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High class London escort in Mayfair
Emma is simply gorgeous, delightful, funny, friendly and sweet all in one full of fun package.
Emma has long and shiny jet black hair and sexiness radiates from her dark brown magical eyes. Our glamour babe is slim and toned athletic body, always pampered and has beautiful smooth and silky skin. Emma has very kissable full lips and very suckable nipples!

Our naughty cutie Emma gains pleasure from making people happy. You are guaranteed to be at ease in her company. Easily connected with people, genuinely fun and sexy with an addictive laughter and a promise of a seriously hot time and perfect GFE. Emma has a bubbly attitude and a smile that brings a breath of fresh air into any room and lights up your heart.

Emma's fine features and friendliness makes her enormously desirable and you will find her company unbeatable. This naughty vixen is multi talented in giving pleasure and about to lose control of where her boundaries are…

Irresistible Emma has a somewhat innocent teenage look but don't be fooled by that, her constant grin hides a naughty vixen underneath!!

Emma is trully bisexual escort who is happy to offer sensual massages and escort services for couples.

See Emma for high class escort services in Mayfair, SW1, Central London.

Very Few other escorts in London can compete with Emma when it comes to real passion, GFE, kissing, cuddling, sensual massage... and unique ... Emma is an escort like no other... Our much-loved Emma has decided to end up her high class escort carrier and move along with her life going to university. She is available for very last few days only. So, hurry up guys! Pay her your last visit. She will make your time together memorable and extraordinary. Here are last dates Emma is available to see you 14 - 18 March. Give us a call to arrange your last "good buy Emma" date.

Exclusive with Butterfly Touch only.

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Age 22
Height 5′5″
Eyes Brown
Breast size 32B
Dress size 6
Hair colour Brunette
Nationality Eastern European
Orientation Bisexual
See couples Yes
Language English, Spanish
Smoking Occasionally
Location St. James's SW1
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Nearest station Green Park (0.2 miles)
Piccadilly Circus (0.2 miles)
Availability incall & outcall
Schedules Mond - Thur 12noon - 9pm;
Friday 12noon - 8pm;
Nuru massage
4 hands sensual massage
Yoni massage tuition
Tantric massage
Lingam massage
Body to Body massage
Prostate massage
Mutual massage

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  in out
45 minutes 150 ---
1 hour 200 250
90 minutes 280 330
2 hours 350 400
Extra hour 150 150
Dinner Date 5 hours 700 700
Overnight 10 hours 1100 1100
24 hours 2000 2000

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WORLDWIDE : +4474 1394 5086

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Photo session from May 2015

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Gary 19 March 2016
A final exquisite meeting with Emma. For those that never got around to meeting this lovely lady - unlucky. Best wishes for the future. I'll be watching out just in case you make the occasional "guest" appearance back in London.
James 20 January 2016
Perfection. *raises glass*
Mike 29 December 2015
I have seen Emma three times over the last few months, since last leaving feedback and I understand that there's been a problem with the programme on the website which has resulted in genuine feedback not being registered. If you're like me you do take notice of what others say and if you've already seen Emma believe me you won't be disappointed, you will soon discover that what others have said is all true. I try to refrain from being as graphic as some, but take it from me I have no reason to believe there's any exaggeration in what others have said. Emma has recently moved to a lovely central London apartment so why not pay her a visit. I am an older guy and she makes me feel a good 40 years younger when I see her, so don't let age stop you :) Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year Emma. Mike xx
R 10 September 2015
Emma, mulţumesc frumos for a wonderful evening. I had such a good time with you this week. It was so much fun, and there were so many laughs. In fact, I'm still laughing at some of the things we joked about when I think about it even now. You have such a warm, delightful and charming personality to match your exquisite beauty. The sex was also fantastic - every second of it. But I also love the cuddling afterwards and all the time we spend talking.

I hope to see you again before too long. If you can remember those dates I gave you for later in the year, that would be great, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze something in before then even if it's just a short visit. Until next time, take care Emma, and remember to check out those websites I gave you. You know the ones. :)
R 27 August 2015
Emma, I guess this is not so much a review for others' benefit, but more a way to communicate to you how much I enjoyed getting to know you better this last time just gone. I love chatting to you even just for the sake of conversation, and not simply for the sex, although that was fantastic too, and I did love the 69 we had. I don't really want to go into it too much though because I don't want to seem like I'm bragging about our time together. I'm not, and previous detailed reviews were really just a way for me to remember what happened there, but I realize that I don't need to write about it in as explicit detail, but that I can treasure the memories of it in my head.

Emma, you are so interesting, fun and easy to talk to and I feel like we could talk for hours without getting bored and we would only have scratched the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things I'd like to chat about with you, but I can never remember it all, and I know if I wrote it down on cue cards and went through them one by one, then our conversation wouldn't be spontaneous. Thank you for your friendship and for being a genuinely nice and sincere person. Even though the current flat wasn't exactly the best of conditions, your company was exceptional and I still had a really great time. But then, I think we probably still would even if we were stuck in some mud hut in the middle of nowhere. I'm looking forward to visiting you in your new flat though, and can't wait to see you again soon.
Tony 6 August 2015
My first duo and decided to book with my favorite girl Emma and new girl Nicky. If ever I made a good decision it was this one, I had only booked 1hr (what a fool).
I was greeted by Emma and we chatted for a short while before Nikkei entered the room. Nicky was super cute with an extremely pretty smile, Emma wearing a sexy little black dress and Nicky a beautiful flowing dress, sitting on the bed with them sipping Prosecco and chatting I was so pleased I had booked them although 1hr was way too short.
We started with a sensual massage, hands everywhere, swapping between each other giving me a body to body, man it was sensory overload!
I was flipped over and then they took turns massaging/oral my manhood whilst I got to kiss and caress the other one, it felt fantastic.
They truly are two beautiful women who put me first, they seemed to be having as much of a good time as I was with moans coming from all 3 of us.
Thank you girls for a teaser of which I'm sure will not be the last or so short next time.
Philip 7 August 2015
Ok, this is the fourth time I've seen Emma in over a couple of years and an update is well overdue.

Firstly, all you guys should stop complaining about how you wish she was your girlfriend because she is so sweet, beautiful, funny, intelligent and a demon in bed. There is only one logical solution available to us and that is we should all chip in and get her cloned. Really, she is a gift to all straight men everywhere. There just needs to be more of her!!

You've heard it all before - best escort in London, loves her job, no inhibitions, silky skin, fantastic toned little body, tastes lovely. Dammit what more do you want from an escort? Book her already (although remember she did tell me I was her favourite).

I booked a duo with the uber-cute Nicky today. Well, having two beautiful young women draped over me at the end, sweaty from a variety of love-making positions, and then hanging out and having a laugh - life really doesn't get much better. Nicky, is like a blond version of Emma, same height, toned little bod, tastes heavenly. She is a lot more inhibited than Emma (who was built for acting out male fantasies), but I'm still really glad I met her with Emma today.

Fantastic time, still floating on the clouds. You owe it to yourself to experience a duo with two gorgeous young women like these.
Tony 6 August 2015
My first duo and decided to book with my favourite girl Emma and new girl Nicky. If ever I made a good decision it was this one, I had only booked 1hr (what a fool).
I was greeted by Emma and we chatted for a short while before Nicky entered the room. Nicky was super cute with an extremely pretty smile, Emma wearing a sexy little black dress and Nicky a beautiful flowing dress, sitting on the bed with them sipping Prosecco and chatting I was so pleased I had booked them although 1hr was way too short.
We started with a sensual massage, hands everywhere, swapping between each other giving me a body to body, man it was sensory overload!
I was flipped over and then they took turns massaging/oral my manhood whilst I got to kiss and caress the other one, it felt fantastic.
They truly are two beautiful women who put me first, they seemed to be having as much of a good time as I was with moans coming from all 3 of us.
Thank you girls for a teaser of which I'm sure will not be the last or so short next time.
Mike 28 July 2015
I think Robert must have been trying to make us all jealous with his feedback lol so much so that I made a return visit to Emma today after not seeing her for nine months. I was welcomed to her new pad like an old friend and is wasn't long before I realised what I had been missing. Why have a settled with second best for nine months, Emma is simply one of the best London escort in the business, if not the very best. Best sensual massage, best GFE and best sex. Thanks again Emma for the best 90 minutes I will be dreaming about until next time. See you in September. Mike xxx
R 24 July 2015
I booked Emma for 5 hours on 22 July as I wanted to spend a whole evening with her. I arrived at her place and was greeted by her looking as beautiful as ever. She led me to her kitchen where I began to cook a meal for her. We had a glass of champagne together and chatted for about 1 and a half hours over dinner getting to know one another and finding out more about each other. The conversation was very engaging and flowed easily and effortlessly from one topic to another. It was so wonderful to converse and connect with this delightful lady. 

Afterwards we headed upstairs to her bedroom and took a shower together where we chatted some more. The evening was punctuated with fun and scintillating conversation throughout. Once we were on the bed, it was the usual kissing and cuddling, foot jobs, oral sex etc. Then we proceeded onto some tickle torture. Emma said she was extremely ticklish today and it showed as she writhed and squirmed helpless while her wrists and ankles were restrained, letting out shrill shrieks and peals of uninhibited laughter. 

Next, I used a rabbit vibrator on her that I brought with me, which sent her into ecstasy as she moaned with extreme pleasure as the toy whirred around inside her while simultaneously massaging her clit. She loved it so much that she wanted to keep this toy as well, just like the bondage restraints from the time before. 

Afterwards it was more pegging with a double dildo strapon, as Emma fucked me vigorously and intensely, pounding my ass from many different angles. I rode it on top of her again but this time she deliberately didn't give me a hand job to make me cum as I wanted to save it for something else. However, the pounding that she gave me did almost make me cum several times and she had to ease off. After this, I fucked her with me on top, thrusting into her pussy and finally came inside her. I lay on top of her motionless for a minute as I recovered from the workout, and then we just kissed and cuddled again and chatted some more.

To end off the evening, I changed the string on her guitar and tuned it up, and then played and sang her a couple of songs I had written. She was extremely impressed and amazed. This brought us to the end of the night with time only for a few short kisses before I took a shower again. The time went by so quickly even though we had 5 hours together and it still felt almost as short as if I had only booked her for two. However, we did have lots of fun together, and I guess it shows by the time flying by. 

Emma is such a special lady and such wonderful company, and every time the sex keeps getting better and better. But our conversations and interactions keep getting better too as we find out more about each other and talk and laugh about many different things. In fact, strangely enough, even though the sex was definitely amazing, it's the conversations we had tonight that I will most remember and that sense of being able to connect with someone wonderful.   

Thank you Emma for such an amazing time and for your friendship and being who you are. You are beautiful inside and out. I hope to see you again soon. 

Steve 23 July 2015
I saw Emma for the 5th time on Tuesday & somehow she looks sexier & fitter each time I see her. So glad you managed to see me for 2 hours even though you was having you're boiler replaced earlier in the day. Had another amazing time with a B2B massage that was out of this world & I think we both enjoyed the french kissing :) I owe you a massage next time ...
Gary 15 July 2015
Fourth visit, third review. Emma just gets better and better.

Latest meeting was a couple of days ago in her new and very comfortable apartment in Mayfair. A one hour booking became ninety minutes almost as soon as I arrived. I just sensed something special was going to happen. And it did.

Shared shower was exquisite. I remember saying commenting that we might spend all of our time there. Eventually made it to bed and a very erotic nuru massage. And what followed was pretty spectacular and all the more enjoyable as I believe Emma was suitably pleasured as well.

A truly beautiful woman, physically, emotionally and sexually.
R 2 July 2015
I saw Emma on 2nd July for 2 hours after having not seen her for about 7 months. 

She opened the door and greeted me instead of buzzing me in, which I was a little surprised by, as this was different to her old flat. Her new flat is very nice and clean, and more spacious than her old one in Fulham, and her bed is much bigger and higher up. Emma was just as beautiful as ever and made me instantly at ease. It was good to catch up with her like old friends, and to also learn more about her other talents like painting. 

It was a very hot summer's night, so I was thankful to take a shower together and freshen up. Afterwards, we began in the bedroom with passionate kisses, touching, sucking her nipples and tickling her a little. Emma is very ticklish and so delightful when she laughs and squirms uncontrollably, and this just makes her even hotter. 

Emma then proceeded to give me a fantastic foot job and massage with her feet, while I sucked her toes and licked the soles of her feet. Her feet are gorgeous, soft and sexy, and they felt wonderful when she stroked them across every part of my body. 

Next Emma gave me a wonderful blow job, licking my balls and sucking my cock sensuously. She began nice and slowly, and then built up the speed. I didn't let her take me to orgasm yet though, because I wanted to save it for later. I then returned the favour and began licking and sucking her pussy, and then fingering her as she writhed and squirmed with pleasure and moaned erotically. It's fantastic when you have your head down there between her legs, and then her legs are locked around your neck as she's getting more and more excited.

Finally came the climax of the night. Emma put on a strapon which I had brought, and after lubing up, she began to peg me. First I was lying on my back with my legs up in the air as she penetrated my ass. She pushed the dildo into my asshole and then it slid forward, filling me up and creating wonderful sensations. I drew her in deeper as she pushed further, taking the whole thing in as she began to fuck me hard, thrusting more quickly and vigorously. I then turned around on all fours and she began to fuck me in the doggy position, which was new and exciting. Finally, we decided to have Emma lie on her back while I got on top and began to ride the strapon. That was incredible and was the ride of my life. I began bouncing up and down, breathing heavily and panting as she gave me a sexy hand job, touching and stroking my cock faster and faster as the dildo thrust deeper and deeper inside me. I came violently and shot a load of cum all over her body and tits and nearly collapsed on top of her from sheer exhaustion as my legs buckled. Emma found the whole thing so hot and really fun and seemed to love it, and I found it pure ecstasy.

I looked at the time and the evening had just flown by, especially that last pegging part, which was literally the explosive climax of the night. We were both hot and sweaty afterwards and just collapsed on the bed next to each other, trying to fan ourselves down. We spent the last 20 minutes or so mostly chatting and had time for a few kisses, but most of my energy was spent, unlike in the 2 previous times I had seen her where I still had more left in the tank. 

It was a really lovely evening in great company with lots of fun and pleasure. Thank you Emma for such a fantastic time of literally hot sex, and take care. I hope to see you again before too long. 

Adam 11 June 2015
I saw Emma today for 90 minutes, which included a nuru massage. I loved every second of it! Emma's provides a superb GFE, and has a wonderful personality to boot.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
GeekyFunny 27 May 2015
I saw Emma for 2 hours, this girl is awesome on all accounts.
She is just like in her pictures, very sexy, smiling, and really makes sure you'll spend a wonderful time.
We started with a shower together, french kisses, then awesome nuru massage that gets you relaxed, she is really good at this. Then i got a taste of her lovely body, followed by oral and sex, she is really fit and charming.
A massive turn on for me was her ability to be funny and teasing.
Colin 18 May 2015
Had my second amazing body to body massage from Emma after a gap of over a year. I was a bit apprehensive as I wondered if she could be as good as I remembered. I shouldn't have worried, she was even better. She is a beautiful lady with a wonderful personality who makes you feel like you are old friends as soon as you meet. The full body massage was wonderful and lying next to her chatting afterwards was very enjoyable and relaxing.

Thank you Emma, I hope to return soon.
Merv 14 May 2015
I've been on holiday for the week since my visit to Emma at her new Mayfair apartment and I'm still not sure that it wasn't all an erotic dream. Although this was my first visit to Emma, I treated myself to a 4 hour booking as I had been wanting to see her for almost a year but had not had the opportunity. Within minutes of arrival I had forgotten about my nervousness and our age difference as Emma's lovely personality put me at ease. After the first of three 'steamy' showers together Emma gave me a relaxing oily massage followed by tie & tease and my hands were certainly straining to be free to explore her beautiful fit body by the end of the tease. After this I must blur the detail but suffice it to say that Emma is a sensual french kisser, very responsive to attention given to her and an energetic lover. Following a second shower I had a Nuru massage that lead to more intimate action before the final shower and reluctant goodbyes.
Emma's English is excellent although, not surprisingly, she didn't understand my suggestion of 'castor cups' after some particularly energetic activity had moved the bed a metre from the wall.
Four hours passed all too quickly but for that time Emma transported me back to a time when I felt I could have been her boyfriend. I'm under your spell, Emma, and will be back.
Tony 5 May 2015
Hiya Emma last week was incredible, I left feeling on 'cloud 9'.
If only we had met under different circumstances I'd have definitely asked you out. It's quit something the effect you have on me.
Take it easy beautiful.
Tony 4 May 2015
Hiya Emma, I want you all the time and every day. You get me so high being with you its fantastic, see you soon beautiful.
Tom 10 April 2015
First time I've seem Emma for about a year but used to see her all the time. Blimey, she's somehow managed to be even lovelier! How could that be?
Emma is really beautiful with, for me, the perfect body. Her tantric massage technique is amazing and she has the ability to tease you so well that by the time you come (between her bum cheeks, sorry) it's up with the best you've ever had.
But as everyone has said the memory you leave with is somehow about her personality rather than anything else. She remembered my love of obscure Icelandic ambient music, the time I brought her beetroot (long story) and my relentless gigging. It's because she genuinely seems to take an interest in you. That's more seductive than the fabulous services on offer.
I'm a wee bit in love.
I will not leave it so long.
(Hey, that offer to 'help' your friend still stands. No? Damn, worth a try) x
Michael 7 April 2015
Emma is exceptionally beautiful and a rare talent in what she does. Doubt there's anyone better. You have to experience her warm and erotic company to understand. Words can not describe the experience with Emma. Can't see myself seeing anyone else beside Emma.
S & T 3 April 2015
Booked a two hour escort services session as a couple with Emma and it was the most amazing two hours ever! She is just as beautiful as her pictures! She works wonders with her hands, she is so friendly, made us feel so comfortable and was a pleasure in all ways possible! Emma also responded to us by enjoying the pleasurable experience just as much as we did! Emma made sure she paid attention to both of us and satisfied us both! Definitely worth booking again and again and again!
Gary 20 March 2015
Very long overdue meeting with Emma but nothing has changed, except venue.

Gorgeous face, stunning body, lovely personality, perfect English, sensual massage and as for the sex..........not bad!! Actually, it was pretty spectacular.

Oh, nearly forgot. Shared shower, which wasn't possible in the flat where I've met Emma before, was a perfect start to our hour together.
Chris 19 March 2015
Saw Emma for the 5th time today (definitely not the last) and had a fantastic time as always. Very highly recommended escort girl.
Tony 24 February 2015
I first saw Emma a week after she had joined BT. It was a chance booking as an escort I had booked was a no show. I found BT on the Web and when I called I was given Emma as my escort.
To this day it's one of the best bits of good fortune I have ever received. She was the first escort I had ever visited, I was nervous at first, but after a few sessions I was totally relaxed with her. Now after almost 30 bookings with Emma there isn't anyone else I'd rather be with.

Emma you make me feel like a king with the midas touch & for that I will always want to see you.
T xxx
Steve 8 February 2015
I saw Emma for the 4th time & this lady is top class escort. She is sexy, very fit, great to talk to & delivers a top class service. I had a Nuru massage this time which was out of this world. I'll try & make it to 90 minutes next time Emma. This lady is worth every penny. Not to be missed.
Saif 4 February 2015
Had a sensual massage session with Emma this week & had the best one hour. Not just a good massage, she is friendly & professional as well. She knows how to seduce a man & a great kisser. I would give her 9.9/10, .1 short bcoz her bathroom lights weren't working lol. I will visit her again. See you soon Emma.
Hal 3 February 2015
Emma definitely know how to seduce a man. She is very pretty and very well spoken. Highly recommended escort!
Hari 30 January 2015
Fantastic, sexy escort girl with a brilliant, friendly personality. Enthusiastic and gorgeous. I want to go again already.
Sam 10 January 2015
I saw Emma in December last year. Words cannot describe how amazing escort girl she is! Just go see her.
John 8 January 2015
Emma, a true artist in every sense of the word. Totally blew my fucking mind. Awesome.
b 12 December 2014
Where did this angel come from? She sensed I was worried about the next few weeks, and we ended up talking about it and even laughing. I left with renewed courage.
Ryan 11 December 2014
Another fantastic session with the already-amazing-but-all-the-time-getting-better Emma. No need for me to repeat myself or what others have said about Emma. Suffice for me to say, that Emma keeps me wanting to come back for more. Can she get even better? I wonder but won't be surprised anymore if that's the case in our next meet.

Thank you so much Emma.
R 5 December 2014
I've visited Emma twice now in the last few weeks but haven't gotten round to reviewing, so I'll combine them in one review.

The first time I saw her I was very nervous as it was my first time, and didn't know what to expect as I walked up the stairs to her flat. She gave me a welcoming greeting and then we took a shower together. Emma is definitely more beautiful than her pictures, which don't do justice to her or fully convey her warm and friendly personality and good nature. She helped to put me quickly at ease and was very understanding. We had great sex together, including OWO, lots of french kissing, a sexy footjob (she has extremely pretty, well-pedicured feet BTW), 69, cowgirl etc. She was also very responsive when I went down on her. I left very satisfied and wanting to come back for more.

The second time I saw her just today, I wasn't as nervous, and so things were more natural and flowing, and there was more conversation interspersed between the sex and french kissing, and getting to know one another like friends. This made for a better experience all round when you feel you know the person more. Emma is a great listener and warm, intelligent, genuine and kind hearted. She also has a very infectious laugh which is a delight to witness.

Although the sex was undoubtedly great again, the main thing I took away from my second visit and which remained on my mind when I left was the personal connection and friendship she offered. Emma is a very sweet girl and the kind of person you'd want to spend time with even just to chat to and have as a friend doing regular things together. I would highly recommend.
Derek 4 December 2014
I saw Emma after a year for a Body to body massage. It was every bit as amazing as I remember it from 1 year ago. Her new place is slightly bigger and Emma has become a lot more sexy. Looking stunning in short hair now the whole experience was sensual, hot and steamy! Emma, you're still the best!
Ryan 27 November 2014
This my fourth (I think) visit to Emma. I went for a tantric session and she didn't disappoint. In fact, this meet was as close to perfection as it gets: from the moment when she opened the door as she heard me come up the stairs and ushered me in, to the good-bye kiss at the door at the end of the visit, it was simply incredible. Emma makes you feel very welcome without it appearing either too 'business like', or too 'unnecessarily familiar', just a nice balance between why you are there and making you feel like you are wanted. She is quite the giggler and has a very nice relaxed and laid back attitude which put me at ease. I left her place totally satisfied and I would definitely go back for more.
Mike 2 November 2014
Saw Emma again on Friday and what a great start to the weekend :) I had not been able to see Emma as planned on a couple of previous occasions but it was well worth the wait. New apartment is great, easy to find and with the added facility to have a "shared shower" and what fun that was. How she doesn't I don't know but whilst you are with her you have 110% attention. All I and others have said before is 100% true the best GFE and tantric massage ever! Thanks again Emma see you again soon I hope. xx
Sean 2 November 2014
I saw Emma a couple of days ago and I am still smiling! There isn't a lot I can add to the other reviews, except to say that they're all true.
Wonderful, beautiful girl who gives an outstanding sensual massage, then gets *really* hot and passionate...
Perfect! Thank you again!
Sam 30 October 2014
I saw Emma last week after the summer. I think she might have gotten even prettier. I prefer her old flat, but she's still just as amazing.
Gumboy 5 October 2014
Wow! Beautiful both externally and internally. Thank you for making me so happy.
Steve 25 September 2014
This is the 3rd time that I've seen Emma & she was looking fitter & sexier than ever. Had the most amazing 2 hours from the moment she greeted me at the door with that infectious smile to the moment we said our goodbyes. I can't wait until next time.
b 23 September 2014
Tracked her down at last!, after a long summer wait, in a new bigger flat in Fulham. A nice walk from the District Line through parks. She is in the most beautiful street in London, worth approaching from the west. Flat will be more spacious if she ever empties her boxes. Emma is just the same lovely lady, gives a wonderful friendly greeting. She is full of life and ideas. I spent the best time with her
Sam 3 August 2014
Emma is the best GFE escort in London. She's amazing, and you wish you could be with her forever. She's as good, if not better than Inara from Firefly
Adam 2 August 2014
A great session with Emma. From the moment I walked in, it was energetic and my initial nerves quickly dissipated. Had a nice long chat afterwards and she is very nice to talk too.
Stu 6 July 2014
I saw Emma along with my girlfriend for a 90 minute birthday treat of Nuru massage and fun. it was amazing from start to finish, Emma is just fantastic. She has a friendly bubbly attitude is incredibly sexy and knows how to please both sexes. We both left with massive smiles on our faces and with memories that will last a lifetime. Best. Birthday. Ever.
Richard 4 July 2014
I can't think of a box that Emma doesn't tick for me. Physically she is just my type: stunning young body, velvety soft skin, pert boobs and bum, all topped off with an all over tan. Added to that she oozes sex appeal once things get going - kisses are as from a long lost lover, massage technique is a hedonistic joy, and either she is the best actress in the world or else she is super-responsive when receiving pleasure. And did I mention the personality? Witty, clever, well spoken and interesting. No wonder I keep coming back endlessly for our hour of heaven. Never let it stop!
b 19 June 2014
We shared dentistry for a while. The poor lady was suffering greatly, but it didn't slow her down, I had a fabulous time with her, as ever. I hope the paracetamol helped.
Gareth 16 June 2014
I first saw Emma a year and a half ago, 2012. It was a great decision! Emma is a lovely girl, always engaging and chatty, it feels like I'm visiting an old friend when I go round. And of course she is absolutely gorgeous! So if you are reading this and thinking about booking, do it now! You won't regret it.
Mike 12 June 2014
It's almost a year since my first visit to Emma and she has never failed to deliver beyond my expectations, it still seems to get better each time. The best two hours of the month are spent with Emma and I am already planning the next :)
b 12 June 2014
This lady has many, many talents. I've discovered she plays a nifty game of chess, although she lost her queen in a moments inattention. To be fair we should call it 'stalemate', and start a new game next time. There was nothing stale about our time together, and if there was any mating, it was fantastic. Of course there probably wasn't.
Steve 4 June 2014
Saw Emma for my first ever Nuru massage on 10th March (feels like a lifetime ago!!) and all I can say is, wow. It was something special - so chatty, beautiful (the pics are amazing but don't do her justice!), friendly, and a massage I will never forget. If the bank balance allowed this would be a weekly treat and no mistake!!
b 17 May 2014
Although you have to scroll right to the bottom of the gallery to find Emma's photos, its well worth the effort. Those boots are definitely not made for walking, but they offset the glamour of the lady perfectly; no restructuring required. Another fantastic time with London's top butterfly!
Phil 16 May 2014
Another fabulous time with Emma. She is so sweet, so sensuous, so sexy. Made my day, even my week.
The feeling of her body sliding about all over mine will stay with me for ages!
Mike 15 May 2014
Another visit to see Emma today and tried the tie (my own was used lol) and tease experience this time and I never imagined it could get any better! Emma is good, no very good, no VERY VERY good and she knows it, if you don't believe her feedbacks are genuine, believe me they are. She never fails to please with intense passion, great sensual massage techniques, good conversation all from a very beautiful young lady. The new pictures are great. Again I came away feeling 30 years younger and walking on air! Thanks again Emma and see you again soon. xx
SuperAlonso 14 May 2014
Met the lovely Emma a few weeks ago for a 90 min Nuru massage in the afternoon and yes it was most definitely worth it! The booking was efficient and the place was really easy to find. When everyone says the pics do not do her justice it's very true, she is absolutely stunning and her wit and conversation are top quality and the perfect GFE is out of this world! I'm not kidding when I say this. The Nuru massage was awesome although during the session I somehow managed to topple the gel...oops! Emma, I'm so sorry for kicking gel under the bed. Hopefully your shoes are fine, and I promise not to do it next time ;) I'll be back soon!!
Gareth 14 May 2014
I'm not sure I can write an honest review of Emma because to do so would be accepting that she is an escort when I think of her as a friend. She is very pretty, she has a great body, she has great technique but you won't miss them things when you leave. You will miss her personality, you will miss her mind!
b 28 April 2014
Another fantastic time with Emma last week. Although just recovered from 'La grippe', she was as radiant and sexy as ever. She was in gorgeous lingerie from her new photos, now on the Adultworks gallery. She has GFE off to a T, reactive, responsive and amazing fun. We never run out of things to chat about, so prob book for longer next time. Have a good time abroad!
Dazza 25 April 2014
First visit with Emma and totally blown away. This girl is amazing. Stunning looks, awesome service, great personality. Emma knows how to put a smile on your face and mine's still there. Thanx Emma for fantastic time. Enjoy your break, see you soon xxx
Sam 21 April 2014
Here is my late feedback. I saw Emma 2 months ago. Best London escort EVER. She could charge 300 an hour and she'd still be worth it!
Mike 15 April 2014
Saw Emma yet again a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the late feedback)yet another memorable, enjoyable, wonderful, amazing time with what must be the best escort in London ever. Thanks "b" for the new shower head for our added enjoyment :) Planning and looking forward to my next visit already, plan to try a tie and tease experience next time, can't wait!
Still waiting for those new photos to arrive on the website lol
b 9 April 2014
Saw the lovely Emma last Thursday, early evening. She greeted me like an old friend, remembering all the details of my last visit. She looked fresh and absolutely gorgeous, wearing the black underwear I've come to appreciate over the last few months. Helping her undress is like opening a wonderful present, revealing the delights inside. She gave me all the attention I craved, chatting on every subject under the sun. Fantastic time, gets better on every visit
Colin 4 April 2014
Had a wonderful full body sensual massage session with Emma on Wednesday. I agree with everything that has been said in previous reviews, she is friendly, warm, sexy and makes you feel very special when you are with her.
Tony S 31 March 2014
Thanks Emma for a great session, it's absolutely true what the reviewers are the best. I think it'll be you me and Diana next time : )
The Plumber 27 March 2014
Every minute with this lady is amazing. Her laugh is contagious so we just party - now in the shower disco, wow! She can turn on the sensuous romance when needed by pressing a few buttons.
François 19 March 2014
Wonderful time today with Emma with lot's of fun, sweetness, intensity... The feeling was so great that we skipped the Nuru massage directly to the more intimate and passionate moment. Nice discussion in English also with smile, laugh and lot's of humor. With no doubt one of the best moment for me. Hope to see you soon Emma, even if where I live in France is very far away from you. Take care of you. I kiss you very sweetly.
b 8 March 2014
Fantastic. This time she was wearing a light black item that defied the description 'dress'. It just fell off rapidly revealing her gorgeous athletic figure. And her feet are still garnished with toes so neat. Darling, Ill bring a new shower head next time.
Mike 24 February 2014
Gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, great body, wonderful kisser, responsive, confident, great company, simply the very best massage and GFE ever. Knows exactly how to turn a guy on again and again. Once seen never forgotten. This was my sixth visit and something new each time, I am looking forward to the next already. Many thanks Emma, see you next month, hope the guide book arrived :) xx
B 24 February 2014
The IKEA bed is lovely, pretty pattern and works well. Emma was as gorgeous as ever. We had great 69, which judging by sounds of approval was appreciated both ways. Then with Em on top, squirming and smiling, I made little resistance. Hope she has a good vacation in the sun, and her return is awaited with huge anticipation
James 23 February 2014
Should have left this review for Emma last summer when I had the pleasure of seeing her. She looks exactly like her pictures. Very pretty and absolutely perfect young firm body. Her nature is sweet, kind, accommodating and she has a wonderful warm personality. The time spent with her was fantastic. Highly recommended. Thank you Emma. Jx
Phil 19 February 2014
Everything you have read about Emma is true. She is lovely, pretty, friendly, funny and very very sexy.
I had a nuru massage (my first since the lovely Dina once of Butterfly Touch) and it was out of this world. Lots of great chat afterwards and I went out into the night a very happy chappy.
Will I be back? Only wild horses (or my wife) could stop me
D 14 February 2014
"Wow", that was my first impression when this young lady opened the door for me, and she kept wowing me for the rest of the evening. Emma was absolutely delightful, funny, friendly, and she made you feel that you've been her bf all your life. The moment she takes off her clothes and starts the nuru massage, you'll then see the other side of her, naughty, incredibly sexy, and you've got to feel that she really loves doing it. The enthusiasm shown on her face and her smile, perhaps, is the thing that keeps her apart from other girls, and I'll surely remember that for a very long time. Apart from that, her full service was top class, the smell, the touch, and a wonderful bj. Previous reviews, perhaps, described it already and everything written was true. Emma, stay young and beautiful, see you again soon!!!
B 31 January 2014
Met by a smiling Emma, looking gorgeous in a long translucent gown, showing off her finer points. I like her interpretation of gfe, giving a fabulous time with a bit of verbal sparring thrown in. Don't bother going to IKEA next week, she will have cleared the store.
James 30 January 2014
When God created women all those millennia ago, it's clear now he was just laying down the blueprint for Emma, a pre-eminent example of everything wonderful about her gender. She's warm and funny, very welcoming and has sensational technique at massage and everything that follows.

Saw her for an hour (Nuru), she's even more gorgeous than her photos suggest and is very open minded and adventurous, conveying a genuine sense of fun and pleasure at what she does. Gives a GFE beyond compare, exactly what I was hoping for, and there doesn't exist a recommendation high enough for me to give her. Perfect experience.
Mike 17 January 2014
Wow and Wow again, I think this was my fifth visit and a birthday present from me to me :) Emma is really the best escort experience ever, great massage, wonderful sex, magic company, she knows I'm hooked as I see other guys are. But at the end of the day she makes you feel sooo special and like your the only one.
See you again soon x
B 9 January 2014
Emma is a wonderful, sparking gem. I had the best hour of my life with her. I must remember to book a longer session next time. Thank you for a great time.
B 20 December 2013
Met by this gorgeous lady dressed in a glamorous basque, black thigh-length stockings and a smile. Such a warm and responsive lady. Fantastic time. All her many reviews are correct; cant wait for her to come back. I need to assure Em that my small friends will have a turkey lunch with all the trimmings this Christmas.
Ryan 16 December 2013
This was my second encounter with Emma and it was even better than my first visit (which was a great experience in itself). Emma simply looked divine in her sexy dress and high heels, and her pictures are an accurate reflection of the person you are going to meet. She welcomed me with her infectious and inviting smile that was matched with her lovely and sexy attire.

Emma is a wonderful kisser and enjoys touching and caressing you as well as receiving it herself.

I know that Emma enjoyed herself and I have to say that she is one of the most genuine and exciting escorts I got to spend time with. She's definitely not a clock watcher and I never felt at any point rushed and I'm pretty sure that we went over time while chatting at the end. I'm looking forward to more encounters with this stunning.

I recommend Emma to anyone looking for an incredible time with a stunningly attractive, sexy and eager to please young woman.
Stefan 6 December 2013
Saw Emma for a second time about two weeks ago. My goodness why do I even try anybody else - she is so lovely. She remembered me and we started exactly where we left off last time. Could not keep my eyes (or hands) off her. She is the best - only wish I could shower with her.
Omar 2 December 2013
OMG. WOW. I warned you. Don't see Emma. She's more addictive than all existing drugs. WOW. OMG
John Murphy 1 December 2013
I could have been one of Emma's first reviewers – but I didn't submit it then! I first met Emma on 25th January 2013 for 1.5 hours and my immediate reaction was to book her for another hour on the following day! Then we met on 14th May for 2 hours and 24th September for another 2 hours. She's addictive – you'll just have to meet her to see why so many reviewers rave about her! I recommend a 1.5 hours booking. I've had both nuru and "ordinary" body-to-body options and the B2B option is excellent. BTW I'm from Ireland. The Butterfly booking system by emails through Nata's is really efficient and the directions are really excellent.
Peter 1 December 2013
This young lady is absolutely delightful. She does look as gorgeous as her pictures, what you can't tell from the photos is just what a sweet girl she is. She speaks great English, with a sexy European accent, and she really does everything possible to make you feel welcome. I fell in love ;)
Andy 21 November 2013
I saw Emma on 18th. She is easily one of the best girls in business ever. Wish I had booked her for longer.
Omar 27 November 2013
Wow! Do not visit Emma. She will detonate a passion in you. Do not visit Emma! She will blow your mind (and your dick). Do not visit Emma. You will not want to leave. And when you do, your cum all spent, you dick will weep, and your heart will break. As you walk out, you will shake. Do not visit Emma. Wow!
Jeff 13 November 2013
Everything written is true.

I am a jaded old punter but Emma reinvigorated me. I asked her to take the lead and she went for massage leading to tease and denial. She teased the life out of me and kept me on the edge for ages. Emma is great fun to be with, is a truly talented practitioner of her art and happens have model looks as well. A rare find.
Ken 7 November 2013
This was my first visit with Emma, and when I arrived at her flat I was happy to find a sexy petite young woman who lived up to the images in her profile. Her flat is small but very comfortable. Emma has a fantastic personality. She is fun and easy to chat with, making me feel at ease right away. After a quick shower, we started with a body-to-body massage, and the sight of her dripping and rubbing oil over her amazing body won't be forgotten! After the massage that ended happily, we moved to the main event, with her urging me on in several positions and, without going into too much details, and explosive ending. I would definitely recommend Emma and plan to visit her again very soon.
Mike 7 November 2013
I made my third visit to Emma last week and already planning my next :-) I don't think I have seen so many extremely positive feedbacks and comments for an escort in under a year and I have no doubt that they are all genuine and many echo my own experience. Yet another mind-blowing visit to a stunning, beautiful, engaging, uninhibited, sexy, girl with a great body in all respects. It is difficult to find something which has not been said many time before, I can well understand why she is so busy :)
Many thanks again Emma and see you again soon :)
Gary 5 November 2013
Forget the Houses of Parliament, the fireworks were at Emma's flat this afternoon. Delightful 90 minutes including nuru massage.

It has all been said, but I'll say it again. Emma is gorgeous and has a charming personality. Her English is flawless. Her sensual massage is amongst the best I have experienced. Fantastic GFE. I'll certainly visit again.

Also should mention the normal excellent handling of the booking by Nata.
Lee 4 November 2013
Met Emma for the first time in Oct'13. She was very pretty and is the girl in the pictures. She was very sweet and caring (of course very sexy). I was about to have an nuru experience of my life and it exceed my expectations by far. I would highly recommend anyone to try nuru massage with Emma, very sensual and naughty. One experience I will never forget. She is a sweet girl and should be treated with respect and kindness. Thank you Emma, I wish I booked for 2 hours!

Lee x
Derek 28 October 2013
Thanks Emma for a wonderful time. I have tried 13 different body to body tantric massages in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, France, Brussels, Vienna and I have to say that nothing comes close to Emma. I had just the body to body massage without full service but didn't really need it. The massage was so sensual, full of passion and Emma uses her body in an amazing way I've never seen before, to maintain the most contact with your body. She moans in pleasure when you touch her and the feeling was better than sex! Thanks again Emma, I have finally found the perfect tantric massage. Next, I will try a duo or Nuru massage and I'm sure you'll blow my mind!
Ali 25 October 2013
Thx Emma for the good time, you are easygoing girl and sweet as honey everything's was just an amazing and I wish you all the best in your life!
Tony 25 October 2013
Wow, Emma just gets more responsive with each encounter. Fantastic pleasure giver and receiver....bright, bubbly & sexy as hell.
Couldn't think of any one else you would want to see other than Emma, although I reliably hear that a duo with Emma & Diana will blow your sock off.
Cheers Emma, awesome every time. xx
Ryan 21 October 2013
I had an amazing Nuru massage session with the friendly and charming Emma (not to mention her perfect body). Words can't describe the highly erotic and memorable experience. Thank you so much Emma.
Nick 18 October 2013
I have done quite a lot of punting and tried most things available. But I visited Emma today and I was literally blown away. She is beautiful, articulate, amazing figure and honestly the best GFE experience I have ever had. Caring and attentive and incredibly sexy. The best hour I have ever spent with an escort. I will be back!
Jon 12 October 2013
As good as it gets - way more gorgeous than the photos, terrific attitude, lovely to talk to and sexy as hell. Can't fault Emma at all and highly recommend her. Looking forward to trying the tie-n-tease gear next time!
D L 2 October 2013
Tiny and adorable, with immaculately ironed bed sheets :)
Mike 23 September 2013
Wow, I'm lost for words, I made my second visit to Emma last week, it was another visit to remember :)
Good location - easy to find, helpful and friendly agency, great body to body massage with loads of warm oil. Emma has a wonderful body (even better than in the pictures), a great kisser, extremely friendly and obviously enjoys giving a great service. See you again soon xx
Raja Ali 23 September 2013
I booked Emma for duo with Irena and I think it will be not fair on my part not to say something about her. I arrived at her flat in Kensington on 12th Sept at 7pm she opened the door and WOW wearing a school girl uniform a young beautiful lady far better than her pictures. When she started her domination believe me I was in Heaven although her spanking left marks (which I loved) and commanding me to kiss her feet and suck her toes ( beautiful feet and toes) which I did, say make me beg and beg when I asked her to ride me. Emma your sweet commands still ring in my ears and I dream about you. Emma you are the best thing that happened to me from my 8 months of punting. I will safely say I am in love with Emma. Thank you Emma and thank you Butterfly Touch. Please ask Emma to read this.
Sticko 20 September 2013
Amazing. Cute, chatty, friendly. Hot as hell. Talented with Nuru gel, hands, mouth and pussy. Uninhibited. Sexual. I'm still slightly dazed...
Zed 18 September 2013
I really don't know where to begin with Emma.

Emma is slim and well maintained her apartment is very clean. She is a chatty friendly, easy going person.

I went for the 90 min nuru massage and it extremely slippery and fun. Emma's long fingers will have you going and begging for more. She will tease you with her teeth and trust me you will enjoy her sliding over you.

Definitely an experience that everybody should try. Highly recommended girl.
DL 8 September 2013
I saw Emma back in July. Amazing girl, truly the best girlfriend experience I've ever had. One of the best girls I've ever had full stop.

I will definitely see her again!
Greg 7 September 2013
I saw Emma on the 26th August for a Nuru massage with FS. I had wanted to see Emma for a while but hadn't had an opportunity. The pictures on the website look great, but when Emma opened her door to let me in I couldn't believe what she looked like in the flesh, stunningly beautiful.

Emma is very friendly and easy to get along with from the start of the appointment.

It was my first Nuru massage and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Emma is very skilled at what she does. I really enjoyed my time with Emma, every service provided was top class. We finished with a sensual massage which was probably the best I have had.

Emma, if you are reading this, I know you may have thought that I wasn't enjoying myself as I didn't say much, but that was just my shyness. As I said above, I couldn't believe my eyes when you opened the door, I think I may have been in shock for the remainder of our time together! I had a great time and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Thank you for your time.
Mike 27 August 2013
This was my first (and I hope not last) visit to Emma and my first Nuru Massage experience. If you enjoy massage and you've never had a Nuru add it to the list of things to "try before you die". Emma is a really beautiful girl and made me feel at ease immediately, she didn't in the slightest seem to mind seeing an older/more mature guy so don't let your are stop you. I can fully agree with the other great reviews Emma has received and can't recommend her more highly. I can still feel her naked body sliding all over me, what an experience!!! Thanks again Emma and see you soon xx
John 20 August 2013
I saw Emma on 22nd May (been out of the country so had no chance to write until now!). All I can say is, wow. My 1st B2B massage and it was perfect. Emma put my nerves to rest straight away - chatty, beautiful with an amazing touch. Small but nice place in a very quiet area. Hoping to book again soon now I'm back. Thanks Emma!
Viny 8 August 2013
I visited Emma yesterday and what a girl she is.. fantastic girl to be with. Great experience! She was all over me. Great body and above all pleasing personality. She could be as naughty as you would like her to be. Emma you are lovely!!! thanks for such a lovely time! Will certainly visit you again and again...
Stefan 4 August 2013
Visited Emma a few days ago. What a lovely lady, everything that everybody has written about her and more. She has spoilt me for all other young ladies. It was very difficult to leave her because even after our session she was still up for some kissing and cuddling. I will definitely see her again. Stefan
Gareth 1 August 2013
Where do you start when describing Emma? Young, beautiful with a great body? Charming, witty and fun to be around? Kind, thoughtful, honest and interesting?
Any or all of these because they are equally true.

I've seen Emma many times now and she is head and shoulders above any girl out there that I've seen. During my visits I have had regular massage, nuru massage, oral and straight sex, kissing, fingering – the lists goes on. And she is sublime at them all. This girl can put herself into positions that Nadia Comaneci could only dream of; but you just have to lie back and enjoy.

She's rapidly building a formidable reputation and it's thoroughly deserved.
I plan on having a long association with Emma one way or another but the greatest would to be her friend and advisor. But don't we all dream of that?
Be nice, she's kind of innocent believe it or not and I'd hate to see her hurt.
Raj 26 July 2013
Emma is absolutely stunning and she has a way of making you feel at ease the minute you step into her apartment. She gave me the most amazing BJ and the best Tantric massage I have ever experienced and to then end it with great sex. I wish i had more time to spend with her. She is truly amazing!!!!!

Vita 17 July 2013
I visited Emma after a couple of months break, and was so happy to see her again. She was just as sensual and loving as I remembered her, maybe even more. As it was a very warm evening I opted for a relaxing Body to Body massage which was expertly delivered and wonderfully erotic. She allows time for a little cuddle and chat afterwards which I really appreciate. She left me fully satisfied and happy. On top of all that she is a charming and fun person to talk to. Surely the number one massage girl around!

Thank you Emma x

Karen 12 July 2013
Saw Emma on 10th July 2013 for 45 minutes. She is a stunningly beautiful young woman. She has a sexy/slim figure, all natural. Her gorgeous face, wavy long black hair and great smile are very captivating. She has very pleasant personality and is real joy to be with. She provides a really great service altogether.
She is very good kisser. Her Tantric massage was very sensual , intimate and relaxing. Her bj was phenomenal,.......,slow , sucking, caressing with intermittent deep throat stroke was really out of this world.
Above all it seems she loves what she does. Her interaction in sex activities was 100 per cent ... Which makes you feel important and special.
It was most enjoyable encounter. .... will certainly See you soon
Love Karen x x
Tom 11 June 2013
The 4th time I've seen Emma and I never need to see anyone else. She's either a bloody good actress or she is one of the funniest, friendliest, most fabulous people I've met. Of course she is beautiful and fit and energetic and great in bed - you expect that from Butterfly Touch - but she will also steal your heart.
It would have been inconceivable to me that I would see a girl and give her a gift of beetroot and Icelandic music (there is a backstory) but I did for Emma and it was fun.
Just don't expect a boring time - never gonna happen. She is the best out there. By miles.
Peter 10 June 2013
I have met this amazing girl twice and am addicted - I've never gone back to meet the same girl so quickly! She is warm, sexy, fun, bubbly and like the lover you always dream of having. Already planning my third (and fourth, and fifth!) visit.
Drew 10 June 2013
I met Emma for the first time this weekend and it will definitely not be the last. She is sweet, warm, bubbly and a WHOLE lot of fun. I had an amazing time and can't wait to reschedule a return visit!
Jamie 9 June 2013
Booking Emma was straightforward. The Flat is small but charming in a safe Kensington area.
Emma, as in the photos is beautiful and sexy and from the reviews this was expected. What i didnt expect was how caring and charming she is.
The tantric massage was amazing and would have been enough but the sex blew me away. I never though it would be possible to make love to such a beautiful girl and i never once felt like i had paid her to do it. A remarkable girl and genuinely a very nice person.
Tony 30 May 2013
Emma is an amazing woman! She has an exquisite touch and sensuous manner. Her captivating eyes and kisses can make you forget all your worldly worries while sinking into her embrace. She is a true gem for Butterfly Touch. I have seen Emma on numerous occasions and keep going back again and again, something that I do not see changing. She truly is the best courtesan in London.
Fady 21 May 2013
I met Emma yesterday for Nuru massage. I booked her for 1 hour but I wish I could stay more. She is an awesome girl. This was my first time and I was nervous but she is so friendly that we get along very easily. She has the touch that blow your mind. She is so pretty, sexy and fun.. Way better than her pictures. In short she is the Best..
I'll be back for more.
BP 18 May 2013
This is to say thank you to Emma, always memorable times - she is the most wonderful women and deserves to be treated like a princess.
Top top women! xxx
Taurus 18 May 2013
Emma puts you at ease right away with her conversational skills. She's very easy going and can get along with all sorts of personalities. I had my first Nuru massage with Emma and I have to say it was an amazing experience! She knows just where and how to touch you. She definitely loves what she does and after the massage we had a great time chatting away!

Oh and I should say that she has great oral talents ;)
James 4 May 2013
Emma is truly the full package, a combinations of super hot looks, great body and sexy attitude with a fun and intelligent personality. You want to go to heaven and back? This is the girl to take you there.
Steve 15 April 2013
met up with Emma today for a Nuru massage..I would just like to say that everything that has been said by the previous reviewers is absolutely correct. [no dodgy/false reviews here] The lady is a superstar....And lady is the right term. So friendly, with great English and a mega personality.....It was massage and sex all the way..I will not kid myself otherwise, but she is so good that i am allowing myself the dream that even she might have enjoyed it..I will be back, because i am hooked.
Tom 12 April 2013
Butterfly Touch is a great massage + agency and I've booked through them many times. You will always see the girl in the pictures and they will always provide the services they say. So, I knew the girl was going to be the one on the website. What I wasn't prepared for was how gorgeous she would be - just breathtaking.

I've seen her twice and on this second visit she was even more engaging than the first time. I get the sense that she likes to build a relationship with a client and I look forward to seeing her many, many more times. I won't go into great detail but suffice to say that when she gets naked she is spectacularly lovely, that she gives a genuine massage with loads of oil. Here blow job is deep and wet - lots of spit. And (this is amazing) she massages your cock with her pussy lips that feels just like fucking bareback. Be careful Emma!

We ended up naked and chatting like a couple of great mates.

Emma is mind-blowing lay awesome. Young, pretty, sexy and fun. Check my feedback - I've been doing this for a while - she is the best. Adorable.

Tom 5 April 2013
I've been punting for about 5 years and now tend to go for massage with happy ending or BJ finish. It's just more sensual and the climax is mind-blowing. I have literally never had better. Butterfly Touch is always great but Emma is off the scale! Desperately pretty, fabulous body, great massage and perfect blow job. Didn't have sex but maybe next time.
Here's the thing. I'd pay £150 just to spend an hour chatting with her. She is funny (laughs so freely), engaging and intelligent. Her English is perfect and she has something to say too. Utterly adorable young woman who I will see over and over again.
Thanks Emma (the bloke with the wonky leg).
Akash 29 March 2013
I had an excellent time with Emma. She appears even more beautiful than in the picture. I thought of having a massage only, however, when I met her and spoke to her, I couldn't resist to take a full personal service.
She is having the incredible skill to make a person comfortable and feel her the girl next door.
Her massage is very good but her way to approach was even better. Probably I spent one of my best evening with her. I look forward to visit her soon again.
Alan 26 March 2013
A gem of a girl, amazing personality and easy to get along with. She is a really warm person and has a charming smile. As far as services go, I won't go into details, but everything as described by the others, however neither the words or the pictures do her justice. Beautiful girl both on the inside and outside!
Thank you Emma!
Khan 25 February 2013
I booked Emma for Body to Body Massage for an hour. AsIi entered her room I was surprised as she looked way beautiful than she is in her pictures so decided to have a full service. She asked me to have a warm shower and then i was on her cozy bed lying upside down. She took off her clothes and start putting on warm oil on my back from my neck till my thighs. Her soft hands started to massage me and as the oil was spread on my body her body start touching mine sliding up and down and teasing with her hands which made me aroused.
She slowly came up and whispered to turn over and same body massage was repeated on my front body with her soft lips kissing my body. after some minutes more focus was giving on my erect cock with touching massaging and sucking it. I was too high that I finished up with happy ending. All the massage time we had lovely talking as she love to talk . She did not once look at the clock. I was then offered a shower oil was sticky on my body .

I would highly recommend Emma for massage and full service.

Philippe 20 February 2013
Just saw Emma today for 1 hour.
Well, I know it is a cliche but she really does look better than her pictures. Pretty face, lovely hair and beautiful taut young body, soft skin, and very tasty (you know what I'm talking about!)
The tantric element is a special thrill because as I am being massaged and getting hard, i know that i can actually do something with the masseuse, rather than contain myself and settle for a hand relief.
As she was doing B2B,I started caressing her wonderful firm ass and feeling her up, which got me super hard. Wonderful deep oral skills and very amenable to me flipping her over here there and everywhere in positions of my choice.
Good chatter, didn't see her clock watching, lovely one-bed pad too a short walk from Gloucester Road tube station.

Highly recommended

David 19 February 2013
I met with Emma last night for the first time, and I've since been counting the hours I could have spent with her before but wasted in eating or sleeping. She is a fantastic companion. For a start her massage skills were great - firm and expert, which I love, rather than vague and feathery. But when she turned up the sensual heat - that was something very special. I was only able to stay 45 mins, but next time maybe I'll book for a week or 2 - this funny, happy, sexy woman could keep me entertained for ages. Nice flat too.

Thx Emma, see you very soon xxx

John 31 January 2013
I booked a two girl DUO Nuru massage with Emma and Irena witch was accurately described in the profile. A first time for me. An experience I had been hoping to try for some time. Both girls were ready dead on time. I received a text to tell me to come up.

The girls greeted me at the door dressed in lingerie and stockings with suspenders. A very pleasing sight. Both girls were the girls in the pictures in the gallery. Both very friendly and welcoming and put me at ease immediately upon arrival. They were both chatty and their English was good, especially Emma's. I arrived with some champagne which the girls seemed happy to receive and we all had some bubbly.

I was offered a shower and decided it was best to freshen up. Shame the shower was not big enough for two or even three :-) Fresh towel provided and then returned to the bedroom.

The bed was prepared for the Nuru massage with a rubber bed sheet covering as the Nuru massage involves lots of "Nuru gel" and so is quite a messy but fun experience.

While we talked both girls were touching and teasing me and found me suitably aroused. I lay down on the bed and both girls covered themselves in the gel as well as coating me liberally with it and the sensual erotic body to body massage commenced.

The stimulating massage was everything I hoped it would be with both girls using their bodies and hands to massage all of my body. The gel creates a wonderful soft sliding sensation and enhances the touching and teasing during the massage.

I was turned over and the process was repeated with both girls using their mouths in addition to everything else on me this time. Both girls were very enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy the massage I was managing to administer to various parts of their bodies too. Particular attention was paid to my now fully erect cock and after much teasing, touching, licking and sucking I finally succumbed to the inevitable.

The girls continued to massage and tease me as I came down from the high, and we spoke and drank together for a while afterwards. I was then offered a further shower to freshen up. I left feeling very pleased with myself. The girls were not clock watchers at all and I did not feel rushed at any point.

I would highly recommend this unique experience with two very friendly, sexy girls.

Thank you for breaking my nuru virginity!

Keith 13 January 2013
Emma is very cute! She is more smiley and funny that her pictures suggest, and she is very entertaining to talk to. Her sensual massage is sexy and passionate, and afterwards we had a nice cuddle up and a chat. Her flat is nice and clean in Kensington just few min walk from Gloucester Road tube station.

I was really happy to meet Emma and will definitely be visiting her again.

Tony 7 January 2013
When I first visited Emma I had not seen her pic. When the door opened the cutest dark haired beauty was smiling back inviting me in and offering me a drink.
I was made to feel so relaxed and she is a funny, bright and awesomely hot girl.
A fantastic touch to go with her soft skin and hot body is the reason that every time I go back it gets better and better ;)
T xx
Tashoo 21 December 2012
My booking with Emma exceeded all my expectations! I had booked for 90 minutes and the time flew by! She put me totally at ease and very easy to communicate with ! She provided a first rate experience that I won't soon forget... Will be back very soon for an over night booking !
Gareth 16 December 2012
I had originally tried to book in with Dina for a B2B...However Dina is on holiday, so I took a chance with Emma, the new girl. I am so glad I did. She is a very intelligent young lady. Very lovely, very accomodating. She has an amazing body and a smile that can make you forget the world outside. I only wish I had met her in a different situation, so I could run Game on her :-)