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Welcome to our gallery page for Mature London escorts. It’s not everyone that likes to date teenage London escorts, or those in their twenties even, so we thought it best to provide you with this page. This page is dedicated to all those mature women in their thirties and above. There may not always be loads to choose from in this gallery, since escorting in London has always been dominated by the younger girls, but the women you see here are all verifiably 30 and over.

The benefits of a mature London escort

These women have lots to offer, and their attributes should be pretty clear to you already. If you are browsing this page, you already know that you want an older woman to keep you company. But what is it about the older ladies you like the most? Obviously it’s their level of experience. But on top of this comes confidence, and style for sure. The older woman has all this to offer and more. There really is nothing like dating a woman who already knows the rules. A woman who you can’t shock easily, and knows how to handle the attention she’s getting. More importantly, a woman who knows how to reciprocate those attentions properly to the man she’s with.

You will have all this from the London mature escort you see on this page. They have been carefully selected by Butterfly Touch in order to give you the best of the best. This does not mean that they are extra expensive either. Just because they’re considered the best by ourselves and some of our very regular clients, does not mean that they have chosen to charge the earth for their services. You will find them all very varied, and a lot of their fee depends on the level of service they offer, and you opt for. All the escorts we represent at Butterfly Touch have given us quite extensive lists of things they like to get up to. You can see these on their individual profile pages. Whether or not they will choose to do these things with you or not, is not for us to say however. We wish to make that abundantly clear.

Dating a mature escort in London

Dating an older woman, if you are indeed looking for a true dating experience, is very different than any other escort. These women are more refined. It really is as simple as that. It may say here and there on other websites that the young ladies are “refined” and such, but they’re simply not. It’s not their fault of course, and they almost certainly will eventually be this way, but they can’t be now. They are simply too young. Refined means being seasoned, if you like. Having had some experience of what you do, and that experience has made you much better at it. You have “refined” your skills, so to speak. This is the case with all the mature ladies you see on this page.

So when it comes to dating them in a traditional sense, you can’t get away with a cheap bottle of champagne and a few sweet words in their ear. If you want to date them properly, take them out and show them a good time. But always know that they are very aware what a good time actually is. Don’t try too hard, because they will see right through it. Be yourself. These women really appreciate genuine gentlemen, and those who are confident enough in themselves to date a stylish older woman. You will impress them just by being you.

Restaurants are always a good choice, or fancy cocktail bars. They like to take their time too on an outcall, so if you have the cash, make it a longer booking if you’re able. The anticipation of spending some alone time with an experienced woman, is enough to get you going for sure. And it’s certainly what they enjoy about dating their clients.

A mature London escort is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a one hour incall, or an entire overnight booking, you are sure to be well looked after. However, if you would like a greater choice of girls, browse our full London escorts gallery, where we are certain you will find someone you fancy.