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Your escort resolutions for 2020

Young and naughty teen escorts
6 March 2020

We’re into a new decade at last, leaving the “naughties” behind to embrace the twenties. Let’s make them the roaring twenties, shall we? And you can begin this by making some New Year Resolutions when it comes to your escorting hobby. This exclusive hobbyist’s club has been good to us, and we know only too well that it’s been good to you too, but is there more you can be getting from it?

Dinner dates with top girls in 2020

Dinner date escorts
2 March 2020

Butterfly Touch are very pleased to announce that practically all the girls have returned from their brief breaks over the festive period. With the exception of a few Russian ladies of course, but then they have their festive seasons a little later than most. This means that you can begin to plan all your favourite activities, with all your favourite London escorts in 2020.

The best sensual massage is not always what you think

Sensual massage escorts
12 February 2020

We know what we’re talking about when we talk about massage. Sensual massage that is. Butterfly Touch have been experts in this field for many years, which is why we represent some of the best masseuse escorts in the whole of London. There may not be pages and pages of them, but this is for a very good reason. We only ever list the very best, and there really isn’t an abundance of excellent girls out there to choose from.

Despite what you may think of course. If you were to go on the average London escort agency website, you would find hundreds of girls. Most of them are on the same websites all over London, but there are still thousands of girls available to book for escorting services in London. They’re not all good at giving sensual massages however. And you have to watch out with some of them. They may tell you they are, but in their minds, massage simply means having a bottle of oil and being able to move your hands!

Tired of not getting What you asked for?

Selfie London escorts
29 January 2020

Let’s face it, our business is in the service industry. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, you are paying your London escort for her companionship, her time and service. Now, let’s talk a little about the service industry before we introduce you to a better way to book your girls.

The new European London Escorts

European escorts in London
22 January 2020

We’ve been at it again. We have been adding even more lovely ladies to the website, just for you. We’re very proud to introduce a number of new Butterfly Touch girls for your amusement, and we are very confident that they’ll be all that you want them to be. We haven’t come this far in the sensual massage escort business, not to know what we’re doing when we select a girl to put online.

Outcall London escorts are your friend

London escort services
16 January 2020

“I don’t care what the weatherman says, when the weather man says it’s raining.” To quote Louis Armstrong there. The reason you don’t have to care if it’s raining, is that you can still see your favourite London escort, without getting wet. And you have to face it folks, London is quite a rainy place to be, especially at this time of year.

The girls might not want to come out and see you in this awful weather either, but you can bet your ass that they’ll do it anyway. This is because they’re absolute professionals above all else. They also realise that they won’t get paid if they don’t, but more importantly is the fact that our outcall London escorts actually adore visiting hotels.

An escort is not for life, she’s by the hour

booking a London escort
2 January 2020

It’s a little like that old phrase “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. We know for sure that you’d like one of these girls for your Christmas present, but you simply can’t take her home with you. And this is what we’re talking about today gentlemen. You see, whilst most of you are content with your hour’s incall, or even your overnight experience in your hotel, some of you struggle to let go. It’s not your fault entirely of course, these London escorts can be very enticing we know. But it’s what they do gentlemen, it’s their job. They love their job, yes, but they do it for a living and they’re very good at it.

Always take the massage

Sensual massage escort
21 December 2019

It’s easy to say this when you’re a specialist massage escort agency, we realise. But this isn’t the point we’re making today. Today it’s about getting full value for your money when you book an escort. Not just from Butterfly Touch Massage Escorts either, we mean any agency, or independent escort service provider.

We find it hard to believe just how many of you turn down a massage from your escort during a booking. We never get any real details, but the girls do sometimes tell us that they were disappointed not to be able to practice their skills. When you’re a sensual masseuse by trade, you need to keep those skills sharpened. And not forgetting of course that our massage escorts actually do this type of work because they get just as much of a kick out of it as our hobbyist clients.

The more affordable London escorts

Cheap London escorts
11 December 2019

This is a highly debatable issue we’re having today. Some would argue that the more affordable choices, or the cheap London escorts, are the best. Some say that the most expensive girls are the best. We’re here today to discuss both these but argue that you can actually get all you want from a more affordable option.

There are two types of London escort in this community of ours. There are those that want to make a lot of money, and there are those that want to do this, but have a lot of fun too. The first group don’t care that much about how much fun they have. The problem with this is that when anyone doesn’t care about having fun, the less likely they are to care whether anyone else has any.

Take your time with a massage escort

Sensual massage
26 November 2019

Booking a London escort should always be an unhurried experience of course, but when you book a London massage escort, you should make even more of an effort to be in no hurry. Here at Butterfly Touch we specialise in some of the best tantric massage and sensual massage escorts in the city. They offer a wide range of massages and extra services and they never fail to please.

Made in Chelsea: The real Chelsea girls

Chelsea escorts
13 November 2019

Made in Chelsea is back on our TV screens, and we just know that there are some of you out there that would much rather watch paint dry than listen to those whining, spoiled little rich kids. Their only accomplishments in life are the fact that they got chosen to appear on that dreadful TV show, and without it, they’d just be one of many pretty elitist little shits, born with plumbs in their mouth. There, after that damning critique, allow us to get the to point of our modest little blog post today. By far the best Chelsea girls are actually Chelsea escorts. And before you ask, no, they don’t have to be British. Hell, one of the actual Made in Chelsea cast members isn’t British anyway. And we would probably argue that she’s one of the fittest on the show.

Improving your self-confidence with London escorts

London escort blog
4 November 2019

Let’s talk a little about what escorts can do for us in terms of helping our personal development. It’s not all about the instant gratification you know. Spending time with a London escort can give you an enormous sense of well-being and improve the way you feel about yourself. This can then make others see you differently, as you view yourself more confidently. We realise that escorts get paid to spend time with their clients, but it isn’t as though they are dishonest and lie about the way they feel when they’re spending time with them. Not the girls at Butterfly Touch anyway. You can tell straight away whether they’re happy or not. We love having such genuinely talented girls working with us, and we appreciate that they have great and genuine personalities.

Why escorts choose to escort

London escorts
24 October 2019

There are many theories, shared by many different people about why girls decide to become professional companions. Sadly, these are rarely the reasons given by the actual girls in question. Luckily, we’re an agency that actually takes time out to learn about the girls we represent and try to ascertain what drives them. We will be brutally honest with you, what drives each and every one of them is money, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Not least because money drives us all to work for a living, right? Without it we wouldn’t be able to live, and with more of it, we live more comfortably. It’s very basic logic really.

Find an agency you can trust

Book London escorts
3 October 2019

Booking escorts in London isn’t always as easy as you might think. It’s fraught with dangers, anxieties and disasters. Sometimes you can book so many escorts, and still never have a good experience. This is more common that you think too, so if you’ve had nothing but good experiences you’re lucky. And we’re pretty sure you have had nothing but the best if you’ve been booking through Butterfly Touch! But even if you have had nothing but good experiences, let this article be a warning to you to be continually vigilant.

Are London escorts the answer to relationship breakdown?

professional London escorts
24 September 2019

You could possibly argue that they are the cause. We have heard it all here at Butterfly Touch, but it’s mostly from people who haven’t been careful. And when you think bout it carefully, it’s not actually a professional London escorts that are the cause of any relationship breakdown, it’s the person who books them. Also know as you. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know what we are doing here. We don’t judge anyone. We wouldn’t be in business if we did. But we are sick to death of hearing people say that they didn’t know what they were doing, or they couldn’t help themselves. It’s a choice, and it’s a choice every one of you make freely. Here at Butterfly Touch, we don’t believe in monogamy anyway, it’s outdated and frankly doomed from the start.

Those hard working Romanian escorts

Romanian escorts in London
10 September 2019

Today we sing the praises of those hard working Romanian escorts in London. These young ladies are among the hardest working girls in London today. So it helps a lot that there are so many of them widely available throughout all areas of London. And of course the beauty of booking them through Butterfly Touch Escorts is that they can be brought to your door anywhere in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And yes, that includes Christmas and New Year.

Taking a break from full personal service

Escort massages
2 September 2019

This may not seem like something an escort agency would have on their website. It does seem to more than a little counterproductive, we confess. However, there is a method in our madness. What we are about here at Butterfly Touch is the experience our clients are having. You couldn’t run a specialist escort massage business by not paying attention to your clients. This is much more important to us than the number of bookings they make. Allow us to explain a little more.

Tinder Tips for London escort hobbyists

London escort agency
26 August 2019

If you are a regular visitor to London, whether you book from our London escort agency, or any of the others, we have a little tip for you that may save you some money. You may question why we would want to save you money by telling you what we’re about to, but we like to be useful above all else. Before your London escort agency, we will always be your friend first.

London Escorts who massage

Sensual massage
1 August 2019

We’re writing this brief article about our London escorts who massage too. Most of the girls at the agency are proficient in sensual massage anyway of course, it’s what we are famous for. But you should know a little about these highly talented and experience sensual masseuses, and we intend to tell you.

Are Eastern European escorts a problem?

Eastern European escorts in London
22 July 2019

In the midst of what appears to be an Eastern European invasion in London, there are still plenty of other girls available. Not that we’re saying an Eastern European escorts are a problem of course. In fact, the majority of them are offering a wonderful service. And this is where some people see the problem. They think that because the Eastern European escorts are so very good at what they do, that somehow the rest of the female London escorts are not. This is most certainly not the case, we can assure you. We have been in this business for a very long time and we know good girls when we meet them. And this is why the girls we have at Butterfly Touch aren’t always changing. We stick to the ones that are consistently good.

Hot in London for our escorts

Juliette - hot London escorts
8 July 2019

We all know that they’re hot of course. This is an indisputable fact. But today we’re talking about the weather as well as our lovely girls. The thing about hot London escorts and hot weather is that they mix really well together, but they do also present their own new set of problems to deal with. This weather is perfect for sexy, revealing outfits and walking through Hyde Park in a wavy summer dress, but it’s not so hot for the girls stuck inside their apartments waiting for your phone call. So we guess we’re writing this brief article as a type of explanation, as well as an appeal for a little understanding about this fantastic hobby we all enjoy, and how the weather effects it.

Meet Liza – New open-minded London Escort

Liza - open-minded bisexual London escort in Bayswater
28 June 2019

There’s another new escort girl at the agency, and we just thought it would be nice to give her a more formal introduction and tell you a little more about our recruitment process and preferences. The great thing about Butterfly Touch is that we are not an escort agency that insists on listing every single girl that comes along. This is because most of them only stay for a few weeks (or months at most) and then they disappear. When we add a new girl, they tend to stick around for a while. We are also keen on representing girls who do not always post themselves on all the escort agencies in London.

London escort services

London escorts
12 June 2019

This isn’t an article we get great pleasure out of writing to be perfectly honest. However, it does become necessary from time to time. We need to remind our clients just where we stand on this issue, and how we can best service them.

Virtually every client likes to know just what they can do with their London escort. This is natural, and we understand that. If you are paying a certain fee for any service, you want to know what you are getting or the qualifications of the service provider. It’s the same from a mechanic to an electrician. However, when it comes to hire London escorts it’s a little different.

Get an assisted shower with a beautiful London escort this summer

Soapy massage
3 June 2019

Gentlemen, we have something important to tell you. When you book our beautiful London escorts this summer, you will have to take a shower. Well, to be honest with you, you should take one on every visit, but we realise that it’s at the discretion of your chosen girl. This is dependent on circumstance of course, we are well aware. We know that you could have had one just before you left for your appointment. But still, if you are asked to do so, just do it.

Coming into Kings Cross to book London escorts

escorts London
28 May 2019

Well, we’ll start by telling you that there are rarely any very good escorts in Kings Cross to begin with. Not if you want someone really good anyway. You will be left to browse those dreadful Adultwork and Vivastreet profiles or whatever other cheap advertising platforms these cheap escort agencies and independent girls choose to get out there. They are not reliable, and often show pictures of girls that have been stolen from genuine London escort agency websites. However, all is not lost. If you come to London to book escort girls, then you don’t have to travel far from Kings Cross to get someone suitable. And the transport is pretty damn good too.

New escorts and revitalised escorts

escort girls
16 May 2019

It sounds a little odd when we say that some of them have been revitalised. It’s not what you’re thinking, we’re just referring to some of our escort girls with new pictures. When some of the girls get new pictures done, it gives us a lot of confidence and also our clients. When they do this it makes everyone aware how they have changed, if they have changed at all. You know what escorts are like, they’re changing their hair and image from one week to another. It’s for this reason it becomes important to make you aware when they’ve had new pictures done.

Why London escorts prefer older men

young London escorts
17 April 2019

Perhaps you are an older man and you already know why London escorts prefer your company to that of men their own age or younger. If you do know, this is probably why you book them! Because there is one thing we can say with a certain degree of certainty. Young London escorts will usually be on top form for an older man.

Preparing for an escort outcall

outcall London escort
9 April 2019

It’s surprising just how many of you have no idea at all about how to prepare for an outcall escort booking. We are not referring to any escort dinner dates or other occasions that may lead you to be spending time with your chosen girl out in public of course. Tips about these are for another day. Today we’re talking about a much more basic idea of what to do and how to prepare for an escort girl coming to your hotel.

A weekend away with an escort

beautiful London escorts
2 April 2019

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a weekend away with a beautiful escort girl? It’s entirely possible you know. Whilst we don’t do this often, there are occasions when a client wants to have a holiday. But he wants a very special type of holiday, with a very special holiday escort. It just so happens that we are one of the few escort agencies in London that can set this up for you. If you choose to go away, we can fix you up with your perfect companion.

A literal London escort gem: Meet Ruby

Bayswater escort Ruby
1 April 2019

It gives us enormous pleasure to present you with yet another new girl at Butterfly Touch. If you’re a regular at the agency you will no doubt have seen her in the London escorts gallery. Or perhaps you have had even had the pleasure of her company already?

Whilst we are talking about any of you who may have seen young Bayswater escort Ruby, we’d like to ask you a favour. She is such a lovely young London escort and we would very much like her to do very well in this business. So if you are the type to leave reviews, we would like to ask you kindly to do this for her. You can feedback to us of course, as usually, but your review would mean much more if you could places it on one of the fabulous independent escort review sites. You can post on: Captain 69, Punternet, Punterchat, The Erotic review, or even Punterlink. We are certain that Ruby would really appreciate it too!

The sun is out - book London escorts!

best professional london escort models
28 March 2019

The sunshine has arrived ladies and gentlemen. And whilst it may well be a “fools” spring, or whatever the saying, our beautiful London escorts are making the most of it. We all know that in this country the weather could very well turn bizarre next week, with an inch or two of snow, so get out and about whilst you can.

It’s not quite the weather to be checking out all the girls in their summer wear, but it won’t be long now. This doesn’t matter with our incall London escorts of course. Their apartments are always cosy and warm. On top of that, they may well not be wearing very much anyway. Not that we can promise anything of course. We are quite happy to pass along any message or requests for you, but we offer no guarantees we’re afraid.

Booking a London escort for 30 minutes

booking London escort
11 March 2019

Yes, it really can be done! Most escort hobbyists are aware of this, but it isn’t every agency in London that offers 30 minutes incall escort service. Well, to be fair it’s not the agencies that offer the service, it’s the girls. Here at Butterfly Touch we have just introduced a new 30 minute escort gallery. The girls on there are the same as the ones we have in our main gallery of course, but we have filtered out any of them that don’t offer this service. You’ll be surprised at how many of them are happy to see you for just 30 mins actually!

The Girls are Back in Town!

London escort
1 February 2019

Now that all that nonsense is out of the way, it’s time to welcome back our beautiful London escorts! You know what we’re talking about of course? Christmas and New Year! That’s the time when we’re busy, yes. But unfortunately, it’s also the time when half the girls disappear! Who’d have thought it? How ironic, to have your busiest time of year, with half your girls available!

But now that the Russian Christmas is over too, we can begin to get back to normal and welcome back some old faces. Well, they’re not old faces of course. We wouldn’t be a very good London escort agency if we represented old faces! We are referring to those that were here before the Christmas period and took an extended leave of absence, so to speak.

Upgrade your London escort experience

Sexy female London escort experience
18 January 2019

Are you a regular at the agency? Or are you just a regular London escort hobbyist at any agency? It doesn't matter to us of course, but we thought we'd take the opportunity considering it's now 2019, to convince you to have even more fun! Have you ever thought about it? You must have, surely!

We have some new girls at Butterfly Touch, and they're really good. They also specialise in various techniques too etc. so you might want to take a look in the gallery and then their individual profiles to find out more. There's one other thing that the new girls (and indeed the regulars) specialise in, and that's extended bookings. Now this is the first and most logical way to upgrade your London escort experience of course, just to simply book longer!

Welcome to 2019 with some fabulous new London escorts!

fabulous new London escorts
8 January 2019

We have had a great year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support for the agency. We realise that you can probably get the same girls through a different London escort agency, but you have chosen Butterfly Touch, and for that we are very grateful! Here's to a fantastic year for all of us!

Love your London escort experience? Review it then!

female London escort
31 December 2018

We love them, our London escorts love them, and we know that you love them. So, why is it that so many people don’t review their services? We suppose it’s something to do with time and effort, but it would be nice if you could spare a few minutes when you’ve had a date with one of our beautiful young companions, if you could go along to one of the better independent escort review sites and tell them how good (or bad) your experience was.

Do you have what it takes to work with Butterfly Touch?

London escort girls at agency ButterflyTouch
24 December 2018

To begin with, we should make it clear that just because we’re a popular London escorts agency, it doesn’t mean you have to be a model to work with us. It’s more about looking as good as a model, if not better! Do you have model escort looks?

Most of the London escort girls we represent here at the agency are incredibly good looking. Some actually are models of course, some used to be, and all of them could well be if they wanted to pursue a career in that area. They all share three common factors: they love meeting men, they love to have fun and they love to make lots of money! Well, who doesn't?

Being prepared and getting out of drinks with colleagues

young sexy escort London companion
17 December 2018

Having a London escort hobby makes you pretty clever when it comes to hiding your tracks and making excuses, doesn’t it? We have a few extra ideas for those of you new to our little community and we’re only too happy to share them with you.

Are you one of those guys who goes out after work with friends/colleagues? Do you end up in the pub having a couple of pints, or perhaps more that you end up regretting? Well we have the perfect way to get out of it, and make a booking with a one of our playful London escort instead. We call it “the multi-use SMS method”.

What’s happening with the Escorts

Chelsea Cloisters escorts
11 December 2018

We’re sure you have read the article in The Times, or wherever it was. It’s been in a few of them actually, but they haven’t done a very good job of it to be honest. Most of the other stories are just regurgitations of the original! Basically the escorts in Chelsea Cloisters have been having a rough ride because of that stupid article about the owner of the building on Sloane Avenue donating money to the Tories! And this building, in case you were not aware, is home to a number of London escorts including a few of our girls.

Brains and beauty with East European escorts

Eastern European escort girls in London
30 November 2018

It’s not all about beauty you know! Well, alright, it is initially, we can’t argue with that. We wouldn’t very well have a website full of sexy pictures of these Eastern European escort girls if that wasn’t what most men go for initially. We could very well put the girls’ CVs up there could we? Or a list of their hobbies and the books they’ve read? That’s not going to interest anyone. But it’s once you’re acquainted that you begin to see more than the body and the face, it’s then that it becomes a real experience!

We have new girls – But we always want more!

London escort model
21 November 2018

We only want the good ones though! If you’re a London escort models and you are currently looking for new representation, or additional representation (you want another agency), then we’re the place to apply to. Lately we’re doing very well, and we have many clients, new and old (very loyal) and we’d love to offer them someone new to see.

For example, take a look at Jessica, Sky, Francheska and Brenda for starters. Since these girls joined, they have been very happy with the amount of work we've given them, and we have much more to offer. When you work with us at Butterfly Touch, you get an agency that allows you to work your own hours, set your own rates and we're not pushy. There's nothing worse than a pushy escorts agency, we're sure you'll agree!

Replacing your lover with a London escort

best female London escort
5 November 2018

That's the wrong thing to say really, we realise, but it's a good starting point for this article. It's all about the alleviation of break up pain by using the London female escorts community. Depending on the circumstances of your break up, we realise that you can't simply replace a partner with an hour or two in the company of a fabulous looking female London escort.

After all, you may have invested years in your relationship. We wouldn't care to trivialise that, this is not our intention at all. Once you get to know someone, even a little, you soon become so emotionally invested in their life, that to lose then is inevitably painful.

The perfect London escort hostess

best popular London escort girls
29 October 2018

Today we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of just how wonderful the London escort girls are. That sounds quite vague we realise. We are going to remind you of all the things they do, or can do, for you, other than just provide you with an excellent escort service in London.


This isn't always such an important thing for all clients, but it certainly is for many. Showers for all clients and toiletries are the often taken for granted facilities provided by our escort girls.

Accept the things you can’t change – Change the things you can!

London escort
22 October 2018

We're talking figuratively here of course. No, it's not an escape guide for all you BDSM fans out there! Today we're going to help you. Your favourite London escort agency is going to tell you how to avoid getting "snagged," for want of a better word, by the ladies

Now, we're not assuming that you're Brand Pitt, or otherwise highly desirable and physically gorgeous, so that all women want you. Because the truth of the matter is that you really don't have to be. These days with the state of marriage and the dating community the way they are, you only have to smile at an available woman to catch her interest in some cases. It all depends on the women in question of course.

Top Three Fun “Blokey” London Activities

sensual massage
13 October 2018

If you want to have more fun than Amanda Holden’s dress on Britain’s Got Talent, then you’re going to book a London escort girls to entertain you. In fact, your escort will probably knock Amanda Holden out of the park when it comes to appearance (have you looked at our gallery lately?)

It's not hard to have fun in London anyway if you’re a guy cruising the streets on his own. We’ve been having a little think about this and we have a top three list of things to do when you’ve had a few beers, you’re not drunk and you’re not ready to go home.

New for autumn: More bisexual London escorts join the team

bisexual London escorts
12 October 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have a number of brand new bisexual London escorts at Butterfly Touch. It's always a pleasure when new girls arrive, but it's even better when they are genuinely bisexual. Too many agencies out there boast that their girls are bisexual.

We don't very often even ask the girls when they apply either. This is because when you ask them, they're likely to tell you anything that they believe will get them more bookings. So you see, it's sometimes the agency fault and sometimes it's the girls' fault. This is why we usually wait for them to volunteer this information. Then we know that they're genuine, and it's more than likely also because they're keen to meet new women! If they are telling that they're bisexual, you can bet your life they are keen to meet women as well as men. Lucky for them that we have a good client list of women who book escorts too.

What do you know about Punternet?

UK London escort reviews
4 October 2018

If you’re a serious punter (meaning a man who books UK escorts on a regular basis) then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Basically speaking, it’s an escort review website…

We don’t think that Punternet really know just how valuable they are to everyone involved actually. You’re a client more than likely. How good is it that you can go and read what another client has said about an escort you’re planning to book? That’s got to be useful right? In much the same way as you would read the reviews for a washing machine online before you went ahead and bought it, you can do the same for a UK escort!

Don’t let your age get in the way

London escorts
28 September 2018

An “age” old complaint that women all over the world hear all the time. And may we speak on behalf of them, and all the London escorts we represent, when we tell you to just stop fretting so much!

Have you ever heard the phrase “you’re only as young as you feel?” Well you could actually change that to “the woman you feel,” couldn’t you? Not that we are promoting “feeling” our escorts of course, that’s not the idea. It’s a figure of speech if you like. We mean that if you spend time around and with younger people, you too will feel young.

Young London escorts can be the very best!

young London escorts
13 September 2018

It's true gents, and some of you may already know it of course. But what exactly is it about the young London escorts that floats your respective boats?

Youth and exuberance go hand in hand guys! Wherever there's a young person, there's usually a lot of enthusiasm and an awful lot of energy. Whether you can match their energy or not, we're certain that you'll be able to match their enthusiasm when you meet them in person!

How not to get tied down!

London escort agency
12 September 2018

We're talking figuratively here of course. No, it's not an escape guide for all you BDSM fans out there! Today we're going to help you. Your favourite London escort agency is going to tell you how to avoid getting "snagged," for want of a better word, by the ladies

Now, we're not assuming that you're Brand Pitt, or otherwise highly desirable and physically gorgeous, so that all women want you. Because the truth of the matter is that you really don't have to be. These days with the state of marriage and the dating community the way they are, you only have to smile at an available woman to catch her interest in some cases. It all depends on the women in question of course.

When massage isn’t enough

Sensual massage
8 September 2018

You’ve all be there we’re sure. There are those of you who have spent years getting sensual massage services in and around London. But there comes a time when you just want to connect with your masseuse that little bit more.

Again, we feel the need to mention that we’re not talking about sex. We’re not talking about that, simply because we have no idea what you get up to with our escorts, and we don’t want to know to tell the truth. As far as we’re concerned, you’ve paid for their time, and we’ve put the two of you together, that’s it. So we suppose that if you’re “upgrading,” so to speak, to an escort service rather than a massage service, you must have a good idea what’s going to happen

Being alone is the new thing!

London escort
3 September 2018

Everyone is breaking up these days. It’s either someone you know well, or some celebrity couple isn’t it? But you know, it’s not such a bad thing. It may have been frowned upon 20 years or more ago, but not anymore. As long as you’re happy doing what you do, it really shouldn’t concern anyone else. Besides, when you do need female company (and you do need female company), you can always book a beautiful escort to satiate that.

You’re not too old for a younger woman

Young London escorts
28 August 2018

You may think it’s a cliché, but young women really do like older men. A hell of a lot of the too. Even those who say they don’t, actually do; they’re just trying to be different! This is often the reason why escorts enjoy their job so much. Because they are genuinely attracted to their clients in so many cases. Why else would you choose a career that put you in such close, intimate contact with older men, unless you were genuinely attracted to them?

What’s the attraction?

Experience is one of the main attractions of course. Younger women feel happier with a more confident and experienced man. A man who doesn’t feel it necessary to show off or prove himself any longer. Well, the fact that younger women are attracted to him is actually a reward for the time he’s been around, and all he has dealt with we suppose. The younger men have to “do their time” before this reward. And when they’re young, they may well enjoy the company of younger women, but they’ll never know the appreciation an older man has for them!

Time to meet the new girls of summer!

massage escort
13 August 2018

We say it every time we know: It’s always nice when we get new girls! Well, it is isn’t it? We’re a little more selective than most agencies, so we don’t list as many new girls as most, but you can count on the ones we list to be good! This is the reason the ones we’ve had for such a long time, have stayed with us. And our clients love our girls!

Meet the newbies

Well, we're never too sure if they are newbies of course. They may be new to escorting, but not new to sensual massage. Or they may be new to both, or they may have been in the business for some time. What you can count on is that they're good. As we just said, we wouldn't have them if they weren't.

Getting a massage from a London escort

Sensual massage
22 July 2018

You’re aware of course that we specialise in sensual massage? We’ve done this for years. In fact, before we even represented London escorts, we were representing masseuses all over Central London. We still have a number of those girls at Butterfly Touch. It’s these girls that originally prompted us to represent escorts.

Looking sharp for your London escorts

London escort
17 June 2018

Whether you’re booking an incall appointment with one of our London call girls, or you’re going out to dinner, you should really always try to look your best. It’s not always easy we realise. Sometimes you go to see a London escort girl after work etc. and this is understandable. Most of you are pretty well turned out in your work suit anyway, and all the escorts have shower facilities etc. so you can scrub yourself up nicely.

But if you have the time to make a special effort, we urge you to do so. It really does make the world of difference to the girls. And we are certain that they will show their appreciation. There’s nothing nicer for a professional companion than to find that her client has made a special effort to be well-groomed for their date.

How to get the latest Jimmy Choos

London escort
17 June 2018

If you know what we’re talking about with that headline then you’re more than likely a woman, or a man who already has a woman that’s costing him a fortune! For those who don’t know, Jimmy Choo is a designer and famous for designer shoes. If you’re a guy reading this, then the only women you’re likely to have seen wearing these are celebrities and London escorts

Speak of which, that’s the way you get the latest Jimmy Choos! You become a London escort. No, it might not be for everyone, but if you’re a woman who likes being around men, and likes to shop until you literally drop, then escorting is for you. Not only will you be able to shop for as long as you like (when you’re not working of course!), you’ll be able to buy the expensive stuff. No more high street stores, wearing the same thing as everyone else, you’ll be in Harrods and the boutiques around Kensington and Chelsea, Mayfair etc.

Be a better boyfriend

London escort
11 June 2018

Not the type of article you expect to see on a London escort agency website we know, but there is a method in this madness. If you’re a single man, you’ll be a better boyfriend when you do finally get attached. Also, if you currently have a girlfriend, this article will help keep your escort activities off the radar because you’ll be such a very good boyfriend! So you see, it works for everyone! Besides, we all like to treat our women nicely right? Whether she’s an escort or a girlfriend.

Girls are here for summer

London escort girls
30 May 2018

Now the Easter break is all over with (both orthodox and any other we may have forgotten) the girls are committed to a summer in London. And it’s going to be a very hot summer with our girls. Hell, it’s going to be hot anyway, whether you book some company or not!

If you’re going to get hot and sweaty in London this simmer, you may as well be in the company of a beautiful woman. And don’t worry too much if you’re booking an incall escort appointment, the girls have showers and gentleman’s toiletries to help you freshen up.

You’re not as committed to your booking as you think

Agency escorts
17 May 2018

As a client of an agency or independent escort, you are essentially a consumer. And as a consumer, you have rights. Not rights that would stand up in a small claims court, or anything like that we’d imagine, but certainly rights that most agencies and independents would (or should) respect.

We’re talking about the good ones of course. There are those out there that have no respect for anyone, including themselves sadly. But then this is the main reason people like yourself come to a London escort agency, right?

Don’t misunderstand us here, there are also agencies that wouldn’t respect your rights as a consider too, we can’t blame all that type of behaviour on independent girls alone. But we’re not the type of agency that gets anything out of “mud slinging”. Mud sticks, and who are we to question another London escort agency?

How your receptionist can help you get what you want

London escort agency
9 May 2018

As a London escort agency we hear all manner of requests and stipulations. It doesn’t mean that we won’t ever hear something new however. In actual fact, we look forward to hearing those new and ever so curious requests. It can be something as simple as what you would like your chosen girl to wear on that particular evening, or it could be something a lot more specific. We’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about how your London escort agency receptionist, really can be your best friend when it comes to getting what you want out of your dating experience. And also, just how much we enjoy taking your requests and answering your questions.

Get yourself a “take charge” attitude

London escorts
1 May 2018

You’ve probably heard how women like powerful men. So it will come as no surprise that we’re writing this article to help you achieve a more “take charge” approach to your dating like. Your favourite London escort agency always has some good advice!

If you’re struggling then it has to be worth a shot anyway right? Of course, we could be preaching to the choir and you may well have this covered and just fancy booking London escorts once in a while. If this is the case, then good for you.

Don’t be a dick!

London escorts
22 April 2018

You can practice how not to be a dick with our London call girls if you like, but the most important thing about this article is for us to tell you just what it is that makes you a dick in the first place…

Your popularity at home, at work and in your love life is all based on your behaviour. It has nothing to do with your looks or money etc. it’s all about your personality. This is why we always insist on recruiting girls that are charismatic and fun to be with. Yes they’re beautiful, but they wouldn’t be nearly as popular if they were unlikable.

New face for springtime at Butterfly Touch

New russian London escort Eva
8 April 2018

We always like to introduce the new faces as and when they appear at the agency. We realise that some of you actually read our news and advice here, and we wouldn’t want to deprive you of your introduction to some of the newest, most beautiful young women in the world…

So, it’s without further delay that we introduce you to the very lovely Eva. It’s not her first time in London, but this time she’s back with one thing on her mind. She wants to meet Englishmen and make a bucket load of cash in the process! We’re sure you can help her out there. It won’t surprise many of you to learn that Eva is a Russian. But this Russian isn’t going to try and poison you :) so don’t worry!

Butterfly Touch guide to massage parlours!

Massage escort London
28 March 2018

If you’re in the market for a London escort, then you’ve more than likely experienced a massage parlour. Either that, or you’ve thought about it. If you’re thinking about booking an escort or a masseuse, allow us to save you some time and tell you to book one of our girls. It makes more sense.

Massage parlours come in two types: good ones and bad ones. We feel that it’s our job to help you differentiate between the two if you insist on getting a massage. We are of course talking about a “sensual” massage here, and not the type you get if you’ve pulled your hamstring whilst playing Saturday morning football with your mates!

Getting away from it all with a beautiful London escort

beautiful London escorts
20 March 2018

We all need a break from London don’t we? Or perhaps we need a break in London! Either way, we’ve decided to give you some news about the best hotels in the country. We’ve based our research on a number of experts, and yes, some of them are from a London escort or two!

After all, these women get around a bit you know! Not like that, no! We mean that some of the girls are lucky enough to get to travel nationwide with their clients. Perhaps you’re one of these gentlemen? Have you ever taken an escort away with you for the weekend? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility you know.

Getting your story straight: covering your London escort meeting

booking London escort
11 March 2018

We hear a number of stories in this business, as we’re sure you can imagine, and a recurring theme seems to be getting caught with an escort. It’s a very rare occurrence, especially if you’re careful, but it does sometimes happen. So we’re taking today’s article to offer you a little insight into getting your story straight!

Let’s face it, having a good story can mean the difference between domestic bliss and divorce in the worst case! Because of the ignorance and intolerance of some people, it can also mean losing your job etc. We don’t live in a world nearly as liberated as we’d like to believe! And whilst it remains in this way, we must do what we can to “stay under the radar,” so to speak.

Book a dominant escort to get you back on track

BDSM London escort
3 March 2018

Sometimes men lose their way. Let's face it's, it's true. They hold powerful positions at work, they have an active social life etc. and they can sometimes end up leaning towards disrespecting women a little. It happens, so let's face it and stop worrying about offending people!

If you work in a predominately male sector, or most of the powerful executives etc. are men, you probably don't even physically see women in an empowering way. And we're not talking about your opinion here, just to reiterate. We're talking about only seeing women in lesser roles. It still happens today and it still happens in London of all places. Well sometimes, men need to touch base with a dominant woman from time to time. And if they're not getting put in their place and brought back down to earth at home, that woman needs to be a professional who can do it quickly and efficiently.

Is there such a thing as love for a London escort?

London escort
21 February 2018

We have no doubt in our minds that you have had such a wonderful time with one of our girls (or a girl from another agency), that you believe you’re in love.

Well, the truth of the matter is that you are indeed in love. It’s not unusual at all for clients to develop these emotions for one of companions, regardless of how long they’ve known them.

Becoming a London escort: How to find the best agency to work with (and make the most money!)

London escort agency
15 February 2018

Some people would have you believe that you need to be listed with hundreds of agencies in order to succeed as a London escort these days. And believe us when we tell you that there are indeed hundreds of agencies out there. This doesn’t mean they’re all good of course. Some of them are so hard to find online that you may as well place a sign with your details on, in the coldest, most remote part of Antarctica! It’s much more important however to register your details with a good agency. But how do you know which agency is good?

Is it always worth “playing away” from home?

Agency escorts
4 February 2018

As men you get a pretty hard time we know. Most of the time when a relationship breaks down, it’s the guy that gets a hard time about it.

Well, in all truth, if you’ve cheated on your partner, you probably deserve it. However, what people don’t tend to think about is why the person cheated in the first place (whether it’s a woman or a man!) It’s always the person who played away from home that gets the blame, right? Now, we’ve learned a lot by running a London escort agency. A lot about men, and a lot about women too. We also hear a lot of stories. There are actually very valid reasons to cheat on a partner, so let’s have a look at some of them.

The perks of being a new London Escort

London escort
26 January 2018

It’s that time again ladies. It’s 2018 and we’re putting out the call for new London escorts. If you think you’d like to be part of a winning agency with a good reputation, there are some great rewards waiting for you…

Butterfly Touch have been in the business for a long time now, and we have the respect of many London escorts, as well as many clients. We’re not an overly huge agency, and we tend to keep things quite small when it comes to our database of companions, but we always have space for a few more exceptional girls.

Your favourite things about sex – recapturing your youth!

massage London escort
12 January 2018

Personally, we think that sex is about as complicated as you choose to make it, and our massage London escorts tend to agree with us. Some people panic whether or not they’re doing it right etc. but if you think about your first experiences of sex, you’ll soon come to realise that you made some real awful mistakes, but had a lot of fun in the process!

What did you like most about sex? Was it a particular position? Perhaps you like oral sex the most? Or fingering? Or anal sex? The list goes on and on. It’s important to remember that those mistakes and experimentations you made as a teenager, can be revisited as an adult, and you can actually get it right this time!

Don’t wait around for a girl!

book London escort
3 January 2018

Unless you absolutely, without the shadow of a doubt, believe her to be the one woman you can honestly spend the rest of your life with, don’t hang about waiting on her!

And the answer is no, we’re not just saying this because we want you to book our escort service in London . We actually don’t want you to be messed around! People are very quick to pull men to pieces for messing women around. Saying one thing and doing another etc. you all know the classic cases we’re sure. But the same people find it a little harder to believe when it’s a woman that’s doing all the messing around!

Is it truly better to have loved and lost?

London escorts
21 December 2017

Than never to have loved at all? Have you ever actually been in love? Really in love? Well it’s not all it’s cracked up to be all the time, is it? In fact, it can be downright painful and potentially destroy you. It doesn’t make you wonder why people stay on their own, why they don’t try to connect to others really.

Many men come to our reputable escort agency website because of this reason. They’re either scared to love anyone because of what they’ve heard or learned elsewhere, or they’ve been hurt so badly by “love” that they’ll never do it again. Trouble is, that when you take this stance, it can tend to make you more than a little cynical and distrusting of everyone, not just potential partners.

Some truths about cheating

London escort
14 December 2017

You may think you know about cheating and why it happens etc. but you may be surprised. We’ve written this little article to give you a little insight into just how and why people cheat.

You’ve all heard of “the seven year itch,” right? Well, if you haven’t, it’s not just a movie title! It’s widely believed that people get “the itch” (meaning they want to cheat) after seven years of a relationship. Actually, studies have recently discovered that it’s more likely to be between 6-10 years for a woman and over 11 years for a man.

Massage parlour problems in Chelsea!

massage escort agency
15 November 2017

This is the reason that there are premier massage escort agencies like ours in London! We are of course referring to the events in West London, when Earls Court’s Ping Wellness Centre got “routinely” inspected.

This is the problem with massage parlours that have to be licenced etc. The council can simply walk in and out whenever they want to carry out an inspection. They did this at Ping’s and found a few things they believed to be amiss. And as a result of their inspection, they are now recommending that Ping’s is closed down.

How to get over your girlfriend

London escorts
6 November 2017

No, we’re not instantly going to tell you to book a London escort, we’re not that brazen. There is a “grieving process” that has to be dealt with first in our opinion. This is what today’s article is all about. The things you can do to help.

We’re talking about damage control here gentlemen, not more carnage, so it’s really best to stay away from all girls to begin with. This includes London escorts. You’d think we’d be telling you something different, right? Well, as we said, we’re not that bad!

Don’t forget outcall escorts

27 October 2017

It’s time we reminded you gentlemen that our girls are also outcall London escorts. Whilst they enjoy having you over to their apartments, they do love a nice hotel room too!

Don’t all women like to go out and about every once in a while? If you’re a regular escort hobbyist, it may have slipped your mind, simply because you don’t really need to “wine and dine” or conventionally date women anymore. Your female companionship needs are all taken care of with our incall London escorts. But wouldn’t it be nice occasionally to have an outcall?

If your girlfriend doesn’t do these things dump her

London escorts
6 October 2017

Let’s start by saying that this is a little light hearted to begin with. We’re not actually telling you to dump your girlfriend, even though it would more than likely be good for our escort business! However, having said that, we do like to look after you and wouldn’t want you to be taken for a ride (not that kind of ride anyway!)

Women are complicated creatures, but they have one thing in common. Men adore them and will mostly let them get away with anything, just so they can have a girlfriend. Some women really exploit this fact and take liberties. How do you know if you’ve got a keeper or not? Well, you begin by comparing her to other women. No, not London escorts! These women are an exception and you’ll rarely get a girlfriend that looks this good! (No offence meant!) What we mean is that you compare her to the verifiably good girlfriends. And here’s a list of what makes a good girlfriend.

One blonde, one brunette: Duo London escorts at your service

bisexual London escorts
26 September 2017

Have you got the stamina and mental capacity to handle more than one London escort? You know they’re hot, you know they’re young, with boundless exuberance, so can you handle it?

To begin with, we don’t want to panic you. It’s not like these girls are going to take you hiking up Mount Fuji or anything. Some men feel intimidated by the prospect of booking two escorts at the same time, but there really is no need. We’re here today to put your mind at rest.

Top agency, top pay, top clients

London escort recruiting
19 September 2017

That’s what we like to say about Butterfly Touch. As far back as when we only offered sensual massage services, right up until now with full London escort experiences, we have always delivered a great service to our clients and also our escorts.

If you are a London escort looking for top representation, you could do a hell of a lot worse than listing yourself on Butterfly Touch. We have been in the business for many years and have a long and dedicated list of clients, that choose to use us because they can always rely on the fact that we will deal with their booking quickly and efficiently.

The top London escort fetishes

London escorts
10 September 2017

We all know that guys out there like to book escorts so that they can indulge in their favourite fetishes. Whilst we try not to ask too many questions about what the girls we represent do with their clients, we do pick up the occasional pearl of wisdom!

So we have it on pretty good authority what the top three fetishes are. Whether you like to indulge yourself and you’re looking for some kind of approval, or you’re looking to experiment a little, read on and discover what the other guys are looking for when they browse escort websites.

Can you love a London escort?

London escort
5 September 2017

Well, of course you can, it just depends on what “type” of love we’re talking about, and the depth of that love. We’re going to talk a little today about just how much we all need love and how you can get what you need from a London escort

Love is always a wonderful thing, but like all things, it fades over time. That is unless you get your love in small doses. If you get love in small doses, it’s almost always very passionate, meaningful and lasts longer. We’re talking of course about having a relationship here and not booking a London escort.

Forget all you think you know about escorts

28 August 2017

Escorts have been getting a pretty bad reputation sadly. They’re somehow considered a lower standard of person by some and it’s quite distressing that we allow these judgemental folks to influence our opinions. So we’d like to make a few things a lot clearer, and hopefully some of you will spread the word too.

Do you have anxiety problems? Would you even know if you had?

London escort
20 August 2017

We recently read an interesting article on anxiety and what you could be doing, whilst not realising, if you’re a sufferer. Not everyone realises that they suffer with anxiety, or indeed any form of mental health problem, so in the wake of Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought we’d share what we have learned.

We realise that we are merely a London escort agency, but we are very aware of these issues, since there are a number of people who book with us that do suffer with this problem. This is primarily why they book with us!

Get represented by a good London escort agency

10 August 2017

It’s not enough to just list your profile everywhere these days we know. If you’re an escort, the trick is to list your profile with the best London escort agencies. There are so many agencies in London that it becomes a mammoth task. But we’re here to tell you that there’s more to the best agency than simply being number one in Google searches!

That’s right, it goes much further than you might think. A London escort agency may invest thousands in their website in order to get onto page one of Google, but some of the agencies that don’t rank so well, still get lots of business. Why is this?

Dating in London: Why bother? Book London escorts!

London escorts
4 August 2017

We should perhaps explain our conclusion in the title. We have just told you to book London escorts, so there has to be a reason why dating in London is so difficult. It’s harder here in London than anywhere else in the country.

London is like a different country when you compare it to the rest of the country. We suppose that some of what you read will be applicable to the rest of the country, or indeed the world, but we’re saying that it’s particularly bad in London.

Our London escorts have been in the studio

London escort Stefany
9 July 2017

It may have escaped your notice, but a number of our London escorts have been updating their portfolios. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s always a great pleasure to get a new set of pictures in our inbox! We know that they’re going to be good, because basically all of our London escorts are gorgeous. Hell, they could all dress in garbage bags, with no make-up and they’d still look fabulous. We only ever represent the most beautiful women in London. It’s not really good business sense to represent London escorts that look as though they’ve been hit in the face with a dirty shovel is it?

Duo London escorts for the summer

DUO bisexual escorts
1 July 2017

If you think you’re going to have fun with one beautiful escort, drinking and dancing the night away, you’re going to have even more fun with two. We can tell you this for free. All the girls at Butterfly Touch who do duo experiences, love hanging out with a guy who can have fun with more than one girl. It shows a degree of, how shall we say, confidence and power that women find irresistible.

Most of our girls specialise in duo experiences, so we’ll tell you a little more about them. To begin with, those paired up on our DUO London escorts menu, are all genuinely bisexual. Make no mistake about this at all. We have a very broad minded and mega friendly bunch of girls at the agency and they’re always hanging out with each other (who knows what they get up to!)

Getting into the party spirit with London escorts

London escorts
23 June 2017

It’s the summer, it’s hot, there are probably going to be dreadful Tiki bars popping up all over the place, so just go with it! Our London escorts are here today to tell you how to get into the party spirit and where to go to indulge!

You could jet off abroad to get into the mood, but why bother when you can stay here in London. There’s a little of every culture here anyway, and this is just the way we like it. It’s much the same as our London escorts when you think about it! We have companions from Eastern Europe, Spain, South America, Italy and many other places. So what kind of party do you like? Don’t tell us. One with girls and booze?

Holiday envy? Book London escorts

London escort
20 June 2017

It’s a perfectly normal thing to have, don’t worry! Everyone seems to be jetting off somewhere hot don’t they? And if it isn’t that, you have to endure those dreadful TV programmes like “Take me out: The Gossip” or “Love Island,” where everyone is fit, young and gorgeous and looks great on the beach! It annoys us too, don’t worry! But you can alleviate it all by booking London escorts!

Getting what you need from your London escort

London escort
11 June 2017

We don’t profess to know what goes on between a London escort and her client when they’re alone together, and we don’t even want to guess. But we do know plenty about getting that basic human need from a companion.

What goes on between an escort and her client is a matter of privacy between two consenting adults and what they decide to do. We operate in an introductory capacity only, representing the girl and putting her in touch with the client who wishes to spend time with her. We have to remember of course that these young women are vibrant, sexy and excitable creature, and they’re bound to get carried away now and again. But this would perhaps depend on the company they keep of course!

Best places in London for coffee snobs and London escorts

incall London escort
29 May 2017

We’re absolute coffee snobs here at Butterfly Touch. It seems to have been one of those phenomenon that gripped London in much the same way as it’s always been a part of Italian (or indeed European) culture. Today we’re sharing our favourite places with you.

A couple of nice boozers we think you should try

London escorts
22 May 2017

We’re not always about promoting London escorts, as some of you already know. We often share other things on the website that we think might be of interest. For example, we’re rather fond of hotel and restaurant reviews. However, today is about boozers!

We’re not just talking about any old boozers today however, we’re talking about those with something special about them. We’re not entirely sure whether or not you’d like to take a London escort out for a drink in these places, but it’s all about personal taste of course. These places are actually famous in popular culture, so we suppose it would depend how much your London escort knows about popular culture in London or history in some cases. If they’re movie fans you might find that they have a really good time.

Waiting for your Sloane Square escort

Sloane Square escort Izabella
22 May 2017

We’ve been thinking about all you gentlemen out there that end up hanging around on the street in the pouring rain, ambling up and down, waiting for your Sloane Sqaure escort to be ready.

Not all of you do of course. Some of you are familiar with the area and have some favourite places you like to go etc. but this article is for those of you who don’t know what to do with yourself. Yes, it’s sometimes a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’ve never seen this particular Chelsea escort before, but there are places you can go to wait once you’ve got that confirmation text.

Take your London escort on a long weekend

London escorts
13 May 2017

We chat a lot with the girls we represent at Butterfly Touch and there’s always one thing that crops up in conversation. No, it’s not about clothes! Holidays! Everyone loves holidays, but London escorts are especially excited by them and they like to make lots of plans.

We suppose it’s all to do with the fact that they work so hard and they earn so much money! They’re able to get away whenever they want, but many of them don’t actually go away because they don’t have that many people to go away with.

Are you in shape for the Summer?

London escort
6 May 2017

No? We didn’t think you would be! We’re just kidding of course, but it is a well known fact that the Englishman actually gets himself out of shape for Summer. Otherwise, where would all those beach beer bellies be that we love looking at so much?

Today we’re writing to help you. But we’re only offering to help you if you want it. Forgiving us our introductory comments, we really wouldn’t insinuate that any of you are out of shape or that it makes a single bit of difference to our London escorts. However, if you want to lose a few pounds or breathe a little easier etc. we have a few ideas you might want to consider.

Your own massage therapist escort in your hotel suite?

London hotel visiting massage escorts
18 April 2017

Many of our clients stay in some of the best hotels in London and it's not unusual for any of our London massage escorts to visit a hotel suite for long bookings and even overnights.

Our popularity has risen rapidly now that our original massage girls have decided to offer full escort services. It was bound to happen of course, considering that our girls simply love to hang out with you guys as often as they can! However, if you really want to impress them (and let's face it, they deserve it!) you might want to book one of the best hotel suites in London.

Alleviate the political debate with a London escort

London escort
17 April 2017

Politics are taking over the country and London is in a buzz with election talk. Are you really that interested in any of it? Well, you’re clearly not losing sleep over it if you’re here browsing London escorts. We don’t mean to insinuate that you don’t have a political conscience, we actually believe that everyone should have one. We just think the nation has heard enough about politics for a while, and we have a sneaking suspicion that you may feel the same!

To book or not to book – That is the question!

London escort
17 April 2017

We’re all too familiar with the process gents! We know the internal struggle you have about booking London escorts and we know there are a mountain of reasons you can come up with not to. However, if you stop for one moment and consider why you should book London escorts you’ll quickly see that the answer will outweigh any misgivings you have!

Our London escorts tell you how to get laid!

London escort
7 April 2017

Who could you think of who is better qualified to tell you how to get laid? A London escort gets to see a lot of different men and they can certainly tell you what lines have been used on them to impress them etc. and they can tell you a lot more besides.

What it means to be a bisexual London escort

bisexual duo escorts
3 April 2017

What it means is that you're going to have a lot of fun! Seriously though for a moment, bisexual London escorts do actually have a lot of fun because they're not restricted to who they date…

Dating is always hard for heterosexual people. Not just because they only have one type to go for, but also because they're increasingly more often at risk of getting it wrong when they're chatting someone up. These days people are a lot more open about their sexuality and "straight" men are always falling at the first fence when they pick a lesbian to chat up in a bar! Not a problem of course if you're booking a bisexual London escort!

Nervousness is a very British problem!

London escort
23 March 2017

You certainly won’t get any of our European London escorts feeling nervous. They wouldn’t be much good at their job if they were would they? But it’s true, the British really are among the most nervous people in the world. Why is this?

Well, we’re not anthropologists or anything like that, but we do profess to know a little about human behaviour. The British still appear to be stuck in that “stiff upper lip” era we’re afraid. They don’t complain about much, they’d rather rant about it when they get home. We think that this is what makes them nervous to a certain extent. You see, they’re not used to confrontation, or really being assertive about anything. Isn’t it time the Brits “seized the day”?

Eating alone in London – Our top choices

London escort
23 March 2017

We’re not always able to get a date right? This is arguably the reason why you’re here reading this post on a London escort website of course. So we thought we’d be especially kind and tell you about some of the hottest spots to eat when you’re alone.

We’re not always about telling you to book company. We are well aware that eating alone, or doing anything alone, can be highly beneficial. You can think about certain things more clearly, you can get more work done, you can be overall more focused. So it’s with this in mind that we’re suggesting the following restaurants. And just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds!

Put some Spring in your step with London escorts

London escort
23 March 2017

Spring is finally here gentlemen and it’s sure going to bring out the ladies! And you know what that’s going to put you in the mood for?

You know what we’re talking about of course. You’re not going to be able to move for women in short skirts and wavy dresses on the pavements of London Town. It’s going to be awesome. And you can bet your ass that the London escorts we represent are going to be splashing out on some new Spring/Summer clothes to impress their outcall clients.

Give us some London escort reviews please!

London escort
11 February 2017

Today we’re appealing to all our faithful and future clients to write a review for any girl they’ve seen recently. There’s nothing like getting reviewed on some of the independent review sites online these days and we would very much like to build up our presence…

It’s really hard to put a value on a good review really, but we know that it virtually always generates more leads to the website. And with those leads come plenty of opportunities to get more bookings. The girls are always keen to get more bookings of course, and it’s in your best interest to have an experienced London escort right? Not to mention a happy one!

Dealing with your girlfriend’s parents

book London escort
26 January 2017

If you have a woman in your life that you really like, you’re probably going to have to win over her parents. Well, you can thank your friendly neighbourhood London escort agency for the advice you’re about to read…

Countless comedy movies have been made on the back of this problem. Look at “Meet the Parents” for prime example. Although we sincerely hope you don’t get a father in law like Robert de Niro’s character! But we digress, let’s get to the point.

The perfect girl for every occasion

Massage escorts
14 January 2017

Some agencies don’t bother to get to know the escorts they represent. We’re not like them at all. We have specialist massage escorts in London, so it’s our job to make sure they know what they’re doing! It’s for this reason we’re able to suggest the perfect companion for the perfect occasion.

It really wouldn’t do for us not to know about each of the girls when we’re advertising very specific skill sets would it? If we say a girl can give a professional tantric massage, we really mean they can. We are likely to have heard it from those who have actually experienced time with that girl, or at the very least we will have read reviews from other sites and agencies where the girl in question has worked in the past.

Don’t neglect your massage from a London escort

14 January 2017

We’re here to petition you gentlemen to never neglect the opportunity for a massage. We’re massage escorts after all and we actually specialise in this!

We know what it’s like though. You’re having a lot of fun with your chosen escort and you simply want to do so much, yet you are constantly thinking that you might not have the time. You don’t need to worry though. And although it’s hard to put other thoughts out of your mind, if you submit to the skills of your London massage escort, you will never regret it. We would heartily recommend a massage about half way through your booking. It really breaks up your experience and allows you to relax before rediscovering just what else your lovely companion has in store for you.

Becoming a better man with London massage escorts

London escorts
14 January 2017

London escorts have a very bad rap you know. And those who book London escorts are often looked down upon for some reason. Obviously we’re in the business and we’re sympathetic to both escorts and clients, but there is a little more to it than that…

We are massive advocates for the escort industry and we know very well just how much of a fantastic community this is to be a part of. We know many girls who work with us, and have worked with us in the past. We also know many clients who have been entertained successfully over the years and we take regular bookings from guys who have used us for years. All these people are very kind and thoughtful individuals who really do appreciate each other and this makes us happy. So it’s regretful that so many others tend to condemn those involved with the industry.

You only have to ask, we’re here to help

London escort
29 December 2016

It’s not a privilege when you book a London escort. You don’t have to be eternally grateful and jump through hoops for us or the girl you have booked. You have paid for a service and you deserve the best. You need to remember this. We’re writing today so that you remember all you have to do is ask…

Never rush your time with our London escorts

London escort
29 December 2016

We’re not saying that to be pushy, or to tell you what to do, we’re saying it in order for you to enjoy yourself more. It continues to amaze us how so many escort hobbyists fail to optimise their time when they’re with a beautiful young woman…

Well, we’re going to give you a few pointers if you’ll allow us. You see, when you’ve paid your fee to your chosen escort, it’s a service you’ve purchased. You should ensure that you get value for your money right? If you leave after half an hour, it’s like leaving the restaurant when you’ve finished your starter, after paying for a three course meal. It’s simply a waste.

Say it with flowers!

London escort
26 December 2016

You’ve all heard that before right? Well, at least you should have! Roses, carnations, lilies, you name it, you’ll get them all in London. If you’re planning an incall London escort booking, you can really make it a night (or afternoon) to remember by adding to the moment in this way. You’re sure to create a little passion!

Can you get a Nuru massage from a London escort?

massage London escort
3 December 2016

The short answer is yes, of course you can. When it comes to Nuru massage, you really couldn’t have picked a better London escort agency either. Butterfly Touch happen to represent some of the most talented masseuses in the city today.

What is an exclusive London escort?

London escorts
17 November 2016

There seem to be so many different types of London escorts these days, it’s often hard to keep up. Exclusive escorts are just one group of girls that require a little explaining…

Some believe that exclusive means elite, or somehow extra special, or excellent quality. Whist exclusive escorts often are indeed extra special, that’s not what it really means. Exclusive London escorts are girls that are represented exclusively by one agency. In other words, if you see that one of our girls is exclusive, you won’t be able to book her anywhere else in the city. That includes independently too! Sounds good right? Well, it really is, and here’s why.

Four hands are better than two

four hands sensual massage
16 August 2016

Isn't that the truth? You know of course to what we refer? Choosing two girls to work your body until it's quite literally tingling with an excitement you'll be unable to control has to be worth it…

Having two pairs of hands on your skin in different areas is something you simply must experience at least once in your life, but having two pairs of expert hands on your skin is even better than that! This is why Butterfly Touch are so very popular; simply because we are able to give you this most sensual massage with happy ending and much more!

You need GFE London escorts in your life!

London GFE escorts
26 March 2016

Of course you do! Well, we all need London escorts in our life, but there really is something particularly special about those who offer GFE escort services

For those of you who are struggling, GFE means "girlfriend experience." It's something that should really only be used by those London escorts who are capable of offering the experience, yet sadly it's used by virtually all escorts. This is a problem in our eyes, since it devalues the phrase. It takes a lot more than simply pretending to be your girlfriend, to be a truly good GFE London escort.

London escort Nataly has been a very busy bee!

bisexual escort in Mayfair Nataly
24 March 2016

Nataly has been very busy indeed. Mainly mastering her tantric massage skills. This means that she has even more to offer her clients. In this article we're going to tell you a little more about this up and coming escort and just what she has in store for you…

Nataly has been with us for a while now, offering a very good list of intimate services. You can see all of these services by visiting her profile now if you like. However, even though she's always had a passion for massage, she wasn't all that familiar with the practice of tantric massage. We have managed to rectify this, and by working with Nataly on something that she is very eager to learn, we have managed to get her trained up to be very good indeed. Of course the beauty of this is that she's only likely to get better and better. When did you ever hear of an escort who got worse at giving massages?

Meet Ada and Bonnie: Two brand new London escorts at Butterfly Touch

London escorts
10 March 2016

As one goes, another two arrive! Such is the fate of our best London escorts agency . So, even though we're sad to see our lovely Emma leave us to spread her wings back home, we're very excited to introduce you to two more, very fresh young faces. Who knows, maybe they'll be as successful as our Emma was…

To begin with, if you are a young woman looking for representation in the escort industry, we would like to welcome you to apply to Butterfly Touch. We are always looking for new talent, and you really can count on our team to make you feel very welcome and give you all the support you need. We have many regular, really quite lovely clients, who would be very pleased to meet you. In fact, the reputation of our clients for treating our girls with such respect, and in such a luxurious manner, is one of the main reasons we get so many new escorts joining us. Simply go to the application page and follow the instructions there.

A very fond farewell to one of the best London escorts we've ever met!

best popular London escort
8 March 2016

Emma is leaving us gentlemen! We know, it's a very sad time. But it's also one of celebration. Emma is off to pastures new, to follow a different path and expand her mind with higher education. We thought you would like to give her a fond farewell, so you'll need to book now!

We became firm friends very quickly when Emma joined the team back in 2012, and having been with us all this time, exclusively, she has decided to end her escorting career. It's so lovely when a young woman as wonderful as Emma decides to end their London escort career on a high. There are many girls in this industry that leave the escort world because they've just had enough, but this was far from the case with Emma. Emma is one of those female London escorts that absolutely adores what she does, and she has nothing but wonderfully happy memories from all the adventures she's been on here in London, and indeed from all the clients she has seen. She has managed to build healthy, lasting client/escort relationships with many of them, and she will be sorely missed we're sure.

Don't cry into your Lasagne for one! Book London escorts from Butterfly Touch!

London escort agency
4 March 2016

We're kidding of course! And we don't mean any offence if you actually do cry into your ready meals at the end of each day. But whether you do or not, that can all stop, because we have one of the most exciting and affordable London escort agencies in the city, and it's just a phone call away!

Let's begin by saying that there's nothing wrong with being single, as long as you can get company when you reach those moments when you really crave company. Single is liberating, it's fun and it's important to be single these days. We're all too busy to live our lives for someone else to be perfectly honest. Don't get us wrong however. Yes, we run the best London escort agency, but we're not totally without feeling and faith in love etc. If you find that one person that really does it for you, then that is a truly remarkable experience. We're just realistic in the belief that this doesn't happen often. And, let's face it, there's really no need to hang around being lonely and sad until you do find the one, right?

Butterfly Touch welcome back the fabulous London escort Christy!

fabulous London escort Christy
2 March 2016

Now, some of you lucky lads out there will already know about Christy. And we also know that if you do know her, you're probably on the phone right now booking her for next week! She has indeed been sadly missed for some time now, following an extended holiday from the UK for a while…

We suppose that's what you get when London escorts get paid so well… They simply save their money and bugger off abroad! No, in all seriousness, Christy is back, not because she's run out of money, but because she loves her escorting career and was beginning to miss all the attention. She's an attention whore above all else you see; we won't lie to you. But then, when you're a London escort who looks this good, you're bound to get used to a certain level of attention right?

High class London escorts and where to take them

Taking high class London escort for dinner
5 February 2016

You may or may not be aware that we now have a very high class escorts gallery designed for all you gentlemen that require only the very best of the best, so we thought we'd share a few suggestions on where to take this magnificent London escorts…

We're certain you have your favourite places in and around London, but you might want to adjust these haunts a little if you're going to impress one of the high class London escorts you see in our gallery. That's not to say you have to impress them, just that if you want to you're going to have to pull something special out of the bag; consider for a moment what lifestyle these young beauties have been used to.

It's 2016! Do something meaningful this year!

london escort recruitment
16 January 2016

And no, before you immediately accuse us of telling you to book London escorts, we're not going to! If you're on our London escort agency> website, then you're probably considering that already! We're going to inspire you instead…

Do not, under any circumstances, begin the year with a bottle of beer and Netflix! There, we said it. This is not a sure way of embarking on your New Year to do something meaningful. You may well have had an email from Netflix telling you that your favourite show has added another season, but resist we tell you! Resist! You know what will happen. You'll waste the whole of January and February, and before you know it you'll be approaching the spring with a massive gut and a bad back! You'll be sufficiently entertained however, which is always nice of course!

High class London escorts for 2016

High class London escorts
8 January 2016

2016 should be the year that you take yourself more seriously, and you should treat yourself like a VIP! This is why we're encouraging you to book the services of some of the best VIP London escorts in the city…

You might think that just because you don't own the company, have millions sitting in the bank, or have a chauffeur driven limo, that you're not a VIP, but there's a little more to it than that. Being a VIP is a state of mind gentlemen, and in our minds VIP stands for "Very Important Person" A very important person doesn't have to have all those things we listed, they just have to be good enough to be considered as "important," and that friends is very subjective indeed!

We offer a lot more than massage at Butterfly Touch London Escorts

Joanna london escort
30 December 2015

We'd like to begin the New Year by ensuring that everyone who visits the website understands that we are also one of the best London escort agencies in the city…

We started out by offering only sensual massage, as some of you will already know. However, with the sort of girls we represent, we've been somewhat forced to move our focus to escorting! Yes, that's right, it's the girls that have moved us in this direction! When you have insatiable young escorts like we tend to get at Butterfly Touch, you literally have to tailor your website to suit their requirements and not your own!

Busy over Christmas? Our London escorts intend to be…

sexy London escorts incall
22 December 2015

So the point we're making here is that we're going to have London escorts available to you over Christmas and the New Year. Many of the girls have gone away for the season, but there are plenty left for you to choose from!

So when you're sitting there at home, or in some rented apartment in London, watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses, you could actually be with one of the best London escorts in the city. Why put up with the telly (especially The Wizard of Oz!) when you could be in the company of an exquisite young woman with only you on her mind?

Why is chemistry so important for London escorts?

beautiful female London escorts
14 December 2015

We've all heard this word "chemistry" before, yet so many of us fail to understand the importance of it in a variety of different relationships and environments…

Some would argue that the chemistry between escort and client isn't important at all, and to those people we would say that if you're happy with a very standard service, good luck to you. To anyone else we would be quick to point out that London escorts are human beings and not robots. The happier and more relaxed they are in your company, the better the experience is going to be for all involved!

New faces at Butterfly Touch: World class London escort agency

finest reliable London escort agency
8 December 2015

Christy is one of the newest young angels to join us here at Butterfly Touch. This wonderful Turkish / Russian escort is offering both incall and outcall escort services in London , and she very much looks forward to meeting you. You see, it didn't take her long to work out what she wanted to do here in the UK. Basically she wants to meet men! There are a number of opportunities open to a young woman of Christy's skills of course, but she chose escorting to be the highest on her list of priorities for this very reason!

She's a talented young masseuse too of course, as are so many of our young London escorts. This makes her a great choice for you guys who like massage escorts in London. We have to add here that you gents in particular make us very happy indeed. You know just what you want from an escort and you really appreciate the service our girls offer.

Inviting a massage escort to your hotel

outcall Massage escort London
20 November 2015

Some people are more than a little concerned about booking a massage escort to come to their hotel room. This is understandable, and to many there's nothing we could say or do to put their mind at rest, but considering that booking some company has become increasingly more popular, there really isn't that much to worry about…

And that's the primary argument we're trying to make here. Obviously we run an escorts agency in London, and the girls we represent are all very talented masseuses, but whether you book with us or not, it really is becoming a very natural thing to do. We live in a world where it's more stressful, where more people visit the city and more and more people are accepting that the old taboos are quite literally that – "old."

Massage escorts at The Baglioni

London Massage escorts outcall
14 November 2015

The Baglioni really is a high class hotel. In fact it's one of the swankiest places to stay in the whole of London. This is the type of place you stay if you really don't care how much you're spending on your stay, and it's the perfect place to have our outcall massage escorts visit you for a little evening entertainment!

The rooms at The Baglioni are actually ideal for a visit from one of our London massage escorts, because they're really spacious, with great facilities. Our outcall London escorts can perhaps indulge you in our specialist bath ritual soapy massage. All the girls you see in the gallery enjoy doing this for their clients and when you get to do it at a hotel like The Baglioni it's even better.

VIP London escorts are the only way to enjoy the city!

vip London escorts
5 November 2015

They really are. It's all well and good looking substandard courtesans, but you won't get the very best of the best. We're going to introduce you to one of our lovely high class London escorts and let you decide whether you deserve the good treatment or not!

You're here because you love company of female London escorts of course, but we simply have to tell you about two of our latest additions. Not only are they new additions to Butterfly Touch, but you'll get them for the most reasonable price with our agency. And considering they really are VIP London escorts, you're a very lucky man indeed!

London escorts massage pretty good, but what else is cool in the world

London hotel visiting escorts
19 October 2015

We know it doesn't matter what type of man you are. You could be in charge of a huge corporation, a successful banker, or someone who empties the bins, you've all got two things in common. You all love women and you all love cool stuff!

Yes, you see. We know that you're all little boys at heart! Getting an escorts massage is pretty easy these days, you can simply Google it, pick London massage escort near you and enjoy yourself. Finding the coolest gadgets and other stuff is a little harder however. Everyone wants to tell you what's cool, but never fear, Butterfly Touch are here to help you. We like to go Googling from time to time in order to find stuff we know you'll be interested in, and we came up with the following. Our list is inspired by GQ magazine. These are the guys to listen to when it comes to what's hot and what's not; but we're sure you knew this!

The best massage escort London has to offer, just for you!

massage escorts in London
3 October 2015

It's all very well booking a playful London escort for your time in the city, but you want one with specific skills right? Of course you do, you'd be a fool not to! Well when it comes to girls, we have more than you need. But when it comes to the best massage escort London has to offer you… Well…

We have those too of course. It all depends on your preference as far as looks are concerned, but you can count on them all being very good at massage. Most independent escorts and a great number of agencies will tell you that they do naturist sensual massage services. Sadly however, this often means that the young woman you book to spend time with will probably rub your shoulders for you and that's it. Let's face it, you can get this from one of your friends for goodness sake; it's hardly a tantric massage!

Where are the best escorts in London?

best London escorts
21 September 2015

Well now, this depends on the type of escorts you're looking for really doesn't it? There are so many different types of escorts in London that it would be pretty impossible to tell you all their locations…

However, you will often find the best escorts in London are located in the busiest places. For instance, there will be no shortage of escorts in Paddington, or perhaps Kings Cross. Or when you come to think of it, escorts in London will always be in greater number around stations where there is a large volume of commuters. We're not saying that commuters are the biggest clients, but they certainly make up a large quantity.

A modern man's guide to being single

quality London escort service
1 September 2015

That old feeling loneliness will come to us all. As one of the best London escorts providers in the city, we have enough experience of this depressing emotion and we'd like to give you a few tips on how to be single in today's modern world…

London escorts aren't troubled by loneliness, or being single, but how does a man survive in a single existence today? Well, we're going to tell you not only how to survive, but how to thrive. However, to begin with you have to change your way of thinking. It sounds odd we know. You see, most people seem to believe that their whole purpose in life is to find a partner. Once you get this out of your head, and realise that there is far more to life than finding the elusive "one", you'll be a much happier person and able to follow these guides much easier.

Why risk Ashley Madison when you can book elite London escorts?

elite London escorts
25 August 2015

You all know about Ashley Madison we presume? To those who don't, it's a type of dating site that enables people to have an affair, and indeed encourages it. However, it was hacked and personal details were seen…

If you're not panicking and running around in circles right now, worrying about your dating profile and who might see it, read on. Adult dating is a pretty common thing these days, whether you're married or not. But we would also argue that booking elite London escorts is much more common too, just less socially acceptable.

Romance isn't dead with London massage escorts

London hotel visiting escorts
20 August 2015

Oh no, it certainly isn't, and if there's anything these London massage escorts love, it's a little bit of romance. It might not come naturally to you, but do you know what? That's the best type of romance you can get… The real deal…

You don't have to be in love with someone to be romantic however. There, we thought we'd put that statement out there straight away to avoid any confusion. Romance is about "romancing" of course, the feeling we get when we would do anything for another person in order to make them happy; even if that means making a fool of ourselves! Now why on earth should you have to be in a relationship with that person to do this? There's no need at all. The London massage escorts you see at Butterfly Touch can all be wooed like conventional women, they're just more receptive to it that's all. And you wouldn't have it any other way would you!?

Getting over a girl with high class London escorts

High Class London escorts
7 August 2015

It's up to you of course, whether you want to book an escort or not, we're just saying that it can help considerably if you've been through a rough time and you can't get a girl out of your head. But we're not just soullessly going to advertise we have the best VIP escorts. We're going to offer you some advice too…

Firstly you need to think about just why you can't get her out of your head. There are a number of common reasons for this. Most of them are perfectly normal and might just need you to make a few adjustments to the way you're thinking. It's easy to do when you try hard.

London Kensington escorts dining at The Goring

Kensington escorts
30 July 2015

What a place to stay, what a place to eat! Everything is special about The Goring. But if you're going to take London Kensington escorts there to dine, you'd better be sure they're VIP companions and they know how to handle themselves in such luxury…

It's no good booking one of those London Kensington escorts for £100 and hoping she has the social grace to negotiate this illustrious place, or worse still one of those dreadful call girls you see advertising in phone boxes! No, what you need is a real VIP companion to join you. Someone who knows how to keep a conversation going, someone who doesn't just look beautiful, they exude elegance and style. Someone who is capable of capturing your entire being, capable of inspiring you.

Take it easy with VIP escorts

vip London escorts
23 July 2015

Entertaining comes easy to these girls. The entire city is their oyster and they've been to all the best places. VIP escorts are the girls you book when you want a truly memorable evening and you need a professional service…

Professionalism is at the top of the list when it comes to the attributes possessed by VIP escorts. This can mean many things of course, but chiefly among them are: reliability, punctuality, exquisite dress sense and style and the ability to interact with virtually anyone. A professional escort takes her job seriously and she ensures that above all else, the client has a good time.

VIP London escorts at The Wolseley

vip London escorts
18 July 2015

You'll find The Wolseley at 160 Piccadilly and it's one of the best places in London to entertain VIP London escorts, no word of a lie! When you're booking the company of a gorgeous woman of this calibre, then you're going to need to treat her how she's used to being treated…

You owe it to yourself to dine out in style and you owe it to yourself to take one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the city with you. We're spending so much time in pursuit of the perfect woman these days that we've almost forgotten to have some fun along the way. And who says you can't get the perfect woman for just one night anyway? VIP London escorts will certainly qualify when we're talking about "perfect!"

Nothing more exciting than a secret affair with London escorts

female London escort available
10 July 2015

It's true, it really is. And unless you've actually tried it, you're never likely to know. We will go some way to giving you an idea however, that's what we do here, we realise erotic fantasies! Have a think about what we have to say and then ask yourself, do you want a secret affair?

It's something that happens in movies all the time right? Well, it doesn't just have to happen in the movies. Besides, in the movies it always ends badly for one or the other doesn't it? It's some kind of inbuilt "moral code" that film makers seem to hark back to every time in order to keep the narrative interesting. But this isn't a genetic coding in human beings at all you understand? And certainly not in London escorts!

Get value for money on your stay in London

outcall escort to London hotel
1 July 2015

Last week we mentioned hotel suites in some of the best London hotels. This week we're going to look at those that won't costs you as much, thus allowing you to indulge in some of the many other delights London has to offer…

It's not all about spending a fortune and living in the lap of luxury when you travel to London. If you're an international businessman, or perhaps you're just travelling to London from elsewhere in the UK on business, you may not always be able to afford the best of the best; or indeed, if your company is paying for your stay you may be on a strict budget. We wouldn't want you to spend excessive amounts of money on your hotel when you'd much rather spend that bit of spare cash you have on a stunning London escorts. So, we've taken the liberty of suggesting a few centrally located hotels that concentrate more on budget than luxury.

London escorts at The Bastille Fair

London escorts
20 June 2015

Borough Market is famous in its own right really, but when events such as this come around it makes the place even more enjoyable to visit. The market is located just off the South side of London Bridge and it's not hard to find at all, especially if you like walking the streets in the summer. There are certainly a number of beautiful sights to see if you choose to stroll around for a while and no matter where you walk around this area you always seem to come across Borough Market. The London escorts we represent close to the area spend a lot of time at the market anyway, enjoying the street food and the atmosphere, as well as picking up a number of bargains!

London Escorts: Making the afternoon hotter!

London escorts
12 June 2015

Yes friends, the weather is truly beginning to heat things up. Sunbathing after work? No? Well, why not visit some of the best London escorts and let them round off your day by making it even hotter…

What would you usually do after work? You'd more than likely end up at the pub with some of your work colleagues, downing a few pints and ogling the young barmaid we're sure, but there is an alternative. The beautiful London escorts you see on our website are a little different than the young barmaid. To start with they're gorgeous, and they don't mind you ogling them! If there's anything that these young courtesans love, it's a gentleman who knows how to appreciate a woman; if he can't stop looking at her, it's always a good sign that the booking is going to be a lot of fun!

Book London escorts for Royal Ascot 2015

finest escorts in London
2 June 2015

Are you planning to go to Ascot this year? If you're not, perhaps this is a good reason to! Ascot requires that the women look absolutely fabulous of course, so what better than to choose from some of the best looking escorts in London

Ascot is the UK's most popular and fancy race meet. If you're not familiar with this whole concept, in the UK we go quite mad about horse racing and proceed to spend all of our wages on escorts and guessing which horse is going to win. If you like the idea of doing this whilst looking absolutely fabulous then it starts on June 16th and lasts until the 23rd.

High class men deserve high class activities

high class London escort
20 May 2015

Not to mention high class London escorts of course! But that's another story altogether of course, we all know you're here for that anyway. We found a new place to go that might just fuse the old and the new together to get men interested again…

Interested in what you might ask? Well how about some of the traditions of our great nation? Some of the things we have become famous for over the last two centuries? We are of course referring to the title of this article, the evolution of afternoon tea. It's been a staple part of English society for centuries (well, high society mostly) but most men and a number of the London escorts we represent have become rather bored with it.

done at one of the loveliest boutique hotels in Soho. For the first time ever the predominantly feminine concept of "afternoon tea" has had a male make over!

High class treatment for high class London escorts

high class London escort
12 May 2015

You all like living in the lap of luxury with our high class London escorts we know, but do you know how to treat them? You really need to keep them sweet and treat them well; and here's how…

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking, hang on a minute, I'm paying for her time and company, why should I then have to get her gifts and buy her dinner etc? Well, if you don't know the answer to this question then you probably shouldn't be booking high class London escorts at all!

The truth of it is you actually don't have to. They're not likely to complain. However, you will earn extra "brownie points" for any efforts you do make. Even a nice bottle of champagne would suffice if you've got one of these high class London escorts coming to your hotel room. Sipping some Bollinger in your suite at The Dorchester with a beautiful young companion is enough to satiate any man's desires!

Sunshine in London!

booking a london escort
5 May 2015

The sun has got his hat on and it looks like he really is intending to stay with us for a while. So what can you get up to in the city during this lovely weather? Besides booking London escorts that is…

Not that we don't want you to book our girls of course, that would be silly, we just wanted to share a few things with you that you might like to indulge in whilst you're in our great city. There isn't much better for your well-being than fresh air and exercise, that much we all know; with the exception of London escorts for company that is! So with this in mind, take a look at some of the following ideas and get yourself outdoors this summer!

London escorts who love to massage your troubles away…

London massage escorts incall
27 April 2015

What do hot, sunny days need to end with? Hot, relaxing evenings with some of the finest London escorts you're ever likely to come across of course!

You don't have to do anything in particular to spend time with one of the lovely companions we have on offer in London today, all you have to do is relax. Most of our London escorts are all experts in massage and they like nothing more than to relax you at the end of a busy, hot and sticky afternoon at work. How about an assisted soapy shower or even a bubbly bath with a girl? You can have one of these, slip into a robe or towel and make yourself comfortable whilst they do all the work.

Beware the cheap London escorts

cheap London escorts
20 April 2015

Although we are not among the most expensive escort agency in London, there are cheaper places you can get female escort, but we'd like to tell you they're not all they're cracked up to be!

The sad fact is that there are agencies out there that list literally anyone who looks pretty enough for you to desire her. It's perfectly understandable that you would be tempted by some provocative pictures of these beautiful London escorts, but you have to remember that they're not all they seems to be.

In some cases the agency will not even have met the companion you're looking at online. This is worrying when you have no idea if the pictures are genuine, or indeed where you might be strolling of to, in order to visit an incall apartment. The agency has no idea whether the girl is genuine, or even if she is trustworthy. It's not fair to say all cheap escorts agencies operate in this way, but they do exist, so be careful!

Where do you take High Class London escort?

high class London escort
10 April 2015

A good questions, particularly if you've never booked one of these elite young companions before. We've taken the time to give you some ideas where you can wine and dine some of the most beautiful women in London…

You will of course realise that the high class London escorts expect nothing but the best anyway. These girls are well used to dining out and meeting in the best hotels in London, so you'll need a few tips if you're planning on indulging yourself at this level.

Becoming a London escort

London escort agency recruitment
5 April 2015

There's a lot to be said for becoming a popular London escort. However, we're not going to go into the benefits of this career, you've more than likely decided that already. We are going to tell you just what will be expected from you…

Firstly, having mentioned the word "career" it's important that you take this career seriously because that's precisely what it is. If you do indeed want to become an elite London escort you need to focus on your career with a lot of effort; if you don't you will end up at a lower class and perhaps not represented by the right escorts agency for you.

Take a break from life with a London escort

female London escort model
28 March 2015

Everyone seems to be banging on about elections at the moment. People are overly concerned with the trivialities of life and never seem to take a break for themselves…

Well, we say to hell with these weekend spa breaks and having dinner with a friend in order to complain about your woes. What's needed is some pure indulgence and the only way you're going to get this is with a London escort who can cater to your every need, communicate effectively and actually help you unwind.

However, there are certain "spa treatments" that we wouldn't turn our noses up at and we're sure you would agree. Massage is a gift send from the gods in order to enable us to realise how important it actually is to take a break from the rat race and regroup. London escorts are well versed in the problems of modern day business and culture and they know the cure.

Escort Etiquette: The basics

London escort agency
18 March 2015

We thought it prudent to give you some idea of what our London call girls expect from you in return for their time, attention, and if you're lucky, affection…

It is actually all about making your time with the London escort you choose as exciting and as enjoyable as humanly possible, and you won't get this if you don't treat her right! Who on this earth is going to want to be nice to you, no matter how much you're paying them, if you're going to be a hideous creature when it comes to presenting yourself and entertaining?

Why do escorts like to massage?

sex massage London escorts
12 March 2015

Unlike many other escort agencies we actually try to communicate with the girls we represent and we have a very good idea about why they do what they do. Over the next few weeks we will let you into a few facts (and occasionally confessions) about the girls and what they do…

Some would say they like to massage because they don't have to spend so much time doing anything else. This of course might be true for some girls, but not for the girls we represent. All the companions listed on our website are under no illusions as to what is expected from a London escort and they are all physically and mentally capable and prepared to ensure you have the time of your life. They really do love what they do.