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Butterfly Touch welcome back the fabulous London escort Christy!

Now, some of you lucky lads out there will already know about Christy. And we also know that if you do know her, you're probably on the phone right now booking her for next week! She has indeed been sadly missed for some time now, following an extended holiday from the UK for a while…

We suppose that's what you get when London escorts get paid so well… They simply save their money and bugger off abroad! No, in all seriousness, Christy is back, not because she's run out of money, but because she loves her escorting career and was beginning to miss all the attention. She's an attention whore above all else you see; we won't lie to you. But then, when you're a London escort who looks this good, you're bound to get used to a certain level of attention right?

Those other London escorts better watch out!

Christy revels in competition, and she's very anxious to rebuild her good name in the escorting community. There were gentlemen that contemplated celibacy after she left last time! You'll be happy to learn that she's not going anywhere for a while. She's taken up residence in an apartment in Clerkenwell/Chancery lane, and it's there where she'll be seeing her incall clients daily. She will of course be offering her expert services as outcall too.

Expert services?

Christy - London hotel visiting escort services outcall in London

Yes, indeed! If you go along to her profile, you'll learn a lot more about her services than we can tell you here. But suffice it to say that, quite literally everything is included, should you want it. Christy isn't a London escort who likes to disappoint, so you're not going to be left wanting! She loves all forms of massages too. In actual fact, last week we'we "training her up," so to speak, in the art of sensual and therapeutic massage, in order for her to offer the full package! Including: body to body massage, prostate massage, four hands massage, and our world renowned soapy bath ritual of course. You name it and Christy will be doing it. And of course, she's going to want some reviews to let us know how she's getting on!

Another great thing about Christy (and we have this on good authority from long ago too!) is that she is very accommodating. Meaning of course that she is open to suggestion and she likes to dress up as you like her. If you have any particular requests, she's probably heard the before and will be quite prepared. All you need to do is make your desires known to us when you call to make the booking. That is unless you can already see what you're after in her list of services; we strongly advise you to go along and take a look.

Great rates

At only £150 an hour, also offering a 30 min £100 service, and great value overnight bookings, you can't get better than this anywhere else! You might indeed manage to find some cheap London escort agency that offer their services for less than £100, but please don't be fooled into thinking you'll get anything near the quality service you will from Christy!

2 March 2016

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Get value for money on your stay in London

Last week we mentioned hotel suites in some of the best London hotels. This week we're going to look at those that won't costs you as much, thus allowing you to indulge in some of the many other delights London has to offer…

It's not all about spending a fortune and living in the lap of luxury when you travel to London. If you're an international businessman, or perhaps you're just travelling to London from elsewhere in the UK on business, you may not always be able to afford the best of the best; or indeed, if your company is paying for your stay you may be on a strict budget. We wouldn't want you to spend excessive amounts of money on your hotel when you'd much rather spend that bit of spare cash you have on a stunning London escorts. So, we've taken the liberty of suggesting a few centrally located hotels that concentrate more on budget than luxury.

London hotel visiting escorts

    • Easy Hotel. When it comes to latching onto the EasyJet franchise you'd expect this hotel to be affordable and you wouldn't be disappointed. Set in a lovely area of Belgrave Road, Easy Hotel offers all the comforts you're likely to need at a price that will allow you to do a little more sightseeing whilst you're in the city, maybe catch a show, and more importantly book a little escort company for your stay.

    • The Comfort Inn. Also in Belgrave Road in Westminster, The Comfort Inn is the place you will find those shoppers who have simply overdone it and decided to stay in London for the night, or those on a day visit for business. Close to where everything is happening The Comfort Inn really is in the best location. Complimentary Wi-Fi and many of the comforts you would expect in any hotel are all present here.

    • Central Hotel. For less than £100 you can have it all here and you'll be right in the middle of everything. You'll find Central Hotel easily accessible in Argyle Street with excellent room rates and all the facilities and privacy you're going to need for a brief stay in the city. Their website highlights a number of special offers too, so it's worth taking a look there before you plan your visit to the city.

You can rest assured that all of the girls we represent are perfectly happy to visit you in any of these hotels. We have vast experience with restaurants and hotels in the London area (in fact all aspects of entertainment and hospitality) and we wouldn't mention a hotel that wasn't up to scratch in our professional opinion.

Value for money London escorts

That's right, you can also get a lot of value for money with one of the lovely girls in our gallery. We are not only one of the most reasonably priced escort agency in London, but we also offer companions that are actually trained masseuses, who love to spend plenty of time making their clients feel totally relaxed. When you book through Butterfly Touch you will get a professional massage and much more besides!

Get your own escort masseuse now!

July 2015

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