We realise the attraction to teenage escorts, we’re not stupid. Welcome to our page of teen London escorts at Butterfly Touch. All the girls you see in this gallery are verifiably over the age of 18, but no older than 20, so they are mostly teenagers. They’re all young, fit, healthy and suitably excited to be here in London offering their escort services to you, our loyal and very welcome clients.

To put your mind at rest and to get a few things out of the way, we would like to reassure you that all the young escorts you see here in this gallery are all here of their own free will. Just because these girls are teenagers, you shouldn’t for a moment be led to believe that they don’t know their own minds or are otherwise incapable of making informed decisions about their careers.

Talented Teen escorts

The escorts you see here all have one thing in common. Obviously, their age. But we’re referring more to what it is that attracts you to them the most. It’s their youthful bodies no doubt, we’re sure. They have a lot more to offer, but we’ll get to that. Their bodies are exquisite. Particularly to you guys of course. No disrespect meant of course, but most of you won’t have been next to a young teen girl for a long time, and we are confident that you will relish the opportunity to get beside one of these young women. Especially since you can be with them starting from only £150 an hour! That’s incredible value for such attractive young girls.

Teen body – older mind

The great thing about most European teen escorts is that they are advanced well beyond their years. They have fabulous, pert and firm young bodies, but their minds are much older. This is somewhat to do with experience within this very business of course, but mostly it’s just because they tend to mature much quicker intellectually. European girls are educated to a high standard, and much more is expected of them in so many ways. When you compare them culturally to an English girl in her teens, you will see that there is a massive difference in confidence, intellect and overall common sense. The European younger girls will always win the day there. British teens tend to be spoiled and entitled brats these days, and not the type you want to spend good money on entertaining.

The age gap

Some people avoid booking escort teenagers, or any young escorts because they themselves are older. There are thousands of men who want to date younger women but let us not forget that this works just the same the other way around. Practically all young women we know like the idea of dating an older man. And we’re not just referring to those that work within the escort community either. We’re talking about any young woman.

They love the fact that the older men in their lives have much more experience. They are more settled and secure in so many ways: financially, emotionally, physically etc. An older man will also appreciate a younger woman much more. These young girls go out looking for a partner and only ever seem to end up with young men of around the same age. These men are far to immature to date European girls, this much is so very clear. There are more age gap relationships in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia than there are in the UK.

You may also be interested in viewing our young escorts gallery, where you can find girls aged 21 and over. They have a little more experience, yet they’re not mature.

There is no stigma attached

Therefore, it’s always good to be able to book a teenage London escort. Most of our clients book these young women when they’re in town and they can go visit them. Or take them to a place where they can enjoy a certain degree of anonymity (not hard in London). Also, in London no-one cares who you are dating or going to see. It’s a much more cosmopolitan city these days, and there are loads of different nationalities and cultures living there. Dating an 18 or 19-year-old girl when you’re in your 40’s or even older, is not seen as a problem at all. If the girl is happy to spend time with the older man, then it’s really no-one else’s business at all.

The girls love you

As we have said, in general younger women prefer older guys. This much is a fact across the world, and there’s never going to be any changing it. In the escorting business, this is very much the case too. Not least because the business attracts so many older men looking for younger women to have fun with. But you should never think that the girls are seeing you just because they are getting paid. This is true of course, but they really are enjoying themselves with you, make no mistake about it. If they were not, or they had any reservation at all about dating an older guy, they simply wouldn’t pursue this career choice.

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