1. I would like to make an appointment. How do I do that?

Making an appointment is simple. Just call us 074 1394 5086 and arrange the day, time and service you would like to receive. If you contact us via email please include your contact number.

2. Can I book an early morning appointment?

Our girls start to work at 11am usually but some of them will also be happy to do an earlier session if you book it 1 day in advance.

3. Do you accept bookings via emails or SMS?

We do accept bookings via SMS and emails if you include your contact phone number.

4. Do you accept bookings from non UK numbers or withheld numbers?

We accept bookings from any phone as long as there is a number supplied. Although we don't accept bookings from withheld numbers, we will answer any calls.

5. How long in advance can I book?

You can book, as long in advance as you want, but we would ask you to contact us on the day to confirm your booking and get directions.

6. Do you accept short notice bookings?

Yes, we do accept short notice bookings, but the girl might not be available. So it's best to give us as much notice as you can.

7. How much notice do you need?

Please give us as much notice as you can.

8. Am I allowed to book if I did not come for my previously booked appointment?

We don't accept repeat bookings from people who previously made an appointment and were a 'no-show' without the courtesy of contacting us to cancel it.

9. What I do if I come for session but I feel there is no chemistry between me and a girl. Am I able to leave or shall I pay anyway?

Absolutely not! You are free to leave before (NOT after!) the session started. You won't have to pay anything.

Massage session

1. Can I book Nuru massage for outcall?

Yes, you can. We recently started to provide Nuru Massage for outcalls but we can only perform it if you've got a double or king size bed.

2. How do you do outcall Nuru massage? Do you bring an inflated mattress?

We wouldn't bring an inflated mattress but we would bring a special PU sheet made for Nuru Massage and the massage will be done on your bed. Your bed size must be double or king size. We dont have other sizes of PU sheets. 

3. What is Nuru massage? And what it does include?

The word Nuru comes from the Japanese language and it's meaning is "slippery". The Nuru massage uses a special gel, which is made from deep seaweed and is colourless, tasteless and extremely slippery and smooth. The Nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when
you apply it to your skin, when getting a Nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the Nuru and slide on you
for a perfect body to body massage.

Seaweed body wraps cleanse and detoxify the body making it an excellent herbal body treatment. The skin absorbs the Nuru minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. These minerals in the Nuru help to disperse local fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh
and healthy looking skin. Seaweed body wrap applications are excellent for cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention,
slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy and after intensive slimming treatment. The Nuru gel contains Chamomile Azulene, which increases the peripheral circulation of the skin while giving flexibility, softness and healthiness to sensitive skin that suffers from
inflammation and irritation. Reduce erythema (redness), moisturise, and protect dry skin all in one incredible treatment line.
We highly recommend you try it for a once in a lifetime experience.

4. Will the masseuse be naked during massage session?

Yes, the masseuse will be naked. She may begin the session wearing erotic lingerie, and as the session progresses, she will remove her clothing unless you ask her to keep some bits on.

5. Do you allow mutual touching during massage session?

Mutual touching and playing is allowed and encouraged, however please be a gentleman, ask first, and respect the boundaries of the masseuse. If the girl doesn't offer a full service please don't ask.

6. Can I take a shower before and after massage session?

Sure, all our places are equipped with good shower facilities. Please feel free to use them before and after the session.

7. What is the difference between Body to Body massage and Nuru massage?

This is the same massage technique where the masseuse uses her entire body to massage you all over. The difference is only that for Nuru massage we use special Nuru gel (link). For Body to Body we would use massage oil.

8. I would like to come for massage session with my friend / partner. Can you accommodate 2 people with 2 masseuses at the same place?

We have got possibility to accommodate two people at the same place with two beautiful skilled sexy ladies will treat you at the same time in the same room or in 2 separate rooms according to your request.

9. Can I buy a massage session as a present for my friend / partner?

Yes, you can buy massage session as a present. It must be paid in full amount on our bank account. Please find out all details about it on the phone.

10. Are there any reasons why I don't have to recieve sensual massage?

Don't receive sensual massage if you are suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases.


1. How far do you travel for outcalls?

We are comfortable to travel for up to 40 minutes by public transport or 30 minutes by taxi, but we can also travel further if you book a session for 3 hours or longer.

2. Do you travel to the Heathrow area?

Yes, we do come to Heathrow if you book a session for minimum 2 hours or longer, and if it's an evening booking we would charge a one-way cab £40.

3. Do I have to pay travel expenses?

If you book your appointment from 10pm and later we would ask you to pay one way taxi cost. Please check with us on the phone an approximate taxi cost to your area.


1. Do you accept card payments?

The only payment method we accept is cash.


1. Can I request something not on your website?

Yes, please do! Where possible we will try to accommodate any requests you may have.

2. Are photos on your web site real?

Yes, we work with a long trusted and professional London photographer in order to provide you with very real and accurate photographs of all our masseuses. All photos are real and recent.

3. Is there anyone you wouldn't see?

Rude, arrogant people with bad manners, and especially people with poor personal hygiene.

4. I just visited your escort and feel unhappy / unsatisfied with service. What do I do?

We are doing our best to offer you as good service as we can. Anyway, if you visited our escort girl and you are unhappy about her services you can:
First: email us or phone us giving as much explanation as you can. We'll investigate the issue and let you know options.
Second: leave her review on our web site.