Don’t forget outcall escorts

It’s time we reminded you gentlemen that our girls are also outcall London escorts. Whilst they enjoy having you over to their apartments, they do love a nice hotel room too!

Don’t all women like to go out and about every once in a while? If you’re a regular escort hobbyist, it may have slipped your mind, simply because you don’t really need to “wine and dine” or conventionally date women anymore. Your female companionship needs are all taken care of with our incall escorts. But wouldn’t it be nice occasionally to have an outcall?

You don’t have to do dinner

We’re not talking about a dinner date here. Not every client likes to do dinner dates, even if they can afford it. Sometimes it’s nerves, sometimes it’s lack of conversation, or just plain quickness, but most of the time you book incalls. Now thing of it a little differently. Think of an outcall escorts as an incall encounter, just at your place instead. It’s actually very liberating.

Relax in the comfort of your home or hotel

When you usually book an escort, you have to get yourself all sorted and go out in the cold or rain, get a cab or a tube and then find the damn address. Even then you’re not sure what you’re going to find, or who you might bump into. The one thing about outcall London escorts is that you can do away with all of these problems and simply wait for her to arrive!

When you’ve made the call, have yourself a shower, relax, pour yourself a drink and simply chill. You’re going to have a much better time when you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. You can focus on making your escort feel at home when she arrives, in much the same way as our London escorts make you feel when you go to an incall appointment.

Call our outcall London escorts

So, make the call gentlemen! All the girls at Butterfly Touch offer outcall bookings and they’re all just waiting for a charming man to invite them to his hotel room. Take a look at the gallery and make your choice.

27 October 2017

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Top Three Fun “Blokey” London Activities

If you want to have more fun than Amanda Holden’s dress on Britain’s Got Talent, then you’re going to book a London escort to entertain you. In fact, your escort will probably knock Amanda Holden out of the park when it comes to appearance (have you looked at our gallery lately?)

It's not hard to have fun in London anyway if you’re a guy cruising the streets on his own. We’ve been having a little think about this and we have a top three list of things to do when you’ve had a few beers, you’re not drunk and you’re not ready to go home.

We’ve all been there

We’ve all been in this situation, haven’t we? Whether we work in London, or we’ve just travelled in for the afternoon to see friends and have a good time. Have you been for drinks after work and then told your mates you’re going home, only to find yourself half an hour later calling an escort agency or doing something else that involves women?

Visiting a Strip Pub

Notice we didn’t write “club”. That’s because we didn’t mean it. We mean strip “pub”. These places are great! Most of them are literally like your everyday boozer, just with blacked out windows and gorgeous women stripping their clothes off! There are a few down Shoreditch high street that are worth a look and they’re all mostly free to get in. You’ll buy a drink and then you’ll have to contribute a “pound in the pot” for every girl that’s going to dance on the stage, before she goes on. This is nice because she comes around and collects it before she goes on!

Getting a “Massage”

This is another top “adult” thing to do when you’re a bored and horny bloke in London. Getting yourself a massage can be a lot of fun if you choose the right place to go. There are some pretty good ones in Chinatown that will actually be standing on the street to invite you in. It’s not therapeutic or holistic in any way though of course, you know what we’re saying here. If you want a proper sensual massage however, and love the idea of prolonged spiritual tantric massage services, there are plenty of those providers too. And don’t forget, that used to be what we were best known for and we still offer sensational tantric massage services from some of the best masseuses in the world, not just London!

Visiting a London Escort

The top choice in our opinion, but then it’s bound to be! Booking a London escort is arguably the most fun you can have with a woman when your mates don’t know what you’re up to. Plus you’re not likely to bump into any of them in the strip club (and we know this happens!) When you book an incall escort, it’s just you and your chosen companion, and no-one else to bother you. She’ll make you feel like a King and leave you dreaming about her for a long time. What could be better? Ask yourself!

Start by choosing your London escort now

13 October 2017

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If your girlfriend doesn’t do these things dump her

Let’s start by saying that this is a little light hearted to begin with. We’re not actually telling you to dump your girlfriend, even though it would more than likely be good for our escort business! However, having said that, we do like to look after you and wouldn’t want you to be taken for a ride (not that kind of ride anyway!)

Women are complicated creatures, but they have one thing in common. Men adore them and will mostly let them get away with anything, just so they can have a girlfriend. Some women really exploit this fact and take liberties. How do you know if you’ve got a keeper or not? Well, you begin by comparing her to other women. No, not London escorts! These women are an exception and you’ll rarely get a girlfriend that looks this good! (No offence meant!) What we mean is that you compare her to the verifiably good girlfriends. And here’s a list of what makes a good girlfriend.

She listens to you

If you’ve got a girlfriend that actually listens to you, it’s a good sign. And we don’t mean listens to you in the sense that she does as she’s told. That’s just misogynistic! No, we mean that she listens to you when you’re talking and shows a genuine interest in things that you want to discuss etc.

She respects your opinion

She gets a tick in this box if she respects your opinion. Now, we don’t mean anything about the first thing we mentioned. Just listening to your opinion isn’t enough. And she doesn’t have to agree with your opinion. But she does need to accept that you have one and respect it, whether she agrees or not.

She’s always pleased to see you

If she’s getting bored with you, or worse still you’re becoming a nuisance, she won’t always be happy to see you. You may well be a bit of a stalker (and if you are, stop it!) but if she’s really the one for you, this shouldn’t even matter. Your girlfriend should always be pleased to see you. It’s kind of the point isn’t it? We don’t mean that she should prepare a parade for you every time you come home from work of course!

She surprises you for no real reason

You may or may not be the romantic type, but no man has ever been unhappy about getting a surprise from his girlfriend. And before you start, we’re not talking about a blow job! Just randomly doing something special for you, like cooking a particular meal, or taking you out somewhere, perhaps buying you a gift or something. And remember, it doesn’t need to be for any reason. This shows she’s still into you and wants you to be happy.

She’s proud and protective

If you’re going to have a girlfriend, you want her to be proud of you and protective etc. (not to the point of lunacy of course, but in a healthy way). If you’re not getting this from your girlfriend, then you may as well just book escorts to satiate your need for female interaction really. Having a woman to call your own and having her interested and proud in what you do is kind of the point of having a girlfriend. It’s the difference between an escort and a girlfriend really!

Scrutinise yourself also

You’ll notice that most of what we wrote above can easily be applied to a boyfriend too. This means that you should make sure that you obey the same rules and be a good boyfriend. It’s not a one way street this relationship nonsense.

London escorts

And when all that fails, book yourself London escorts to forget all about it! One thing you can count on with these professional companions is that they’ll listen to you and they’ll always be there when you need/want them. Granted, they’re paid to, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not sincere in what they do.

06 October 2017

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The top London escort fetishes

We all know that guys out there like to book escorts so that they can indulge in their favourite fetishes. Whilst we try not to ask too many questions about what the girls we represent do with their clients, we do pick up the occasional pearl of wisdom!

So we have it on pretty good authority what the top three fetishes are. Whether you like to indulge yourself and you’re looking for some kind of approval, or you’re looking to experiment a little, read on and discover what the other guys are looking for when they browse escort websites.

Domination escorts

There are those who like to dominate and those who like to be dominated. This is a fact according to some of the London escorts we represent. They tell us that if a guy doesn’t know which he is, he just hasn’t discovered it yet. Whilst we don’t claim to know that much about it, as we understand it, some gents who have a relatively high-powered career etc. like to have the roles reversed occasionally. Now this can take on all types of different domination, from being thrashed with a wooden stick, to simply having your bank account emptied! If you’re interested in these sort of dominations, there are a few girls at Butterfly Touch who would be happy to help you get in touch with that side of your personality.

Leather/PVC escorts

It will come as no surprise that leather and PVC fetishes are second here, considering that many domination escorts dress in these materials. Leather tends to represent power and dominance doesn’t it? It has a certain darkness to it that suits the role very well indeed. Perhaps this is why traffic wardens dress in black?! We’ve been told that it’s also something to do with the material and the feel of it etc. Some people enjoy watching somebody dressed up in PVC or leather apparently. If this is something that interests you, we have more than a few London escorts who have genuine leather and PVC fetishes. Aysha is one of them we believe, but if you call the agency, we are sure our receptionist can help you decide on any others.

There’s usually a good choice of everything at Butterfly Touch

10 September 2017

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Can you love a London escort?

Well, of course you can, it just depends on what “type” of love we’re talking about, and the depth of that love. We’re going to talk a little today about just how much we all need love and how you can get what you need from a London escort

Love is always a wonderful thing, but like all things, it fades over time. That is unless you get your love in small doses. If you get love in small doses, it’s almost always very passionate, meaningful and lasts longer. We’re talking of course about having a relationship here and not booking a London escort.

Monogamy works best when you’re apart

If you’re going to have a relationship with anyone, it really does work best of all if you don’t spend too much time with them. Studies have shown that those couples who live in each other’s pockets are far more likely to separate than those that live in separate homes and lead separate lives.

Couples who have more of their own space, and are allowed their own lives, will come together more passionately every time, and their relationship is likely to last. This is because both parties are usually really looking forward to seeing each other and every encounter is exciting or there is something planned to do.

Can you be monogamous with a London escort?

Well, you can, sure. But we wouldn’t count on them doing the same! London escorts, by the very nature of their career choice, enjoy the company of many different men. This is what they do, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t devote themselves entirely to the man they are with. With a London escort, it’s not like having an affair. She’s not likely to be sitting there on her phone texting another man to arrange a secret meeting. She’s already done that with you (in a roundabout way!), so she’s really got what she wants and she’s being paid!

We do not recommend monogamy

We don’t recommend that you get tied down to any one person anyway to tell the truth. In our experience, it’s quite rare these days that relationships last, whether you’re in each other’s pockets or not. At the risk of sounding quite negative about the whole thing, it’s only a matter of time before the two of you decide there is something better out there for you, or you just lose interest.

This is why we recommend booking escorts. When you hire your companion, you are enabled to stay alone for as long as you like, without being lonely. You have your family and friends, you just need that intimate type of relationship. You need the care and affection of a woman. The girl friend experiences that you can get from London escorts these days really are phenomenal, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it may just change the way you think about life.

Yes, you can love a London, but only for the time you’ve booked her!

05 September 2017

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Dating in London: Why bother? Book London escorts!

We should perhaps explain our conclusion in the title. We have just told you to book London escorts, so there has to be a reason why dating in London is so difficult. It’s harder here in London than anywhere else in the country.

London is like a different country when you compare it to the rest of the country. We suppose that some of what you read will be applicable to the rest of the country, or indeed the world, but we’re saying that it’s particularly bad in London.

Technology getting in the way

Do you ever get frustrated that people won’t just talk on the phone? Or are you one of those that won’t do it? Either way, it makes it very difficult to date someone when you don’t speak to them on the phone. Really, all this messaging and texting doesn’t allow you to really know how someone is feeling. It’s much better to hear someone’s voice to hear the sincerity in it etc. London is awful for this sort of behaviour. It’s mainly because people are so busy, or they’re just trying to hide what they’re doing and who they’re with etc. Our London escorts are always texting of course, but this is usually to do with bookings, so we can’t complain too much about messaging, but then we’re not dating them!

Frightened of being recognised

This is the new one thanks to all the dating apps, and of course it’s even more paranoia inducing in a city like London. You don’t want to be walking through Central London and have someone staring at you because they saw you on Tinder the night before! Again, do away with all that nonsense and the dating apps, and simply book London escorts to satiate your need for human contact!

London is expensive!

Make no mistake about it. You thought that some London escorts were expensive? Well, they’re nowhere near as expensive as dating in the capital, not by a long shot! Think about how much it costs just to meet up for drinks in London. You know what it’s like, there’s really no need for us to explain any more surely? Now when you consider that the average price of a London escort is between £150-200 an hour, you can’t really compare can you? Especially when the end result of your date is always good!

Check out some of our London escorts now

04 August 2017

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Our London escorts have been in the studio

It may have escaped your notice, but a number of our London escorts have been updating their portfolios. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s always a great pleasure to get a new set of pictures in our inbox! We know that they’re going to be good, because basically all of our London escorts are gorgeous. Hell, they could all dress in garbage bags, with no make-up and they’d still look fabulous. We only ever represent the most beautiful women in London. It’s not really good business sense to represent London escorts that look as though they’ve been hit in the face with a dirty shovel is it?

So, it will delight you to learn that some of our favourites have been in the studio lately, making sure they share their latest snaps with us here at Butterfly Touch. Whilst not all of them are only represented by us, we appreciate the efforts they’re making none the less.

Professionalism in the escort industry

It shows a certain degree of professionalism when an escort continues to update her pictures. These sort of London escorts know that they’re bread and butter depends on how well represented they are, but they also know that they have to go some way to helping out with the process. We can’t actually force the girls to send us new pictures after all. They have to do so on their own volition. These committed young women realise that our clients want to see the girl in the pictures, so they like to make sure that they stay as up to date as possible.

Have you ever chosen an escort from a website and then realised that she looks nothing like the girl you chose when you show up to her apartment? It’s an awkward situation we know. Mostly because we know the vast majority of you gents are really kind and would feel bad about simply leaving. However, we would urge you to do so if you’re not presented with the girl you chose from any website. After all, you are paying for a service and you expect to get the girl you have chosen.

Our latest escort updates

You should take a look at the following profiles if you want the very latest in photo shoots:

Stefany Best London escort agency. HOT brunette Stefany pic Hazan Hazan Alexia Alexia Antonia Antonia Darcy Darcy Aleeza Best London escort agency. High Class Escort Aleeza pic

All those girls have recently updated their pictures. Some may have been touched up here and there, but these are women you’re dealing with here, so don’t complain too much; they like to look their best. Rest assured that we wouldn’t allow overly adjusted photos on the website, but you must allow for a little “brightening”. And it’s also important to know that it’s not the agency’s fault if the pictures are every overly done. This is the case for all agencies. We don’t get the photos done, the girls do. We just represent.

Check out all the girls now!

09 July 2017

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Getting into the party spirit with London escorts

It’s the summer, it’s hot, there are probably going to be dreadful Tiki bars popping up all over the place, so just go with it! Our London escorts are here today to tell you how to get into the party spirit and where to go to indulge!

You could jet off abroad to get into the mood, but why bother when you can stay here in London. There’s a little of every culture here anyway, and this is just the way we like it. It’s much the same as our London escorts when you think about it! We have companions from Eastern Europe, Spain, South America, Italy and many other places. So what kind of party do you like? Don’t tell us. One with girls and booze?

Get your head straight

The first thing you need to do is get yourself in the right frame of mind. No-one wants to party with a miserable devil, so you need to really want it. Half of the battle is getting past your “Britishness,” in many cases! Some of you don’t think you deserve a party. If you’ve worked all week long and you’ve done your best, you deserve to be rewarded with a good time! So, start by telling yourself that.

Where you going to go?

To be honest with you, we don’t think you can beat a real Latin American experience in the summer, when the sun begins to set and you’re sipping cocktails outside on the terrace of some bar or your hotel suite. It’s at this time you need to seek out some Latin music, some jazz and some dancing. And if you haven’t experienced it yet, what on earth are you waiting for? Go for it!

Salsa on Charing Cross Road is the place we like to go and let our hair down. We’re betting that a number of our escorts have been partying there too in the past. It doesn’t even matter if you can’t dance at a place like this, you simply move. The atmosphere takes you over and you let loose. Why not take one of our London escorts with you even?

Have you own private escort party?

What about a different reward? An escort for your troubles! All of the girls we represent at Butterfly Touch are highly professional and love to make you feel relaxed after a long hard week at work. Get them to give you a massage too if you like, the vast majority of them are excellent at this!

So, let yourself have fun! Party with the girls!

23 June 2017

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Holiday envy? Book London escorts

It’s a perfectly normal thing to have, don’t worry! Everyone seems to be jetting off somewhere hot don’t they? And if it isn’t that, you have to endure those dreadful TV programmes like “Take me out: The Gossip” or “Love Island,” where everyone is fit, young and gorgeous and looks great on the beach! It annoys us too, don’t worry! But you can alleviate it all by booking London escorts!

Get them the cheer you up

So, why not let those chumps go abroad and flaunt their bodies all over the beach and in the bars. They might have a few hook ups whilst they’re away, but it won’t be any great shakes! They’ll barely remember the experience because they’ll no doubt be drunk and the girls will be made up to hell with make-up and cheap bikinis. The truly gorgeous, natural beauties are all here in London, waiting for you to book them. These London escorts have comfortable, mostly air-conditioned apartments, ready to welcome you in for a wonderful hour or two of fun. Why would you spend any more money going on holiday when you can get what you’re going away for at home in London?

London escorts are cheaper than a holiday

How much money and time would you waste trying to pull a good-looking girl on holiday? You don’t want to go all the way to Spain just to try and cop off with a girl, spend a load of money, only to find that she goes home with the next stud who has a six pack and a suntan! It happens, we know, we’ve been there. And perhaps you have too? When you book London escorts you don’t have to charm them, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to pay them at the beginning of the evening and they’re all yours for the duration of your booking. And we’ll tell you this much. They’re a damn site better looking and more attentive than any girl you’ll meet on holiday.

So, save your money this summer. Don’t go abroad, book a couple of escorts to make your dreams come true!

20 June 2017

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Best places in London for coffee snobs and London escorts

We’re absolute coffee snobs here at Butterfly Touch. It seems to have been one of those phenomenon that gripped London in much the same way as it’s always been a part of Italian (or indeed European) culture. Today we’re sharing our favourite places with you.

Now it’s all over the UK, but if you want truly good coffee in this country you need to be in London, where you’re more than likely going to get people who know what they’re doing. London escorts know good coffee too of course, they rely on it to keep themselves awake!

Well, when you’re out all night partying with the girls or a client, you need a little “pick me up” in the morning in order to hit the gym hard. And you more than likely know just how hard our London escorts hit the gym; they like to stay in good shape!

Best coffee shops in London

So, if you’re a true coffee snob, here are a couple of places you really should try the next time you’re in the town. They’re also well worth going out the way for.

  • Kaffiene - 66 Great Titchfield Street. You don’t often associate Australians with coffee, it’s usually the Italians, as we mentioned in our introduction, but this place may actually surprise you. It’s not just the coffee that’s great either, they do fantastic deli type breakfasts, just enough to keep you going all morning. A couple of our London escorts use this place quite a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should pester them! The coffee is fresh and unpretentious, just as it should be. Nice atmosphere, comfortable and great service!
  • Prufock - 23-25 Leather Lane. Want your coffee the way you want it? Of course you do! In much the same way as you want your London escorts the way you want them, this place will custom make your brew so that it’s just how you like it. The baristas here are actually trained, unlike some of those dreadful Starbucks muppets! It’s quite a busy, open coffee shop, without many private places, but it’s really nice in there and as we said in the beginning – good coffee!
  • Hang out before your London escort booking

    Now you know where to get the best coffee in London (in our opinion of course!), you have the perfect place to hang out if you’re a little early for your incall London escort booking. Sometimes it’s better hanging out in a coffee shop, rather than a pub. You never want to have too much to drink before calling on one of our girls, you might have a less than special experience if you’re inebriated!

    Check out the girls in the Butterfly Touch gallery!

    29 May 2017

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    A couple of nice boozers we think you should try

    We’re not always about promoting London escorts, as some of you already know. We often share other things on the website that we think might be of interest. For example, we’re rather fond of hotel and restaurant reviews. However, today is about boozers!

    We’re not just talking about any old boozers today however, we’re talking about those with something special about them. We’re not entirely sure whether or not you’d like to take a London escort out for a drink in these places, but it’s all about personal taste of course. These places are actually famous in popular culture, so we suppose it would depend how much your London escort knows about popular culture in London or history in some cases. If they’re movie fans you might find that they have a really good time.

    The Black Prince – 6 Black Prince Street

    No, it’s not the villain from a medieval movie, it’s actually the pub from the movie Kingsman, staring Colin Firth. You may remember the scene where he takes on those brutish oafs in the old English pub? This is the place where that happened. As we said, you might not want to take a London escort here for a drink, but it’s a great place to go on a pub crawl with your mates!

    The Royal Oak – Columbia Road

    Familiar with The Krays? We sincerely hope you’re not! Having said that, if you are, we apologise for any offence we caused! Seriously though, The Royal Oak in Columbia Road is where Tom Hardy shot the scene where gangster George Cornell is shot in the head. The actual event happened in Whitechapel Road apparently, but The Royal Oak enjoys a nice reputation for being the place where the latest Kray movie – Legend – was shot. So go and have a pint where hard man Hardy shot his scene!

    Wilton’s Music Hall – Grace’s Alley

    This place was where a scene from Sherlock Holmes was shot. Not the Cumberbatch version, the Downey Jnr movie. So, you can imagine that it’s quite Victorian in atmosphere inside. Whilst you won’t see people with canes, dressed like they’re in the middle of the 19th century, you’ll certainly see the appeal of the place. This one would be one of the more appropriate place to entertain a pretty London escort from Butterfly Touch, so we’d really recommend a few cocktails here.

    Now check out the gallery!

    22 May 2017

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    Take your London escort on a long weekend

    We chat a lot with the girls we represent at Butterfly Touch and there’s always one thing that crops up in conversation. No, it’s not about clothes! Holidays! Everyone loves holidays, but London escorts are especially excited by them and they like to make lots of plans.

    We suppose it’s all to do with the fact that they work so hard and they earn so much money! They’re able to get away whenever they want, but many of them don’t actually go away because they don’t have that many people to go away with.

    Who goes away with a London escort?

    They would go with their friends of course, but the vast majority of London escorts you find at agencies throughout London, are mainly friends with other escorts. This means that when they ask a friend to come away with them, that friend is more than likely going to be missing out on a lot of money if they go away. London escorts generally like to save up a lot before they go so that they can afford to live when they get back. We suppose it’s much the same as you trying to arrange a holiday away with your friends too. They have to get time off!

    Clients that go away with a London escort are usually very discerning and expect to book only the very best. They understand that they are required to pay for everything and ensure the comfort of their escort at all times, and they realise that the girl they take away is not a robot to be there for them 24 hours a day. It’s important to remember if you do take a London escort away on holiday that she’s likely to need some time alone occasionally. These girls have a life, family and friends that they need to stay in touch with you understand?

    Really best to contact agency

    If you do want to take one of the Butterfly Touch escorts on holiday with you, it’s important that you call us and talk to our receptionist, who will help you with your booking. You can email us too if you like, it’s up to you. You’re going to want to ask which of the girls is willing to go away. Whilst we don’t advertise that they’re travel escorts on their individual profiles, you’ll find that if it’s the right destination and for the right amount of time, you’re likely to find that most of the girls would drop everything to go away!

    Check out the gallery right now

    13 May 2017

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    Are you in shape for the Summer?

    No? We didn’t think you would be! We’re just kidding of course, but it is a well known fact that the Englishman actually gets himself out of shape for Summer. Otherwise, where would all those beach beer bellies be that we love looking at so much?

    Today we’re writing to help you. But we’re only offering to help you if you want it. Forgiving us our introductory comments, we really wouldn’t insinuate that any of you are out of shape or that it makes a single bit of difference to our London escorts. However, if you want to lose a few pounds or breathe a little easier etc. we have a few ideas you might want to consider.

    Ideas to get in shape

    We don’t have the answer to your prayers if you want to lose weight and become a Brad Pitt lookalike, or anything like that, but we do have some very real and effective ways in which you can improve your lifestyle and your overall health.

    • Stop drinking so much. This is the one thing that so many men continue to do, despite trying to watch their weight. And then they wonder why they’re not losing anything. Why cut down on all the lovely food you enjoy, if you’re only going to drink loads of booze? Seriously, if you stopped just for a short time you’d notice the difference almost immediately.

    • Try to stop smoking. Or at least cut down! We really don’t need to tell you too much about this we’re sure. Smoking has been proven to effect pretty much every aspect of your health and well-being, but we do realise how hard it is to quit. We’re not idiots and we realise that you don’t come to an escort website to get lectured!

    • Get some more exercise. This is an easy one to do. All you need to do is skip a few cab journeys and walk. It’s surprising how much difference this makes. Set off a little earlier to your destination and leave the car at home. You’ll save money and stress too. If you want to take fitness a little further, but you don’t have loads of time on your hands, try and squeeze in one of those new HIIT workouts at least every other day. These are great for burning loads of fat in about 15-20 mins and they’re not boring. You can do these almost anywhere and you don’t need any equipment. They’re very popular with our London escorts who like to stay toned and in peak physical fitness.
    • Ideas to get in shape

      The London escorts you book through Butterfly Touch don’t care what you look like or how fit you are in many respects. These are professional companions who give each and every one of their clients the same level of attention and dedication. We’re very proud of the girls in this respect. We have heard stories about some escorts in London who have a problem with guys they don’t like the look of etc. We don’t have time for choosy escorts like that. At the end of the day, you’re paying for a companionship service and a companion is what you should get; with no exceptions!

      Remember, only do it if you want to. Our London escorts will love you all the same!

      6 May 2017

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      Alleviate the political debate with a London escort

      Politics are taking over the country and London is in a buzz with election talk. Are you really that interested in any of it? Well, you’re clearly not losing sleep over it if you’re here browsing London escorts. We don’t mean to insinuate that you don’t have a political conscience, we actually believe that everyone should have one. We just think the nation has heard enough about politics for a while, and we have a sneaking suspicion that you may feel the same!

      Brief respite with London escorts

      It’s only brief, maybe an hour or two here and there, but you can bet your life that none of the London escorts we represent will ever start talking to you about Theresa May and her General Election. It never seems to matter who ends up running the country anyway does it? There are winners and there are losers. As long as you can escape reality occasionally with the attention of a beautiful young escort, you shouldn’t have too much to concern yourself about.

      Don’t neglect to vote!

      However, whilst we’re on the subject of elections, we would like to add that it’s incredibly important to cast your vote, whichever side of the fence you’re sitting. And even if you don’t like any of them, at least go along and abstain. Otherwise you’re likely to turn into one of these people who complain endlessly about the state of the country, but fail to do anything about it!

      The best massage escorts in the business

      IYou may be one of those people who like to relax and temporarily escape the world by getting a massage. If this is the case, why not upgrade your massage to a sensual one? How about a London escort massage? The girls at Butterfly Touch are mostly all specialists in sensual and tantric massage, so you’re getting double the fun when you think about it. Go ahead and indulge yourself, you know you want to.

      Butterfly Touch – To hell with the election – Book an escort!

      17 April 2017

      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      To book or not to book – That is the question!

      We’re all too familiar with the process gents! We know the internal struggle you have about booking London escorts and we know there are a mountain of reasons you can come up with not to. However, if you stop for one moment and consider why you should book London escorts you’ll quickly see that the answer will outweigh any misgivings you have!

      Reasons not to book a London escort

      There are three main things that guys wrestle with when they’re making their minds up about booking an escort, and there are as follows:

      I’ll get caught

      One of the most common reasons that guys don’t book London escorts is that they’re worried about getting caught. If this is the only reason, then you’ve clearly made up your mind that you want to be with an escort, so it’s only down to discretion. It will please you to learn that all the incall escort locations we have across the city are all in very discreet places. And besides which, London is a very big place, you couldn’t possibly know someone in all our locations who could spot you. So book a girl who isn’t where you live or work!

      It’s wrong

      If you have already decided it’s wrong, allow us to ask you one questions. What are you doing on this London escort website? So, we’ve established that it’s more than likely not as “wrong” as you think it is right? Let’s look at the facts. Is it wrong to want to be with beautiful young women and spend precious moments with them? Is it wrong for a beautiful young woman to want to make extra money by spending time with men? Is escorting illegal in any way? The answer to these three questions is a resounding no. So there you have it. It simply can’t be wrong can it?

      It’s cheating

      Now we’re not going to enter into moralistic judgements on this blog. But let it be said that if you are here looking for a London escort and you’re actually with someone already, it’s a choice you’ve clearly already made, whether it is right or wrong. When you’re considering the whole “cheating” thing you also have to call into question your whole idea of monogamy as a concept. If you have always been the type of person to seek someone else when you’re with someone then it’s quite normal really. The question you should perhaps ask is whether it would hurt the person you’re with too much to discover that you have been spending time with London escorts. This isn’t something we can help you with here. However, we do not believe in monogamy, we think it’s a very outdated concept that’s been forced upon us societally.

      If you have reconciled with your decision, go and browse our London escorts now

      17 April 2017

      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


      Our London escorts tell you how to get laid!

      Who could you think of who is better qualified to tell you how to get laid? A London escort gets to see a lot of different men and they can certainly tell you what lines have been used on them to impress them etc. and they can tell you a lot more besides.

      Dress the part to impress your London escort

      If you want to know what works with a woman, it’s a good idea to practice on a London escort. We realise that they’re obliged to be with you because you’re paying them, but you can still get a good idea about what impresses them! Today we’re going to talk about looking the part. Primarily how you dress. You expect London escorts to make a serious effort when it comes to you, so why not the other way around?

      Here are our London escort top tips!

      • White T-Shirt. White t shirts are definitely the thing. If you’ve got the physique then wear them close and tight so your muscles show off. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Just the mere white, freshness of this class choice gets the girls all hot!

      • Boots. Not every man can carry off a pair of boots, but if you’re going to get some, make sure you wear them right and choose the correct ones. High boots are a must for anyone choosing to wear jeans a lot, and the shorter Chukka style boots for suits and trousers never fail. Our London escorts love a man in boots!

      • Good fitting trousers and jeans. Let’s get this straight to start with, not every man can get away with skinny trousers! It’s a fact. You have to be very careful with trousers because London escorts, like all women, love to see skinny fit trousers on a man with a nice ass and legs that have clearly defined muscles. But if you’re struggling to move in them or your pockets are bulging and the ass is nearly ripping out of them when you move, they’re not for you. Go with something safe and stylish. Perhaps a slim fit pair of trousers would suit you better and give you more room. However, ever woman on the planet will agree that you need to make sure your ass is on full display and it’s nicely shaped by your trousers. This will be one of the first things she notices about you!
      • 50 shades of grey

        You wouldn’t have thought a colour could really do it for the ladies would you, but according to our London escorts, it really can. Grey is really a rather dull choice, but you see, it’s so very versatile, whether you’re wearing grey jogging bottoms that show off your junk (a big favourite) or a grey three piece suit, it’s all good.

        Go out on the pull!

        So there you go, you’re all prepared to go out on the pull! Try out our little style tips and they’ll be more to come over the weeks ahead. We wish you a lot of luck out there gents. And remember that if all else fails, you can always get some direct advice and some fabulous company from one of our lovely London escorts

        07 April 2017

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        Put some Spring in your step with London escorts

        Spring is finally here gentlemen and it’s sure going to bring out the ladies! And you know what that’s going to put you in the mood for?

        You know what we’re talking about of course. You’re not going to be able to move for women in short skirts and wavy dresses on the pavements of London Town. It’s going to be awesome. And you can bet your ass that the London escorts we represent are going to be splashing out on some new Spring/Summer clothes to impress their outcall clients.

        Having said that, there are those incall London escorts that like to make the effort too of course. They don’t all just answer the door in their robes! We have it on good authority that the girls we represent, and many more London escorts, always put on a nice dress or something that is sure to impress their incall client.

        Be fresh for your London escorts

        You know that your escort will be fresh and dressed to impress, so it’s really a good idea for you to try your best too. With the warmer weather comes the risk of sweaty offices and we all know what that means. So to all you guys who don’t put on a fresh, clean shirt every day, you’d better start doing it really! There are always showers available for you to use at the various incall London escort apartments across the city, but if you turn up smelly, you’re only going to put your partner off aren’t you? And we wouldn’t want that! We care just as much about the girls we represent as we do about the clients who book them.

        Enjoy the weather!

        All in all, this springtime is going to make everyone feel happier and make everything look a lot brighter. You can expect some very good moods when you go to work. It might be a good idea to ask for that raise you’ve always wanted?

        Enjoy the Spring with London escorts

        23 March 2017

        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

        Eating alone in London – Our top choices

        We’re not always able to get a date right? This is arguably the reason why you’re here reading this post on a London escort website of course. So we thought we’d be especially kind and tell you about some of the hottest spots to eat when you’re alone.

        We’re not always about telling you to book company. We are well aware that eating alone, or doing anything alone, can be highly beneficial. You can think about certain things more clearly, you can get more work done, you can be overall more focused. So it’s with this in mind that we’re suggesting the following restaurants. And just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds!

        • Bocca di Lupo – 12 Archer Street. This place is quite expensive, so it’s probably a good thing you’re not planning on booking a London escort to dine with! It’s great food in a great atmosphere, but what makes this place suit the solo diner is that it’s at the counter seating. When you’re sitting at a counter you never feel too alone right? You can also sit and watch the chefs and perhaps strike up a conversation if you wish.
        • 40 Maltby Street – It’s basically a wine bar, but the good is pretty good and very reasonably priced. We’ve been told about this by one or two of our massage escorts. If they like going there, it’s got to be good. These escorts do know a little about dining out!
        • The Palomar – 34 Rupert Street. This place is actually the perfect social choice for the solo diner, as well as being a really cool place to take a date. This is because you’re never really alone. It’s an intimate environment where you can’t help but interact with those around, including the chefs. The friendly nature of the staff make it a place that you’re going to want to go back to time and time again.
        • You know you don’t have to be alone don’t you?

          Butterfly Touch will always be there for you if you’re on your own. Sometimes it’s a good idea to eat alone and sometimes it’s not. We understand either way. But if you’re planning on having dinner out and you just don’t want to be alone, there’s no harm in booking some London escort company is there? Looking into the eyes of a beautiful young woman, rather than pretending to read your phone or a newspaper, simply has to be preferable!

          Call us today and we’ll sort you out!

          23 March 2017

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          Nervousness is a very British problem!

          You certainly won’t get any of our European London escorts feeling nervous. They wouldn’t be much good at their job if they were would they? But it’s true, the British really are among the most nervous people in the world. Why is this?

          Well, we’re not anthropologists or anything like that, but we do profess to know a little about human behaviour. The British still appear to be stuck in that “stiff upper lip” era we’re afraid. They don’t complain about much, they’d rather rant about it when they get home. We think that this is what makes them nervous to a certain extent. You see, they’re not used to confrontation, or really being assertive about anything. Isn’t it time the Brits “seized the day”?

          Make some changes

          So it’s a type of inherent problem we’re agreed? But you can beat it. You just have to make subtle changes in order to gain a little confidence. Nervousness is something that can be overcome easily if you make a concerted effort.

          • Send your food back in a restaurant. If you’re not happy with it (and we mean 100%) send it back. It’s enormously empowering to do this and have them make you another. Our London escorts are quite used to doing things like this because they really do know what kind of standards to expect in some of these restaurant.

          • Talk to the girl in the queue at the coffee shop. Take a chance and just pass the time of day with her. You like her, so just mention something to her. You never know your luck. Comment on how nice her coat is, or perhaps make a joke about the weather. We’re sure you can think of something. And if you’ve seen her before you’ve more than likely said these things in your head a thousand times.

          • Complain about something. Anything! It’s important to do this. If you can do it in person it’s better of course, but if you have to do it over the phone do it there too. Perhaps you bought something that broke, or you’re not satisfied with, or your broadband service isn’t what it should be (isn’t that everyone!) Make a point of being nice about it, but be assertive. Only get nasty if you need to. You’ll feel great if you get results from it and you’ll be chipping away at that nervousness a little more each time.

          • London massage escorts aren’t nervous in the least!

            We could take a lesson from these fabulous girls. These beautiful massage escorts get different men beneath their talented hands all the time, yet they remain confident and enjoy their careers. This didn’t just happen automatically, they pushed themselves to overcome nervousness in the beginning, but now they do this without any problem at all. These young women are the pioneers of human interaction in London today!

            Book experienced London escorts

            Remember that you can get arguably some of the most talented and experienced young London escorts from Butterfly Touch. We are very choosy about who we decide to represent. We take our clients very seriously indeed and love to make sure they get a consistently good service from whichever escort they decide to spend time with.

            Book from Butterfly Touch today

            23 March 2017

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            Give us some London escort reviews please!

            Today we’re appealing to all our faithful and future clients to write a review for any girl they’ve seen recently. There’s nothing like getting reviewed on some of the independent review sites online these days and we would very much like to build up our presence…

            It’s really hard to put a value on a good review really, but we know that it virtually always generates more leads to the website. And with those leads come plenty of opportunities to get more bookings. The girls are always keen to get more bookings of course, and it’s in your best interest to have an experienced London escort right? Not to mention a happy one!

            We’re on Punternet now!

            Punternet is a really good independent review site that offers you the chance to review girls from all over the UK. They’re also Punterlink and London UK Escorts I believe; all run by the same people. We also have profiles on and (that’s the international one).


            It’s all “punter” this and “punter” that isn’t it? We suppose that it makes sense that all the best places to review London escorts should have that word in the title! Punterking isn’t as big as the other two we’ve mentioned, but it’s a nice site and it has some really useful resources on there. If you’re looking for something special or you want to read some real honest reviews for girls, this is another good place.

            Captain 69

            The crème de la crème of independent review sites. C69 has a very good reputation of no nonsense. These guys can spot a fake London escort review a mile away, so if you read something on there about one of our girls, you know that the “punter” (to use the infamous word again) actually did see one of our London escorts! The reviews are thorough and the community is good. Take part in some of the discussions on the forums if you find a topic that interests you.

            So get reviewing our London escorts

            So off you go then. C69 will cost you money to register, the others are free to join. It doesn’t take long to register and it doesn’t take long to write a review really. Just a few words explaining whether or not you had a nice time, can really help the London escorts we represent!

            Thank you!

            11 February 2017

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            You only have to ask, we’re here to help

            It’s not a privilege when you book a London escort. You don’t have to be eternally grateful and jump through hoops for us or the girl you have booked. You have paid for a service and you deserve the best. You need to remember this. We’re writing today so that you remember all you have to do is ask…

            Ask your agency

            Whether you book with Butterfly Touch or not, you should always be open and honest with your London escort agency. When you call to make your booking, you really can ask us whatever you want. If we don’t want to answer, or we can’t, we won’t. It’s really that simple. No-one ever got into trouble for asking and we find that asking questions before you make a booking, always leads to a more fulfilling experience.

            However, there’s only so much that your agency is likely to know of course. We will gladly act as a go-between to find our directly from the London escort you have chosen though. We’re talking about enquiries that would involve requesting that your escort where something in particular, whether she likes seafood etc. or perhaps how well she speaks English. These are just a few suggestions you understand. We are certain you’ll have your own requirements. You may for instance want to go to a function where you require your London escort to dress in a particular way.

            Ask your London escort

            NThere’s only so much that we can tell you about a London escort of course. We know the girls personally because we represent them. It wouldn’t do not to know them really would it? We have a reputation to keep. But when you are with your London escort, you can feel perfectly free to ask them anything you like too. It’s all about getting a good service and if you desire something in particular, or you want to go to a particular place, all you need to do is ask.

            However, do remember that no means no!

            29 December 2016

            ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

            Never rush your time with our London escorts

            We’re not saying that to be pushy, or to tell you what to do, we’re saying it in order for you to enjoy yourself more. It continues to amaze us how so many escort hobbyists fail to optimise their time when they’re with a beautiful young woman…

            Well, we’re going to give you a few pointers if you’ll allow us. You see, when you’ve paid your fee to your chosen escort, it’s a service you’ve purchased. You should ensure that you get value for your money right? If you leave after half an hour, it’s like leaving the restaurant when you’ve finished your starter, after paying for a three course meal. It’s simply a waste.

            How to maximise your fun

            You don’t have to do lots of different things and push yourself to extremes to maximise your fun with your London escort at all. That’s no fun! No, all you have to do is relax and take your time. It’s easy really. You see, the vast majority of people who visit incall London escorts are too concerned that their time is going to run out, yet they fail to keep a track of it. A huge percentage of bookings are over and done with in half the time.

            Get to know your London escort

            No, she’s not going to tell you her social security number or share her password on Facebook, but she will talk to you. The type of London escorts we represent at Butterfly Touch are very personable young women and they actually love to converse with their clients. When you think about it, they’re in this line of work because they like being around men and meeting new people. Take advantage of the fact.

            Let her relax you

            There’s no hurry at all. Succumb to what she suggests if you don’t have a good idea what you want to do. And if you do have a good idea, take your time. Let her lead the way a little and offer you a drink, let her chat to you to find out what sort of things you like doing with your companions. You must remember that the vast majority of girls at Butterfly Touch are actually London massage escorts, so they have a specialism of sorts. And that specialism is relaxing you!

            Call us when you’re ready and we’ll get you together with a wonderful young companion

            29 December 2016

            ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

            Say it with flowers!

            You’ve all heard that before right? Well, at least you should have! Roses, carnations, lilies, you name it, you’ll get them all in London. If you’re planning an incall London escort booking, you can really make it a night (or afternoon) to remember by adding to the moment in this way. You’re sure to create a little passion!

            Where to get the flowers

            There are usually plenty of vendors throughout the city. The best thing is that most of these vendors are directly outside tube stations. And what’s even better when you’re going to see London escorts is that most of these girls live close to tube stations for convenience.

            There’s a delightful flower stand outside Kensington station and Sloane Square that we particularly like. The flowers they have there come in delightful arrangements, even though they’re sometimes on the pricey side. But you know that these London escorts are well worth it right? Of course they are!

            Do these London escorts really want flowers?

            Well, what they really want is paying well for their services of course. But you’re going to do this anyway. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t make the visit more romantic with a bunch of flowers though. We have it on very good authority that those girls who do get flowers, really do like to get them. Have you ever met a beautiful young woman who didn’t like receiving flowers. If you are particularly cautious, you can always ask us on the phone whether or not the girl you are going to see has any allergies you should know about regarding your thoughtful gift.

            Don’t send them via delivery

            It’s not a good idea to send your flowers by a delivery method, simply because you never know if your favourite London escort is still residing in the apartment you visited her. They come and go you see. One minute they’re in London for a few months, even years, then they’re off back to another part of the world. It would be silly to send them flowers to an address where they are no longer resident!

            Besides, don’t you want to see their smile when you turn up?

            27 December 2016

            ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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