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Tantric Massage For Men

Men have a lot of pressure to perform, provide, and accomplish. Tantric Massage is totally without goals.

In Tantra Massage the man is totally receptive. The Tantra Massage starts after a nice warm shower followed by a full body sensual massage to tune you inward and focus the mind while engaging the pleasure receptors in the body and deepening your awareness.

Once the body is massaged and relaxed, the spirit is nurtured and awakened, the focus is on the first and second chakras, the area of the male g-spot or prostate gland which is known to be the energetic access point for the energy which leads to enlightenment. A gentle digital technique is used for contacting these subtle places with increased receptivity. Expert stimulation, eye contact, and conscious focus are used to heal trauma or clear any old or negative imprinting on the sub conscious. Issues of sexual abuse, abandonment and even rejection, can be accessed through the sexual center. Issues dealing with securities, finances, and commitment reside in the muladhara or root chakra, located at the base of the spine. Loving energy and focused intention help to bring these centers into harmony, heal any wounds from the opposite sex, and increase your capacity to feel pleasurable sensation.

Every person's experience with Tantra Massage is different. Some people experience full body orgasm, others have a deep emotional release (tears, laughter, screams) followed by immense pleasure. Most people have powerful dreams for some nights after; the important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up, and a devoted healer to guide and support you. It's a loving, spiritual experience that will be transformative and unforgettable.

Orgasm Without Ejaculation

We know you're used to associating orgasm with ejaculation. And maybe lovemaking has become a performance and race to orgasm. But the last thing that sex should be is a routine to release tension. Separate parts of the nervous system activate orgasm and ejaculation. Yes, they usually occur simultaneously, but they can both be experienced independent of each other. For men, this can mean that prolonged and multiple orgasms are very possible without ejaculation.

With Tantra Massage, you will have the ability to maintain a very heightened level of arousal with frequent climaxes and pleasures unmatched. You will learn to think about what's going on inside your body, and the way your heart, mind, spirit, and body feel.

Once you can reach multi-orgasmic states you will become more emotionally intimate with your women and have an easier time reaching conscious sexual bliss. When you finally discover your capacity to relax into total states of pleasure, it will take you to new levels you never knew existed.

Tantric Massage For Women

Tantra Massage for Women centres almost entirely on the Yoni (vagina). Yoni loosely translated means "Sacred Space" or "Sacred Temple". Within the Yoni is your Sacred Spot better known as the G-Spot.

The G-Spot is the Woman's emotional sex center. The Woman carries in her Sacred Spot her highest potential for pleasure and ecstasy as well as any physical and emotional traumas from her past. To achieve the highest pleasure and ecstasy, the woman needs to remove and clear any blocked and trapped energies and emotions of past trauma with tantric massage of her G-Spot. When these energies and emotions are released, she is freed to express her natural, powerful and orgasmic nature.

The goal of Tantra Massage is not orgasm. Orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying. Orgasm is allowed to happen or not happen. The goal of Tantra Massage is to allow the receiver to enjoy the Tantra Massage and to relax into herself afterwards.

After a warm shower the Tantra Massage begins with a luxurious slow sensual body massage. This will relax you and help us to connect and feel safe together. Tantra Massage is never hurried and our space is quiet filled only with the sound of soft seductive music and scented candles.

Yoni Tantric Massage

Lying on your back with pillows under your head and with a pillow covered with a towel, under your hips. Your legs will be spread apart with your knees slightly bent, while Tantra therapist sit between your legs. This position allows full access to your Yoni and other parts of your body. We will begin with deep, relaxed breathing. It is important we both remember to keep breathing deeply, slowly and with relaxation during the entire Tantra Massage. You will be gently reminded to start breathing again if you stop or take shallower breaths. Deep breathing, not hyperventilating, is very important!

Gently massage the mound and outer lips of your Yoni, spending time here and not rushing, gently squeezing the outer lips between thumbs and index finger, and sliding up and down the entire length of each lip, doing the same thing to the inner lips of the Yoni. Gently stroking the clitoris with clockwise and counter-clockwise circles. Gently squeezing it between thumb and index finger. At this point you will become highly aroused but remembering this is done as a massage and not to reach orgasm we would continue to encourage you to just relax and breathe.

Slowly and with great care, insert the middle finger into the Yoni Very gently exploring and massaging the inside of your Yoni. Taking our time, being gentle, feeling up, down and sideways, varying the depth, speed and pressure. This is a Yoni Tantra Massage and we are nurturing and relaxing your Yoni.

Now we massaging your sacred spot / G-Spot. You may feel as if you have to urinate, this is perfectly normal, don't fight it. Taking time gently moving side to side, back and forth and in circles using thumb to massage your clitoris. At this point orgasm may occur, don't fight it keep breathing, lose yourself in it. Remember Tantra Massage is for your pleasure.

If orgasm occurs, we will gently remind you to keep breathing, as we will continue massaging. It is important to try and not give in to the urge to stop after the first orgasm. More orgasms may occur, each gaining in intensity. In Tantra Massage this is called "riding the wave." Many women can learn how to be multi-orgasmic with the Yoni Tantra Massage.

Ejaculation may also occur, this is perfectly normal and ok. Again try and not give in to the urge to stop. It is important to let this emotional release happen. Many women, because of past traumas will have an outpouring of emotion, again this is also normal and one of the goals of Tantra Massage.

Yoni Tantric massage experts

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How to prepare yourself for a Tantric Massage session.

It is best to dedicate a whole day to your Tantra Massage experience. So choose a day when you are free, you don't need to run errands and you can devote your entire self to the experience. And please talk to me before the massage session, if there is any particular information you want to share about yourself or about any medical conditions.

I recommend that you retain from ejaculation and sexual intercourse for 24 hours before and after the session, so you will not arrive to the session with depleted energy. I also recommend that you eat only light food before and after your session and drink sufficient but not too much liquid. Refraining from using strong perfumes, after shaves or scented body lotions is also advised as these can get in the way of relaxing into the experience for both yourself and me.

After your session has finished it is important to just relax and observe the new sensations in your body and mind, to let all the sensations you have experienced wash over you.

Tantric Breathing

As a Tantric Massage therapist two questions I am often asked are "Why is breathing so important in Tantra?" and "Is the breathing really necessary?" The answer to these questions is a definite – Yes! Breathing is essential to the practice of Tantra as it helps you to relax and channels your energies. Far from being a tedious or difficult part of Tantra, you can achieve fantastic, vibrating states just through breathing. And when you also use your voice, your own sound - you are 'giving' by exhaling. So to sum up - yes, breathing will definitely enhance any Tantric Experience and Massage!

Music, oil, candles, incenses, colours...

It is important during a Tantra Massage session that all of your senses are involved and awakened. So it is vital to create a space to practice that is visually and emotionally stimulating.
For example to stimulate your aural senses soft music played in the background can take your mind to different places. To excite your visual senses, bright colours and candlelight can either be stimulating or calming for your eyes depending on the required experience.

Incense and essential oils we use affect your sense of smell and open up your energy centres. During the Tantric experience even your sense of taste can be influenced, with delicious snacks to delight the tongue - such as soft, succulent fruits like fresh grapes, strawberries or dried fruits like raisins and figs etc we always keep for our guests. Or you can even bring along a bottle of champagne or wine and have a glass before session start.