a date. This is because you’re never really alone. It’s an intimate environment where you can’t help but interact with those around, including the chefs. The friendly nature of the staff make it a place that you’re going to want to go back to time and time again.
  • You know you don’t have to be alone don’t you?

    Butterfly Touch will always be there for you if you’re on your own. Sometimes it’s a good idea to eat alone and sometimes it’s not. We understand either way. But if you’re planning on having dinner out and you just don’t want to be alone, there’s no harm in booking some London escort company is there? Looking into the eyes of a beautiful young woman, rather than pretending to read your phone or a newspaper, simply has to be preferable!

    Call us today and we’ll sort you out!

    23 March 2017

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    Nervousness is a very British problem!

    You certainly won’t get any of our European London escorts feeling nervous. They wouldn’t be much good at their job if they were would they? But it’s true, the British really are among the most nervous people in the world. Why is this?

    Well, we’re not anthropologists or anything like that, but we do profess to know a little about human behaviour. The British still appear to be stuck in that “stiff upper lip” era we’re afraid. They don’t complain about much, they’d rather rant about it when they get home. We think that this is what makes them nervous to a certain extent. You see, they’re not used to confrontation, or really being assertive about anything. Isn’t it time the Brits “seized the day”?

    Make some changes

    So it’s a type of inherent problem we’re agreed? But you can beat it. You just have to make subtle changes in order to gain a little confidence. Nervousness is something that can be overcome easily if you make a concerted effort.

    • Send your food back in a restaurant. If you’re not happy with it (and we mean 100%) send it back. It’s enormously empowering to do this and have them make you another. Our London escorts are quite used to doing things like this because they really do know what kind of standards to expect in some of these restaurant.

    • Talk to the girl in the queue at the coffee shop. Take a chance and just pass the time of day with her. You like her, so just mention something to her. You never know your luck. Comment on how nice her coat is, or perhaps make a joke about the weather. We’re sure you can think of something. And if you’ve seen her before you’ve more than likely said these things in your head a thousand times.

    • Complain about something. Anything! It’s important to do this. If you can do it in person it’s better of course, but if you have to do it over the phone do it there too. Perhaps you bought something that broke, or you’re not satisfied with, or your broadband service isn’t what it should be (isn’t that everyone!) Make a point of being nice about it, but be assertive. Only get nasty if you need to. You’ll feel great if you get results from it and you’ll be chipping away at that nervousness a little more each time.

    • London massage escorts aren’t nervous in the least!

      We could take a lesson from these fabulous girls. These beautiful massage escorts get different men beneath their talented hands all the time, yet they remain confident and enjoy their careers. This didn’t just happen automatically, they pushed themselves to overcome nervousness in the beginning, but now they do this without any problem at all. These young women are the pioneers of human interaction in London today!

      Book experienced London escorts

      Remember that you can get arguably some of the most talented and experienced young London escorts from Butterfly Touch. We are very choosy about who we decide to represent. We take our clients very seriously indeed and love to make sure they get a consistently good service from whichever escort they decide to spend time with.

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      23 March 2017

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      Give us some London escort reviews please!

      Today we’re appealing to all our faithful and future clients to write a review for any girl they’ve seen recently. There’s nothing like getting reviewed on some of the independent review sites online these days and we would very much like to build up our presence…

      It’s really hard to put a value on a good review really, but we know that it virtually always generates more leads to the website. And with those leads come plenty of opportunities to get more bookings. The girls are always keen to get more bookings of course, and it’s in your best interest to have an experienced London escort right? Not to mention a happy one!

      We’re on Punternet now!

      Punternet is a really good independent review site that offers you the chance to review girls from all over the UK. They’re also Punterlink and London UK Escorts I believe; all run by the same people. We also have profiles on and (that’s the international one).


      It’s all “punter” this and “punter” that isn’t it? We suppose that it makes sense that all the best places to review London escorts should have that word in the title! Punterking isn’t as big as the other two we’ve mentioned, but it’s a nice site and it has some really useful resources on there. If you’re looking for something special or you want to read some real honest reviews for girls, this is another good place.

      Captain 69

      The crème de la crème of independent review sites. C69 has a very good reputation of no nonsense. These guys can spot a fake London escort review a mile away, so if you read something on there about one of our girls, you know that the “punter” (to use the infamous word again) actually did see one of our London escorts! The reviews are thorough and the community is good. Take part in some of the discussions on the forums if you find a topic that interests you.

      So get reviewing our London escorts

      So off you go then. C69 will cost you money to register, the others are free to join. It doesn’t take long to register and it doesn’t take long to write a review really. Just a few words explaining whether or not you had a nice time, can really help the London escorts we represent!

      Thank you!

      11 February 2017

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      You only have to ask, we’re here to help

      It’s not a privilege when you book a London escort. You don’t have to be eternally grateful and jump through hoops for us or the girl you have booked. You have paid for a service and you deserve the best. You need to remember this. We’re writing today so that you remember all you have to do is ask…

      Ask your agency

      Whether you book with Butterfly Touch or not, you should always be open and honest with your London escort agency. When you call to make your booking, you really can ask us whatever you want. If we don’t want to answer, or we can’t, we won’t. It’s really that simple. No-one ever got into trouble for asking and we find that asking questions before you make a booking, always leads to a more fulfilling experience.

      However, there’s only so much that your agency is likely to know of course. We will gladly act as a go-between to find our directly from the London escort you have chosen though. We’re talking about enquiries that would involve requesting that your escort where something in particular, whether she likes seafood etc. or perhaps how well she speaks English. These are just a few suggestions you understand. We are certain you’ll have your own requirements. You may for instance want to go to a function where you require your London escort to dress in a particular way.

      Ask your London escort

      NThere’s only so much that we can tell you about a London escort of course. We know the girls personally because we represent them. It wouldn’t do not to know them really would it? We have a reputation to keep. But when you are with your London escort, you can feel perfectly free to ask them anything you like too. It’s all about getting a good service and if you desire something in particular, or you want to go to a particular place, all you need to do is ask.

      However, do remember that no means no!

      29 December 2016

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      Never rush your time with our London escorts

      We’re not saying that to be pushy, or to tell you what to do, we’re saying it in order for you to enjoy yourself more. It continues to amaze us how so many escort hobbyists fail to optimise their time when they’re with a beautiful young woman…

      Well, we’re going to give you a few pointers if you’ll allow us. You see, when you’ve paid your fee to your chosen escort, it’s a service you’ve purchased. You should ensure that you get value for your money right? If you leave after half an hour, it’s like leaving the restaurant when you’ve finished your starter, after paying for a three course meal. It’s simply a waste.

      How to maximise your fun

      You don’t have to do lots of different things and push yourself to extremes to maximise your fun with your London escort at all. That’s no fun! No, all you have to do is relax and take your time. It’s easy really. You see, the vast majority of people who visit incall London escorts are too concerned that their time is going to run out, yet they fail to keep a track of it. A huge percentage of bookings are over and done with in half the time.

      Get to know your London escort

      No, she’s not going to tell you her social security number or share her password on Facebook, but she will talk to you. The type of London escorts we represent at Butterfly Touch are very personable young women and they actually love to converse with their clients. When you think about it, they’re in this line of work because they like being around men and meeting new people. Take advantage of the fact.

      Let her relax you

      There’s no hurry at all. Succumb to what she suggests if you don’t have a good idea what you want to do. And if you do have a good idea, take your time. Let her lead the way a little and offer you a drink, let her chat to you to find out what sort of things you like doing with your companions. You must remember that the vast majority of girls at Butterfly Touch are actually London massage escorts, so they have a specialism of sorts. And that specialism is relaxing you!

      Call us when you’re ready and we’ll get you together with a wonderful young companion

      29 December 2016

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      Say it with flowers!

      You’ve all heard that before right? Well, at least you should have! Roses, carnations, lilies, you name it, you’ll get them all in London. If you’re planning an incall London escort booking, you can really make it a night (or afternoon) to remember by adding to the moment in this way. You’re sure to create a little passion!

      Where to get the flowers

      There are usually plenty of vendors throughout the city. The best thing is that most of these vendors are directly outside tube stations. And what’s even better when you’re going to see London escorts is that most of these girls live close to tube stations for convenience.

      There’s a delightful flower stand outside Kensington station and Sloane Square that we particularly like. The flowers they have there come in delightful arrangements, even though they’re sometimes on the pricey side. But you know that these London escorts are well worth it right? Of course they are!

      Do these London escorts really want flowers?

      Well, what they really want is paying well for their services of course. But you’re going to do this anyway. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t make the visit more romantic with a bunch of flowers though. We have it on very good authority that those girls who do get flowers, really do like to get them. Have you ever met a beautiful young woman who didn’t like receiving flowers. If you are particularly cautious, you can always ask us on the phone whether or not the girl you are going to see has any allergies you should know about regarding your thoughtful gift.

      Don’t send them via delivery

      It’s not a good idea to send your flowers by a delivery method, simply because you never know if your favourite London escort is still residing in the apartment you visited her. They come and go you see. One minute they’re in London for a few months, even years, then they’re off back to another part of the world. It would be silly to send them flowers to an address where they are no longer resident!

      Besides, don’t you want to see their smile when you turn up?

      27 December 2016

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      Christmas is upon us gentlemen. Book your London escorts now!

      We have a very good reason for this rather blatant promotion. Christmas is indeed upon us and here at Butterfly Touch, like many other escort agencies, there will soon be a number of beautiful young London escorts unavailable due to the holidays…

      What, did you expect them all to stay here waiting for you? It is Christmas after all! These girls often fly off back to Europe or wherever, in order to spend a little time with family and friends. You can’t blame them, they’re only human after all. Now don’t you want to help them enjoy their Christmas? In exchange for them helping you enjoy yours of course!

      Our London escorts are saving up!

      This is another good reason to get your bookings in now. The more bookings you get with your favourite girl, the more money and memories she’ll have to take back home at Christmas. And we are confident that she’ll leave you with some memories that will be pretty hard to forget too!

      Escorts staying in London

      We don’t want you to worry yourself too much about not having an escort to keep you company over the holidays though. Of course there will be some of the girls remaining in London. Indeed some of them live here permanently anyway! So you won’t be alone, we’ll make sure of that. Once we get a good idea of who is staying and who is going we’ll publish this information on the website so you can keep updated.

      We may get busy

      We’re quite a busy agency anyway, as you’re probably already aware. So it’s with this in mind that we’re recommending early bookings whenever possible in the run up to Christmas. What with the girls disappearing at different times and demand on the rise, you may find yourself struggling to get the date and time you want. So why not get over to the gallery now, choose a girl and book her as far in advance as you can?

      Christmas is never lonely with Butterfly Touch

      03 December 2016

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      Christmas is coming! Book a London escort

      We know you don’t want to hear it, but it really is closer than you think. Christmas is a lovely time of the year for so many people; primarily the kids of course. But it can be a lonely time for those of you who are single and without lots or family to spend time with. So what can you do?

      Book a London escort or two, that’s what you can do. You don’t want to turn into one of those desperate people that go out every weekend in the run up to Christmas, looking for a woman to spend the festive season with. It’s undignified and beneath you. You don’t have to settle for what’s left when you can enjoy the company of one of the most beautiful and entertaining young women in London.

      Enjoy your own space

      You can still enjoy your own space when you book London escorts. Your escort isn’t going to keep calling you and she’s not looking for a relationship. That’s right, there are desperate women around at this time of year too you know! So if you’re in need of female companionship this Christmas, it really is the best idea to keep your distance from the single women on the circuit, so to speak!

      Make it an occasion to remember

      We all remember certain Christmases right? Well, if you’re going to book a London escort, you might as well make this a night to remember too. Book a restaurant, or stay overnight in a fancy hotel and have her visit you there. It’s worth the extra cash, you only live once and you’re making memories here! Order some room service, make it champagne and make sure you book your girl for long enough. Our London escorts love to have extended hotel bookings. It’s even better if you book an overnight of course!

      You might want to call the agency sooner rather than later though, you don’t want your favourite to get booked up for the festive season and leave you alone!

      03 December 2016

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